7 Tasty Starbucks Snacks for Kids

It’s easy for children to fall in love with Starbucks. Parents who are making their Starbucks run often have their children in tow. Though they may be too little for fun, caffeinated beverages, they notice the wide variety of sweets and snacks. With so many snacks available, how do you choose which are the best Starbucks snacks for kids? 

At Twin Cities Kids Club, we understand nutrition is a priority when choosing the right snack for your children. Better yet, they are choices they will be sure to love! That’s why we have created a list of some of the best options for Starbucks snacks for kids. 

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Now on to our list of the most delicious, nutritious, and kid-friendly Starbucks snacks. Kid kids will enjoy their snacks just as much as you love your favorite drink!

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What Are the Best Starbucks Snacks For Kids?

Various Starbucks snacks for kids including fruit pouches, protein boxes, and Hippeas puffs.

Do you get pre-drive-through ordering jitters? Most moms like to be prepared, and that includes knowing what you’re going to say to the drive-through speaker when your turn comes up. 

A little planning can help you sail smoothly through the drive-through lane and continue on your way with no fuss. You’ll be cruising stress-free with your Starbucks drink while the kids munch happily on their favorite snacks. Read on to learn about some of the best snacks and drinks for kids at your local Starbucks.

1. Peter Rabbit Pouches

Peter rabbit Fruit Pouches are a great choice for a Starbucks snack for kids. Pink and green pouches.

Peter Rabbit pouches are a popular choice for kids because they are squeezable and fun! Peter Rabbit pouches come in different flavors, including organic apple and grapes or organic strawberry banana. 

These squeezable pouches contain USDA organic puree and are resealable, so nothing goes to waste! It’s an ideal option for a nutritious grab-and-go treat when looking for a healthy Starbucks snack for kids. 

2. Fruit

An orange and a banana on a white background.

Most stores offer a variety of fruits, including fruit cups. Fresh bananas and oranges are stocked and readily available. When you offer your kiddos a choice, you’re giving them a healthy option you can feel good about too! 

3. Squirrel Brand Classic Almonds

Peter rabbit Organics fruit pouches and Classic Almonds

Squirrel brand classic almonds are a kettle-cooked treat with a touch of salt. For that reason, it is not only nutritious but tasty too! As we all know, almonds can help to curb hunger. It is the perfect choice for those mid-day runs when they need something fulfilling before their next meal. 

4. Hippeas White Cheddar Puffs


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With only 100 calories per bag, Hippease white cheddar puffs are a healthy choice and a creative option. They are made of organic chickpeas, making this snack a crunchy but savory treat. They also have only 2 grams of sugar per bag if you are looking for an option with low sugar content. Try them and introduce your child to a new snack that they might ask for again and again. 

5. Protein Boxes

Starbucks Protein boxes

If you are looking for an option that can also replace a meal, consider protein boxes at Starbucks. The store has a variety of protein boxes, so your child is sure to find one that will fill their tummies. Take a look at these options: 

  • Cheese trio protein box
  • Cheddar and uncured salami 
  • PB&J protein boxes
  • Cheese and fruit

Adults need snacks too! Try the creminelli snack pack. It only has 170 calories per serving. The box includes thin-sliced prosciutto, aged mozzarella, and grissini breadsticks. It is a delicious option to pair with your favorite caffeinated Starbucks beverage! 

6. Cake Pops

Three Starbucks cake pops in a glass case. Cake pops are a great Starbucks snack for kids according to Twin Cities Kids Club.

Though not the most nutritious option for kids, it is usually the snack they want most. They are not the worst choice on the menu when you consider all the muffins and grab-and-go chips that are tempting to buy. It is okay to allow them to have this fun, delicious option once in a while. Limit it to one, and you can balance it out by helping them choose a more nutritious meal when it’s time for lunch or dinner. 

7. Caffeine-Free Drinks for Kids

Kids Starbucks hot chocolate

 Yes! We believe drinks for kids can also be considered a snack. What are some nutritious beverages you can choose for your kiddo? Consider cold or warm milk with just a pump of vanilla sweetener. Every child also loves chocolate milk, and most Starbucks carry it as an option for children who visit the store. 

Do your kids love hot cocoa bombs? If you are looking for more creative options, consider hot chocolate with skim milk. Or choose steamed apple juice for a warm option on cold winter days. To make it taste more like warm apple cider, consider a pump of cinnamon dolce syrup. 

Finally, consider a purple drink. Children love it just for the name! The purple drink is a mix of passion iced tea, soy milk, blackberries, and vanilla flavoring. Though it contains more sugar than other drinks, it is a fun, creative drink to treat your child to once in a while. 

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Starbucks snacks in the checkout line.

We know that Starbucks is often a favorite of parents and children too. They can enjoy visiting Starbucks just as much as you, especially when they get that special Starbucks snackOpens in a new tab.. You can make it an experience for bonding over drinks and snacks you can enjoy together! 

After you visit your favorite Starbucks, you may be looking for another family adventure full of fun. Twin Cities Kids Club is the perfect website to visit for creative, enjoyable options you may have never considered before! Connect with us and join the club today!

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