Keep Warm: How To Make Hot Cocoa Bombs

Hot Cocoa Bombs are fun for the family to enjoy or a delightful gift for friends. They are hollow, chocolate spheres filled with a mouth-watering mix of hot cocoa and marshmallows. The right recipe for how to make hot cocoa bombs will become a go-to choice for the family on blustery winter days. 

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We love to explore ideas that promote family bonding and will make everlasting memories. Start a new winter tradition by teaching your kids the joy of cookingOpens in a new tab.! Learning how to make hot cocoa bombs is a perfect recipe to try as your children learn their way around the kitchen.  

Spend some time with the kids having fun while making something that tastes good too! 

How to Make Hot Cocoa Bombs

Supplies for how to make hot cocoa bombs at home

Essentially you put hot cocoa bombs into a large mug. You pour hot milk over the bomb and allow the sphere to melt away. It’s a treat to watch your creation melt away to expose the chocolate delight! Of course, the cup of hot chocolate they make is delicious, too.

The chocolate shell dissolves, while the treats inside float to the top. It is a crazy twist to a traditional hot chocolate mix. 

You can find many recipes on how to make hot cocoa bombs. But the best ones are easy for children. To begin, gather the following:

  • Chocolate silicone sphere molds
  • A small spatula, spoon, or butter knife
  • Hot cocoa mix
  • Chocolate chips (milk chocolate works well, but you can try other varieties if you like.)
  • Small peppermint pieces or other candy
  • Mini marshmallows

You begin by melting the chocolate chips. The chips are an easy option as you don’t have to worry about tempering, like with melted chocolate bars. They also are easier to fill the chocolate molds and may cause less mess. 

After the chocolate chips fully melt, fill the silicone molds with a tablespoon of the melted chocolate. Make sure to spread the chocolate up the sides of the mold, leaving no bare areas. 

Next, allow the molds to sit for about 5 minutes, which helps the chocolate to thicken. This step is necessary as you are going to go back for a second layer. 

When ready, go back and recoat the sides. Do not skip this step of the chocolate will pool at the bottom, causing the sides to collapse once released from the mold. 

Once you recoat the sides, place them in the fridge or freezer to allow the chocolate to set. Once set, it is time to release from the mold.

The reason silicone molds are ideal as they stretch to release the bombs with ease. Gently stretch the mold away from the sides to loosen the chocolate. It is now time to finish off the hot chocolate bombs recipe! 

How to Finish Off Hot Cocoa Bombs

The inside of a hot cocoa bomb

Add a small amount of water to a small plate, just until it covers the surface. Microwave for about 15 seconds or until the water is warm. Then remove the water and dry the plate. 

Next, pick up one of the spheres and place it along the edge of the plate for a few seconds, which will melt the chocolate slightly. Fill the half with hot cocoa powder, the small candies, and the marshmallows. Take the other half of the bomb and soften the edge on the plate while bringing the two halves together. 

Press the sides into one another, creating a sphere, and use your finger to smooth the edges. Once you have repeated for all bombs, place them back in the fridge or freezer for at least 30 minutes, so they set again. 

Voila! You have learned how to make hot cocoa bombs! Finish them off by drizzling some melted chocolate or add sprinkles for some decoration. 

The bombs can be stored in an airtight container and last about 2-3 weeks when kept in a cool, dry place. Gift them in pretty packaging for a fun baked treat for friends or family. 

Themed Hot Cocoa Bombs

Hot cocoa bombs by Twin Cities Kids Club

There are many fun twists to the traditional recipe. You can make the bombs with white chocolate or dark chocolate. Or use peanut butter chocolate chips if you’re looking to mix up your creation. 

Drizzle with different types of candy or colored chocolate to add unique designs. Make them for different seasons and try red coloring for Valentine’s day or green for St. Patrick’s Day. 

You can also try different design molds once you are comfortable with creating the traditional spheres. Try hearts or characters that the kids love. There are several options for molds, both online and at local craft stores. 

Places in the Twin Cities that Sell Hot Cocoa Bombs

Hot cocoa bombs in sleek packaging.

If you are short on time or cooking skills, many stores in the Twin Cities sell hot cocoa bombs. 

Sweet StuffOpens in a new tab. is a home bakery based out of Apple Valley, Minnesota. They sell homemade hot chocolate bombs and take pre-orders when inventory is in stock. They sell out quickly, so sign up for their email notifications to know when they are available. 

LilpenpozOpens in a new tab. is a home bakery if you are in the Brooklyn Center area. The owner specializes in cake pops and hot cocoa bombs. It is an easy option if you are unsure of how to make cocoa bombs yourself. 

NummyJarsOpens in a new tab. is a dessert shop located in Champlin, MN. Famous for their cake in a jar, they also make various cake pops and hot cocoa bombs. Fun flavors include pistachio and rose, Andes mint, English toffee, and Oreo. 

Something Sweet by Maddie LouOpens in a new tab. features custom cakes, macaroons, cookie dough in a jar, and yes, hot cocoa bombs. They are based out of Coon Rapids, MN, and take online orders for curbside pickup. 

How Sweet It Is DessertsOpens in a new tab. prepares customized desserts for any budget. They have creative options such as cookie kits but make chocolate bombs as well. 

This shop even has “elf bombs” during the holidays! The home-based bakery is located in Plymouth, Minnesota. 

Sweet Treats Catering CoOpens in a new tab.. is also located in Plymouth, Minnesota. The menu offers several cupcake options, including lemon supreme, strawberry devine, and berry champagne. They even have a hot chocolate gift set you can purchase and try at home. 

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A brother and sister having hot cocoa together

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