8 Tips for Taking Incredible Pictures of Your Kids

No matter your level of photography—getting a great photo of kiddos can be a challenge. The Twin Cities Kids Club offers so much in the way of family fun—and you can join for free here!Opens in a new tab. You will have to commemorate their joy by using these tips for taking photos of kids. 

Tips for Taking Photos of Kids

A woman taking pictures of kids

Due to kids’ wiggly nature, they can be a challenge to capture just right. The dreaded blur of images of unexpectedly moving children is the bane to all parents’ very existence. We offer these tips for taking photos of children so that you can grab that great picture.

1. Lighting Au Natural

Kids painting pictures outside

For the love of all things, if at all possible, TURN OFF YOUR FLASH! Kids don’t like it. It can produce startles in the littlest one, and you risk the terrible red eye—or even worse, closed eyes.

People get so used to using their flash on whatever device they are using, and they tend to forget there is a great big beautiful world that gives light—au natural. Natural light solves so many issues you may not even know you had.

Using ambient lighting gives a softer look to any image, allowing the sharpness to take a backseat. With kids especially, this works as we all love our littles and tend to look at them with a softness we don’t look at with adults. 

So the next time you want to take some pictures of your kid, make sure there is some good light. There will be at least one winning shot!

2. Silly is the New Pose

A little girl making a silyl face for a photo while covered in paint.

Posing adults is easy. Posing children? Not so much. Kids get fidgety, lose attention quickly, and look unnaturalOpens in a new tab. when forced into poses they would never normally sit or stand-in. 

So, why make them? Moving subjects can be tricky to turn a good photo great—but not impossible.

Children are, in each of their ways, unique individuals as much as adults are. If you want them to stand or sit, make sure it is recreated naturally or comfortably. 

If kids can express themselves physically in ways they feel right to them, it will come across much better in the image. Always incentivize by allowing them to look silly in a few photos, so their smiles throughout are natural!

3. Creatively Angled

A woman using tips for taking pictures of kids by getting down at their eye level.

You stand tall above your little subjects when you are snapping that picture of the littles. That can get difficult for them and doesn’t produce a feel-good vibe. It’s time to get on their level.

Some of the most fun shots are when you can see eye to eye with your little models. Or when you are above looking down. Or a profile of their daydreaming out the window. Or even through a clear parasol while they dance in the rain. 

Creative angles help give your images the unique quality of their personalities that you want to capture. They also show that you are flexible in working with different shapes and sizes of people.

4. Are You Not Entertained?

A girl posing for a picture with a large, brightly colored parrot

Let’s face it: kids get bored easily, and nothing bores them more than having to dress up and stand or sit in weird positions, smiling when that is the last thing they want to do. Who are we kidding—most adults don’t like it either!

Break up the monotony! Take your subjects to fun locations and observe the wild things at play—you will get some fantastic images this way. Create guessing games that they can play along with you. Make ridiculous faces behind the camera. 

Keeping them entertained will allow you to work smarter, not harder, on capturing the best moments.

5. Give Me a Break

a boy taking a snack break by eating a green apple

In all we do as adults, we need a breather regularly. Whether a coffee break, brain break, or bathroom break, breaks in what we are doing at the time are a necessity. Why should taking pictures of kids be any different?

Kids’ attention spans are very short—giving them breaks between shots to get the wiggles out, refocus, and regroup. These pauses will help corral them a bit better and get the best out of them. 

Giving them well deserved breaks will allow you time to plan your next shot and give yourself a breather to get your creativity flowing.

6. Who Are They?

A dad helping his son ride a bike

Each child has that “something” that they love. Whether it be riding their bike, watching Paw Patrol, or drawing the best house on the block, they are unique. 

You know your little ones, so use what you know to make them excited about what you are doing. Encourage them to be a superhero on a mission or a pretty princess in the castle, and you will get the best out of them by showing them you pay attention.

Let them even choose their outfits! If they live in their Buzz Lightyear costume or they are a ballerina, let them show that side of themselves. We have some great tips when it comes to choosing their clothes hereOpens in a new tab..

7. Show Them What You’re Working With

A mother and child looking at pictures on on a laptop together

There is a natural curiosity in children that makes grownups envious. They wonder what you are doing, and how you are doing it, the whole time you’re snapping away. So show them!

Point out things that your camera or phone can do and what a picture looks like once you press the button. 

If they are older, invite them to take a picture—this allows them to be part of the funOpens in a new tab.. If you’re using your phone, allow playing with filters. You can even show them what a good photo they took as budding photographers!

Make sure you are peeking out from behind your device to engage with them too. Smiling at an inanimate object doesn’t exactly make their day, so let them smile at you instead.

8. Join In The Fun!

Kids playing togethe routside

Our best tip for taking photos of kids: HAVE FUN! Kids are such natural little entertainers; let them teach you how to take the perfect picture by relaxing and enjoying your time. If you are too stiff and worried about how your next shot will look, they will feed off of that. 

Looking for more fun and entertainment that kids love? Join Twin Cities Kids ClubOpens in a new tab. now for free and get many more awesome tips!

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