7 Unbelievably Fun Kids Sleepover Ideas to Try This Summer

Looking back to childhood, having a sleepover with your very best friends was always such a treat. As a parent, you dream to give your children the same, if not better, experiences. Living in the Twin Cities means there are so many different options for kids’ sleepovers to make their evening all the more memorable.

We will be counting down the seven most exciting and imaginative kids sleepover ideas to give your children an experience that they will never forget. The best sleepover includes great snacks, sleepover games, and fun activities that will tire your kids out. 

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7. Cupcake Decorating

Cupcake decorating supplies perfect for kids sleepover ideas.

Cake decorating is a great opportunity for your kids to express themselves with their friends creatively. It’s not only a fun art project, it doubles as a snack your kids will be proud to show off.

 Whether you’re hosting a small or large sleepover party, cupcakes are the perfect option. You can either make them ahead of time or pick them up at your local grocery store. You can also limit each kid to 1-2 cupcakes to make sure they aren’t overloading on sugar while still having the time of their lives. Plus, you’re never too old for cupcakes. 

6. Karaoke Night

Kids singing karaoke at a party.

What kid didn’t fantasize about getting up on stage in front of tons of people as a pop star? A themed karaoke sleepover night is a great way to get your kid to live out their dreams. 

If you don’t have a karaoke machine laying around, you can always rent one, or you could set up an art activity where each child creates their microphone out of toilet paper rolls and other supplies. 

This is the perfect time to break out the hot glue gun. The kids can cover it in glitter or designs and bring it home as a souvenir from the best party ever. 

Another idea?  Supply each child with a goody bag of extra special party favors upon arrival, including sunglasses and a feather boa to spruce up their onstage outfit.  

Include some glow sticks to use when they are in the crowd supporting their friends. Your kids will love the glow-in-the-dark aspects of this sleepover party!

Broadway Party and Tent RentalOpens in a new tab. has the perfect outdoor movie projection screen you can use to display the lyrics to each song so the kids can follow along. The best part is when the kids are exhausted from rocking out, you can project a fan-favorite movie to finish out the night. 

5. Backyard Camping

Girls having a backyard camping sleepover.

Camping is a fun activity for boys and girls alike, and you can get in tune with nature from your very own backyard! No need to travel to a state park to enjoy the fun of sleeping in a tent. Have each child bring their sleeping bag or get them set up in a pile of blankets and pillows.

You can pitch the tents ahead of time, or if your children are old enough, you can create teams to see who can raise the tent the fastest. For more great backyard camping ideas, check out our blog on backyard camping ideas.Opens in a new tab.  

If you want to camp but prefer to stay indoors, Tiny Tent Event CoOpens in a new tab. is the perfect business to elevate your party. They’re great for both girls, boys, and even teen sleepovers. 

You will receive tiny tents, mattresses/sheets, and themed decorations; plus, they deliver and pack it all back up for you after everyone is back home the following day. Big bonus!  

4. Spa Night

Girls doing each other's nails a slumber party. A spa day is an excellent kids sleepover idea.

There’s nothing better than feeling pampered with your best girlfriends. Whether your kids are six or fifteen years old, spa nights are always a big hit. This will be the ultimate sleepover party activity.

How do you create an at-home spa experience?

  • Set up a manicure table: Line a table with old towels, magazines, or newspapers so when the kids eventually spill some of that nail polish, it won’t stain your furniture. Include bowls with warm water and bubbles to soak their hands in before they decorate their nails. 
  • Face Mask Station: Lay out some inexpensive sheet masks on a table or fill up a cute glass bowl with all of their choices. Make sure to include cut-up cucumber slices they can put on their eyes to make them feel like royalty.
  • Snacks: Cut up little pb&j and ham sandwiches for the kids to snack on while they wait their turn for other stations. You can also use the extra cucumber slices to make refreshing cucumber water.

3. Tea Party

Girls having a tea party.

Every little girl dreams of being a princess and having a tea party. Help them feel like royalty while supporting a local small business. SweeteacupOpens in a new tab. is a children’s tea party company that services the metro Minneapolis area. 

For as little as $10 a child, you’ll get real china, placemats, cloth napkins, and silverware. They will set everything up for an additional charge and even pack it all up for you at the end of the night. All you have to do is get the actual tea in their cups and food on each plate. 

Many children already have a dress-up princess gown and a tiara at home. And any opportunity to wear it is gold. Your kiddo will want to tell all of their school friends and family about their princess tea party sleepover! 

2. Pizza Kits

Kids making pizza kits at a sleepover.

Alright, we’ve talked about princesses and pop stars that cater more towards the girls, but there are so many sleepover options for boys! DIY Pizza Kits are gender-neutral and loved at every age. 

Everyone needs a little chunk of (homemade or store-bought) dough and some space to roll it out. The topping options are endless. 

You can reach out to the parents ahead of time to see what toppings are most popular among your child’s friend group. That way, you’re not wasting your time prepping items that nobody is going to eat.

1. Dance Party

Kids having a dance party.

Dance parties can tie into karaoke night (# 6) or be a standalone event. Dancing while listening to great music is something that puts a smile on everyone’s face. It’s also a fun way to promote exercise to a generation of kids too often glued to their phones. 

Different options for dance activities could include:

  • Showing off their best freestyle for 30 seconds
  • Drawing a type of dance from a hat and choreographing a solo or partner dance
  • Split the group into two teams, setting a time limit, and have them perform the dance for the rest of their friends
  • Pick an iconic dance number to study and choreograph their own spin on it

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