7 Family Backyard Camping Ideas

A little girl; with pigtails poking her head out of a tent while camping in her backyard.

Ah, summer. For Minnesotans, it only comes once a year. Time flies by quickly, and we are great at trying to cram in as much as possible into those summer months. Having backyard camping ideas can give you and your family options for great summer fun.  

Camping used to be such a chore. Not anymore! Twin Cities Kids Club is your online source for money-saving discounts that families on a budget can use for events, kid-friendly ideas, and so much more! 

So without further ado, Twin Cities Kids Club is proud to bring you the top 7 backyard camping ideas to help you make memories with your family that will last a lifetime. 

Bring the great outdoors home with backyard camping!

Our Favorite Backyard Camping Ideas

1 – Pitch a Tent

A dad and toddler son took some backyard camping ideas and pitched a yellow tent in their yard.

Camping isn’t camping without a tent. Even in the comfort of your backyard, bring the camping experience directly to you by doing the very thing that gives camping its essence. 

Whether you have a pop-up camper, tent, or hang some bedsheets, give your family the truest camping experience possible. Then, actually, sleep in the tent by spending the night in the great outdoors! 

Get everyone’s space ready by grabbing sleeping bags. Kids love the cozy feel. However, if the ground is particularly rough, try putting a yoga mat underneath everyone’s sleeping bag to make it more comfortable. 

The mat can also double as an activity mat during the day. Bonus!

2 – Deck Out Your Space

String lights and candles set up as a backyard camping idea with the family

Every campsite needs some tiki torches. If you don’t have any, you could deck your space out with string lights, streamers, balloons, and the like. Get creative! 

If you have the proper setup, hang a hammock. They are a great way to relax and unwind and sneak in some cuddle time with your little ones. Grab a good book or a summer drink and sway your way into summer fun!

3 – Play Games

A family playing games while backyard camping.

Kids and adults alike love to play games. Traditional backyard games like volleyball, bean bag toss, or ring toss are classic and quick to set up. 

For something a bit more involved, try setting up a scavenger hunt. Let your kids find hidden “treasures” right in your very own backyard. If you choose to venture to a park, you could go Geocaching or play Pokemon Go. 

4 – Get In Tune With Nature

Three kids exploring nature while backyard camping looking and pointing at a map.

The great outdoors is home to numerous plants, critters, and bugs. A simple backyard camping idea is to get out and explore! Don’t limit yourself to just your backyard, but perhaps go around your neighborhood or go to a local park or nature preserve.  

Three Rivers Parks are free and open to the public. Trail hiking is accessible and fun for the whole family. A day of birding could be a unique learning opportunity for you and your kids. And if you stay late enough in the day, take some time to watch the glow of the sunset. 

Whatever you do outside is guaranteed to be an adventure. So go have fun and get “into” the great outdoors!

5 – Cook Over a Campfire

A child making s'mores at a backyard campout

What is camping without a campfire? Don’t miss out on all the opportunities to watch your kids learn a new way to cook. 

From hot dogs and popcorn to burgers and smores, you’ll enjoy teaching your kids to cook cautiously over an open flame. And let’s face it, a burnt marshmallow is bound to happen. You’ll all get a good laugh when the first marshmallow goes up in flames. 

If you don’t have a campfire, an inexpensive fire pit can be made using one of these great ideas. Cost and setup may vary. Choose the option best suited for you so you can get back to making memories that last a lifetime! 

6 – Enjoy Campfire Traditions

Kids having a backyard camp out and singing campfire songs as a backyard camping idea.

Did someone say S’mores? Circle everyone around the campfire and let the marshmallow roasting begin. There’s nothing better than a gooey marshmallow smashed between chocolate and graham crackers. You can find all kinds of fun S’mores recipes and ideas here

Campfires are also known for singing campfire songs. Your kids will love belting out hearty verses of “Going on a Bear Hunt” or “Camp Granada.” 

Invite your neighbors in on the fun! Then you can all gather around the fire and sing a peaceful rendition of “Kumbaya” to cap out the night. 

7 – Flashlight Festivities

Kids doing shadow puppets in a tent as a backyard camping activity.

If the kiddos are still a bit wound up from all the sugar, have everyone play a few rounds of flashlight or glow stick tag. Better yet, find nature’s flashlights and go lightning bug hunting! 

However, sometimes the dark of night brings about a spooky feel. Grab a flashlight and have someone share ghost stories. Depending on your children’s ages, it may be best to keep the spook factor to a minimum. 

The night is young; live it up!

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The Possibilities are Endless With These Backyard Camping Ideas!

Kids camping in a tent in the backyard and the mom bringing out snacks.

Whatever you decide to do for your backyard family camping experience, be sure to make every moment count. No camping tradition should go by the wayside simply because you are at home. 

Make every moment matter and give your kids the camping experience they will remember for years to come. 

Let Twin Cities Kids Club help you as you navigate activities to do during your camping adventure. We are here to help you bring your backyard to life! 

So get out there, and bring the great outdoors home with a backyard campout!


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