5 Places to Find the Best Pizza in the Twin Cities

Pizza: the one-word dinner cure everyone in the family loves. Who has the best pizza in the Twin Cities?  Twin Cities Kids ClubOpens in a new tab. is here to help unite your family at a pizza place guaranteed to be delicious! 

We are excited to celebrate pizza with you at our top five favorite pizza places in the Twin Cities. We’ll also toss (get it, toss a pizza?) in some honorable mentions.

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Spark some new taste bud adventures for you and your family. Try one of these five amazing places for the BEST pizza in the Twin Cities.

#1: Wrecktangle PizzaOpens in a new tab.

Pepperoni pizza at Wrecktangle Pizza

Wrecktangle Pizza’s 8×10 Detroit-style rectangular pie makes it stand out in a crowd of circles and squares. 

Its thick yet light crust has a focaccia-like chew and can be made gluten-free upon request. Unique cheese combinations, including vegan, bump right to the edge of the pan. This makes the pizza ever-so crispy delicious!

Wrecktangle Pizza makes some of the best pizza in the Twin Cities. Don’t forget to end your meal with a Sparkle Square! 

Wrecktangle Pizza is located in the heart of the North Loop in Minneapolis.

Want to learn even more about Wrecktangle Pizza? Check out our blog post hereOpens in a new tab..

#2: Black Sheep Coal-Fired PizzaOpens in a new tab.

The #1 Cheese & Sauce 16 in Pizza from Black SHeep Coal Fired Pizza

As the first coal-burning pizza restaurant in Minnesota, Black Sheep Coal-Fired Pizza crafts pizza like original New York pizza pioneers. They use clean-burning Anthracite coal and fresh ingredients to create the great American pizza experience.

Black Sheep guarantees they make the best pizza in the world. Stop in and taste the extraordinary difference coal makes! 

You can find Black Sheep Coal-Fired Pizza Opens in a new tab.on Eat Street in St. Paul or the North Loop Minneapolis. 

Find out more about what makes Black Sheep Coal-Fired Pizza so amazing hereOpens in a new tab..

#3: Fat Lorenzo’sOpens in a new tab.

A pizza from Fat Lorenzo's in the Twin Cities

Serving “Italian in a Big Way” since 1987, Fat Lorenzo’s classic New York-style pies are a staple around South Minneapolis. 

Hearty sauces lie underneath piles of fresh cheeses and toppings. Their classic cheese pizza is a best seller; it’s SO cheesy! 

Be sure to save room for Gelato! They boast over a whopping 100+ flavors. 

Fat Lorenzo’sOpens in a new tab. pizzas ignite the taste buds. It’s sure to leave you as happy and satisfied as Fat Lorenzo himself! 

We experienced Fat Lorenzo’s for ourselves. Learn more about our dining experience hereOpens in a new tab..

#4: ElMar’s NY PizzaOpens in a new tab.

A large pizza from ElMar's NY Pizza in Plymouth, MN

Sitting quietly in the suburb of Plymouth, there lies a little slice of the Big Apple. ElMar’s NY Pizza will transport you and your family right into the heart of New York City. 

Their goal is to create the most authentic representation of a real NY pizza. Every ginormous 18-inch pizza starts with a classic NY-style crust. The giant size allows you to do what New Yorkers do best – fold it! 

Toppings include only the finest cheeses and freshest ingredients on this side of the Mississippi. Purchase your pie from ElMar’s NY PizzaOpens in a new tab. as a whole or by the slice. You won’t want your taste buds to miss one bite of the best pizza ever!

#5: Pig Ate My PizzaOpens in a new tab.

A pizza from Pig Ate My Pizza, one of the best pizzas in the Twin Cities

Pig Ate My Pizza, or PAMP for short, is a household name around Robbinsdale and surrounding suburbs. This quaint little pizza and brewpub serve up both classic and innovative pizza combinations. 

With amusing pizza names, your kids will have fun ordering the Piggy Pie or Bob-a-Reno. Although seemingly carnivorous, PAMP will accommodate all dietary options, including vegan, vegetarian, and gluten-free.

This family-friendly restaurant brings a stylish feel to a classic American dish. Get over to Robbinsdale and PAMPer yourself with some delectable ‘za at Pig Ate My PizzaOpens in a new tab.

Ready to go to PAMP for yourself? First, read our blog post about our experience there hereOpens in a new tab..

The Best Pizza In The Twin Cities: Honorable Mentions

Narrow margins separate the top five from the honorable mentions category. Twin Cities Kids Club believes that the below deserve equal pizza-loving recognition. Here are the honorable mentions for top-notch pizza places around the Twin Cities!

Red’s Savoy PizzaOpens in a new tab.

