Starbucks With Your Kids? 10 Drinks To Order Your Kiddos Will Love. 

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With school back in session and the weather turning colder, many parents like to treat themselves to Starbucks. Oftentimes, little ones tag along. Stopping for breakfast and a cup of coffee means that your kitchen stays clean, as well.

Most kids are just as obsessed with Starbucks as their parents. Just because we need our morning cup of coffee doesn’t mean they should feel left out. There are plenty of kid-friendly drinks that are entirely caffeine-free that your local barista can make for your little. If you’re looking for Starbucks drinks for kids, we have you covered.

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Hot Chocolate

1. Kids Hot Chocolate

The holidays are right around the corner, which means colder weather. Who doesn’t love a warm hot chocolate? Plus, they keep your hands warm.

Don’t worry about it being too hot for your little! Your barista will take an 8 oz cup (or tall) and heat it to only 130 degrees to ensure it’s not scalding hot!

You can even order it lukewarm, where it is served at 100 degrees. 2% milk is the default milk used, but you can always sub it for organic (the kid’s horizon brand), soy milk, nonfat milk, almond milk, or whole milk. Starbucks even has chocolate shavings that you can add to the top to make it an extra special treat.

2. Babycinno

Yep- you guessed it! Have you heard of Starbucks infamous Puppacinno? Same concept except for your kid! It’s similar to a regular cappuccino except there’s no espresso. Again, it’s standard that they use 2%, but you can substitute it with alternative milk to fit your preference.

Your kid will love the fluffy, frothy texture of one of their beloved beverages steamed to perfection.

3. Purple Drink

Not all teas have caffeine! The Starbucks passion tea is a caffeine-free option that is the main ingredient in the Purple Drink at Starbucks. It contains passion tea, soy milk, blackberries, and vanilla syrup.

The great thing about Starbucks is that the drinks are entirely customizable!

If you are worried about the drinks sugar content, you can always get sugar free vanilla syrup (called the non-classic) or go ahead and get no syrups added and sweeten it to your liking with their options of sugar or stevia packets!

Your kid will be enamored with the color of their fun drink and feel just like a mini version of you. You can also order the Pink drink to match! The pink beverages are made with the strawberry acai refresher and do contain caffeine.

Mother and daughter enjoy together

4. Blended Strawberry Lemonade

The blended strawberry lemonade is just a blended mixture of strawberry puree, lemonade, and creme base (the base they put in frappuccinos to make them blend more effortless).

This beverage does not require any extra sweetener and can be watered down if you desire to lessen the sugar content even more. You can also ask for fresh strawberries added on top!

5. Blended Juice

Are you in a hurry, but your little is persistent about wanting a treat from Starbucks? Just order them a blended juice! You can have one of their freshly pressed juices blended or have your pick of the variety of kids juice boxes that are in the front. Your kid will instantly be satisfied when they see that you got them a slushie.

6. Cream Based Frappuccinos

Now that we are on the topic of blended beverages, Starbucks has a couple of cream based frappuccinos that are entirely free of any caffeine or coffee. There are Strawberries and Creme, Double Chocolatey Chip, and Vanilla Bean.

With any of these delicious beverages, your kid will feel included during your Starbucks run! Something to note though- if you are concerned about your child’s sugar consumption, you might want to take a close look at each of these beverages! They are high in sugar content!

Cute little boy

7. Warmed Milk

Another quick and easy option is to have the barista warm up the milk of your choice. You can always grab one of the Horizon milk from the front, maybe even choose chocolate. The more it looks like coffee, the more fun your kid will have playing pretend to be just like you with their very own kid’s size coffee.

8. Blended Milk and Chocolate Sauce

Ask the barista to blend milk of your choosing to make it similar to a frappuccino. It is up to your personal preference if you have the barista add a cream base or not.

Then have them drizzle a small amount of chocolate sauce for a “fancy” look and add a little whipped cream on top, so they feel extra special with their “mommy drink.”

9. A Smoothie

Did you know that Starbucks offers a small selection of smoothies? A smoothie is always a safe choice for kids. The flavors they offer are strawberry, mango, and chocolate. Each smoothie contains banana, 2% milk, and whey protein. The strawberry and mango include real fruit puree. The chocolate relies on the mocha syrup for its chocolatey flavor.

There is a small catch–the smoothies are served in a 16-ounce cup (grande). A smoothie is a drink that you can either share or have the barista provide you with an 8-ounce kids cup (tall size) that you can fill with some smoothie, so they have their cup to drink.

mother and daughter drinking tea

10. Steamed Apple Juice

What kid doesn’t enjoy apple juice? With a Starbucks, 100% pressed apple juice, you can order a steamed apple juice. That will make the perfect warm beverage for your kid to enjoy on a cold day. You can even ask for some cinnamon powder on top or the cinnamon dolce syrup to make it feel more like a warm apple cider.

Then go ahead and order yourself a Pumpkin Spice Latte because ’tis the season. Both you and your kid will be feeling festive before you reach the bottom of your cups!

There are a plethora of options for kid-friendly drinks at your local Starbucks. A trip to Starbucks can be a treat that you enjoy with your children on occasion.So many parents enjoy getting out of the house with their kids and bonding over things that we enjoy doing together, even if its something as small as getting a drink in the morning from Starbucks.

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