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  • Discounts to Family Entertainment Centers
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  • Discounts for Music Classes
  • Discounts for Art Classes
  • Discounts for Photography
  • Discounts for Nannies
  • Discounts on Tutors
  • Discounts on Horse Back Riding Lessons
  • Discounts on Camps
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And so much more!!

At Twin Cities Kids Club, we are passionate about connecting you and your family with crazy awesome discounts on local restaurants, activities, events, and so much more.

Even more than that, though, we want to build up our local neighborhoods by facilitating connections. We want to help you and your family plug-in to your community by turning neighbors into friends. We believe that human connection is essential for the development of healthy children into happy adults.

How do we this? By becoming your number one stop for local news, events, and discounts.


How do I join?

Did we mention that membership is FREE? It is, and it always will be. We are here to enrich your life by making it easier and more affordable to do the things your family loves, and buy the things they need.

What kind of discounts are we talking about here?

You name it; we got it!
Looking for a family-friendly activity?

Why not try AirMaxx Trampoline Center? They offer a trampoline park, laser tag, mini-golf, bowling, and more.

Or maybe you could try the Nickelodeon Universe at the Mall of America. With a TCKC membership, you can get 11 dollars off per person!

Looking to dine out?

How about trying the Grand Old Creamery & Grand Pizza? This one made our list of the best ice cream parlors in the Twin Cities. They are definitely worth a visit!

This is just one of the many places that we provide discounts for dining with your family. We have lots more.

What about the health and wellness of my family?

Some of our offers include discounts on dentistry, a chiropractor, and even lice removal.

If you’re looking to get your family-fitness on, we’ve got you covered. Try kickboxing at 9Rounds Fitness, recommended for children 11 or older.

Alternatively, we’ve got discount martial art classes at Kick Start Martial Arts for kids of all ages.

These are just a few examples of the extensive list of family-friendly discounts we offer to our valued members. But wait, we haven’t even told you the best part.

All those discount codes, you can redeem them as many times as you want! You heard that right, unlimited redemption rates. The perks of membership are virtually limitless.

So fill out the form. It’s free and once you are a member, you can use all of our discount offers as many times as you want.

Become a Twin Cities Kids Club Member today, and all these discounts will be available to you immediately. We hope to see you soon!