Red’s Savoy Pizza has been serving up ‘Sota-Style pizza since 1965. Earl “Red” Schoenheider opened the first Red’s Savoy Pizza in St. Paul’s east side. They have since expanded to 17 metro-wide locations. 

Dining at one of Red’s locations will transport you back to “Old School” times. His patented spicy red sauce sits atop classic thin crust pizza piled high with oodles of toppings. Pizza is cut into small squares, so not one ounce of delicious pizza goes to waste. 

This ‘Sota-Style pizza has earned Red’s a cult following. Check out Red’s Savoy PizzasOpens in a new tab. website to find a location near you! 

Pompeii PizzeriaOpens in a new tab.

Fire-baked Neapolitan pizza brings the true essence of the Italian coast to the shores of Elk River, MN. Pompeii Pizzeria uses only fresh, unique ingredients in every pizza. 

Classic, Margherita and White sauces lie underneath slabs of fresh mozzarella and parmesan cheeses. Your taste buds will explode with joy in every bite, and your wallet will love their affordable prices. 

Make a trip to the historic town of Elk River and try an authentic Neapolitan pizza from Pompeii Pizzeria Opens in a new tab.today! 

Victoriano’s NY Style Pizza

At Victoriano’s NY Style Pizza, you’ll experience the stuff of legends. Their award-winning homemade, cold-fermented dough is always fresh, and their secret recipe sauce is crafted on-site every week. 

This restaurant in Stillwater serves New York and Sicilian-style pies as a whole or by the slice. Grab a quick lunch at Victoriano’s NY Style PizzaOpens in a new tab.. Then head out on the Brown’s Creek Trail or peruse the antique shops along Stillwater’s Main Street. 

Element Wood Fire PizzaOpens in a new tab.

If you’ve never experienced the intense flavor natural wood fire brings to pizza, you’re missing out. At Element Wood Fire Pizza in NE Minneapolis, you’ll understand why people flock to this style of pizza.  

Expertly precise baking techniques make Element’s pizzas one of a kind. You’ll taste the chewy yet crunchy crust below gooey cheeses and toppings. Element has lots of options to choose from, including vegetarian and vegan options. 

Check out true wood-fired pizza at Element Wood Fire PizzaOpens in a new tab.. This is some of the best pizza in the Twin Cities!

Spiral PizzaOpens in a new tab.

A menu for Spiral Pizza in Hastings MN.
Photo courtesy of the Spiral Pizza Facebook pageOpens in a new tab..

South of the metro in Hastings, MN, lies the best little gem of a pizza shop. Spiral Pizza’s down-to-earth approach has earned them a staunch following. 

Their menu includes classic pizzas, finger-licking-delicious ribs, and delectable sub sandwiches. Take the family for a quick road trip and stop at Spiral PizzaOpens in a new tab.. Your taste buds will thank you!

Mary’s Deli and PizzaOpens in a new tab.

Mac and Cheese Pizza from Mary's Deli & Pizza
Introducing Mary’s Mac n Cheese Pizza. Photo courtesy of Mary’s Pizza & Deli’s Facebook

Fresh, fast, and friendly are what Mary’s Deli and Pizza is all about. What more could a busy family want in a pizza place? 

Did we mention their food tastes incredible? This Champlin, MN restaurant serves Mediterranean and Italian deli and pizzas. 

Unique pizza options like Bacon Cheeseburger and Mac and Cheese make Mary’s Deli and PizzaOpens in a new tab. a regular pit stop. 

Stop and try one of Mary’s pizzas for yourself. Don’t forget to save room for baklava. Yum!  

Punch PizzaOpens in a new tab.

Did you know there’s famous pizza right in your neighborhood? Punch Pizza has 12 locations nestled across the Twin Cities. 

They’ve won awards for the best pizza and been featured by Meryl Streep as she filmed Prairie Home Companion. They were even in an episode of Man vs. Food.  

They pull out all the stops at Punch. They fly their unique buffalo cheese in from Italy every week! Although seemingly up-scale, Punch PizzaOpens in a new tab. caters to all palettes. 

Stop into Punch Pizza and taste the incredible fresh homemade ingredients that encompass every pizza. 

P.S. – We apologize in advance for any actual punching your kids might take liberty in. 

Pizza LuceOpens in a new tab.

Trendy and innovative, Pizza Luce’s eight metro locations serve even the pickiest of diets. All pizzas are customizable to your liking and dietary restrictions. 

Pizza Luce’s food is a taste explosion. Their menu includes brunch pizzas, pasta, hoagies, and more! Bring your picky eater into Pizza LuceOpens in a new tab..  They’ll be amazed! 

Galactic PizzaOpens in a new tab.

You don’t have to travel to a galaxy far, far away to get great pizza. Galactic Pizza’s mission is out of this world revolutionary, much like their pizzas. 

Known as Planet Saving Pizza, Galactic Pizza believes in serving you and the earth. They strive to deliver every pie in electric vehicles, use 100% biodegradable materials in packaging, employ composting techniques, and more. 

For an out-of-this-world pizza experience, look no further than Galactic PizzaOpens in a new tab.

Pizzeria Lola Opens in a new tab.

With food as exotic as the showgirl herself, Pizzeria Lola is a step above other pizza places. Critics love Chef Ann Kim’s decadent menu. It’s classic yet eclectic, just like Ann herself. 

Chef Ann brings her Korean heritage into her original recipes, creating some of the best pizza in the Twin Cities. 

She’s won countless awards, including the prestigious James Beard award. All pizzas are baked in a wood fire copper-clad oven. 

Pizzeria Lola is all about good times, good people, and great food. Pizzas are sold fresh, frozen, and par-baked, and gluten-free upon request. Make Pizzeria LolaOpens in a new tab. your go-to place for unbelievable pizza! 

Hello PizzaOpens in a new tab.

If it hasn’t yet, your mouth should be saying hello to Hello Pizza. Renowned chef Ann Kim’s 2nd mouthwatering restaurant deserves all the accolades from critics and kids alike. 

All pizzas can be ordered as a whole or by the slice for the family on the go. While you wait, your kids will love hanging out in Lola’s photo booth! 

Stop on over and say hello to Hello PizzaOpens in a new tab. today! 

Aurelio’s PizzaOpens in a new tab.

North of the metro in Ramsey, MN, Aurelio’s Pizza has stood the test of time. They originally opened in Hometown, IL in 1959 – a jaw-dropping 62 years ago! 

The Aurelio family believes in bringing you quality, quantity, and value, in every single bite of their pizza. 

Famous for its thin-crust pizza and signature sauce, all Aurelio’s pizzas are fully customizable to suit even your pickiest kid. Gluten-free crust is available by request. They also serve other Italian dishes and their famous deep-dish cookie! 

Check out Aurelio’s PizzaOpens in a new tab. for yourself, and find out what you’ve been missing! 

Mama’s PizzaOpens in a new tab.

A pizza from Mama's Pizza near the Twin Cities getting sliced with a pizza cutter.
Photo courtesy of Mama’s Pizza Facebook pageOpens in a new tab.

Your heart belongs at Mama’s Pizza. Great food surrounded by a casual dining atmosphere makes Mama’s Pizza Parlour a great place for families. Mama’s originally opened in 1964, this adorable restaurant has earned many loyal fans. 

Mama’s offers a full line of delicious food from pizza to hamburgers. Mama’s will even cater your next graduation or event! Get acquainted with Mama’s Pizza Parlour and become a regular like everyone else! 

Mavericks PizzaOpens in a new tab.

A pepperoni pizza from Maverick's Pizza, one of the places to get the Best Pizza in the Twin Cities
Photo courtesy of Maverick’s Pizza’s Facebook pageOpens in a new tab..

Known as St. Paul’s best-kept secret, Maverick’s Pizza’s family-owned restaurant gives you everything you’d ever want in a pizza place. Quality, quantity, affordability, and delicious! What’s more, they also serve Sebastian Joe’s ice cream by the pint! 

Get in on the secret and head to Mavericks PizzaOpens in a new tab. before the word gets out! 

Destination: Pizza

A family grabbing slices from a whole pizza

Staycations were SO 2020. Hit the road this year and take your family on a taste adventure by visiting a pizza farm! 

What is a pizza farm, you ask? It’s only the coolest destination spot for any family. 

Most pizza farms have traditional pasture items like animals, tractors, veggies, and more. Best of all, they offer homemade pizza with farm-fresh ingredients, typically from their land or grown locally. 

Check out some of these local farms in and around the Twin Cities suburbs: 


Pleasant Grove Pizza FarmOpens in a new tab. – Waseca, MN, an hour plus south 

Red Barn FarmOpens in a new tab. – Northfield, an hour south of Minneapolis

Squash Blossom FarmOpens in a new tab. – Oronoco, just north of Rochester

DreamAcresOpens in a new tab. – Spring Valley/Wykoff, southeast of Rochester


Two Pony GardensOpens in a new tab. – Long Lake, 30 minutes west of Minneapolis


Clover Bee FarmOpens in a new tab. – Shafer, an hour north of St. Paul

Time For the Best Pizza in the Twin Cities!

A family being silly and eating pizza from a box.

What a list! Twin Cities Kids Club wants you to enjoy some quality family time with the Twin Cities’ best pizza.

So what are you waiting for? Get out there and celebrate pizza at one of our favorite pizza places in the Twin Cities. Your taste buds await! 

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