Cooking Classes for Kids Near the Twin Cities

Is your child ready to learn skills in the kitchen beyond what you have taught them in the home? Are you looking to gift a class that is not only exciting for kids but also offers life skills? Consider enrolling your child in cooking classes for kids near the Twin Cities or virtually. 

Many parents are looking for additional educational classes for children while they stay at home. We have loads of information on ideas to teach your kids valuable life skills while having fun! Keep your kids smiling and join Twin Cities Kids ClubOpens in a new tab.

Twin Cities Kids Club is your online source for money-saving discounts on activities for budget-wise families. We offer exclusive deals on classes and events, and the best news is it is free to joinOpens in a new tab.

We are excited to offer information on cooking classes for kids near the Twin Cities. Your child is sure to find one or several that will grow their love for cooking. 

Why is it Important to Teach Your Kids to Cook?

a mom teaching her daughter how to cook

Cooking classes for kids teach childrenOpens in a new tab. how to eat healthily. Teenagers who enjoy cooking are more likely to make nutritional choices. If children learn to cook safely at a younger age, they learn to make these choices even sooner. 

Young chefs learn the value of choosing whole foods versus processed. Cooking classes for kids teach real food tastes better, it’s fun to prepare, and fuels our bodies! 

Of course, cooking also builds confidence. Sure it may be disappointing if something does not turn out as planned, but it is spectacular when it does! Like many other hobbies in life, your child will learn that practice truly leads to the best results! 

Cooking gives children a way to contribute to the family through meal preparation. Just like adults, children want to feel they are helping others. Through cooking, children boost their self-esteem and can explore creatively. 

Older kids build on their math skills when they cook. They learn the differences in cups, tablespoons, teaspoons, pounds, ounces, among others. Most importantly, it will teach kids math can be applicable to everyday life. 

If your time is limited or your child is looking to build upon current skills, it may be time to consider classes or a cooking school. Fortunately, there are plenty to choose from in the Twin Cities. 

Where Can Kids Learn to Cook in the Twin Cities

Many cooking classes for kids are currently on hold to learn onsite; however, virtual options are available. We explore some of the most popular choices for tiny chefs in the Twin Cities. 

The Kids Cooking School

A group of children taking a cooking class for kids

The Kids Cooking SchoolOpens in a new tab. is in Circle Pines, MN. Right now, they are offering membership for full access to their virtual kitchen—a special treat for those who may live on the opposite side of the Twin Cities. 

Chef Tiffany teaches Pinterest worthy baking recipes, including mouth-watering cookies, scrumptious cakes, delicious pies, and more. And do not worry, no trolls or advertising allowed!  

Full accessOpens in a new tab. includes live video lessons weekly, with Q and A sessions two times a week. Through the virtual classes, children can connect with others in their age group for baking, and new content is available weekly. 

You also get access to digital recipes, supply lists, step-by-step instructions, a parent Facebook group, monthly contests and giveaways, and live video replays. 

Way Cool Cooking School 

Kids chopping vegetables in a cooking class

Way Cool Cooking School is a Twin Cities, female-owned, small business that values getting families back together again in the kitchen. We love their values! 

Classes are currently on pause through December 18, 2020, for in-person courses, but they are hosting virtual events. Way Cool Cooking SchoolOpens in a new tab. also has cooking and baking kits for kids! 

In addition to cooking classes that are kid-aged, they have family classes and kid’s birthday classes. Kids Cooking Classes are for ages 7-15, while parent-child cooking classes range for ages 3-6 and 7-17. 

The at-home kits for families are lovely and include extra treats and surprises. Older kids may enjoy being able to test out the recipes on their own. Options change weekly, so be sure to check the website for this week’s special! 

Cooks of Crocus Hill

Kids learning how to cook together

Cooks of Crocus HillOpens in a new tab. has three locations in the twin cities: Minneapolis, St. Paul, and Stillwater. They offer classes, but they are also popular for their cookware, cookbooks, and a bakery with fresh picks daily. 

Classes are virtual, and there is a full list on the websiteOpens in a new tab.. Cooks of Crocus Hill has classes for everyone, but their kids’ classes are for children from 8 to 17.

Cooking classes for kids include login information, ingredient list, and an equipment list- emailed before the day of class. Ensure your child is prepared and ready to go the day of class as these are for kids only; no parents allowed! 

Raddish Kids


Bring a confident smile to your kiddo’s face all year round with a monthly cooking subscription box just for them! The membership with RaddishOpens in a new tab. includes a new cooking box every month with recipes and a shopping list, digital bonus recipes, and an online community. 

Please note that food is not included in the box; it contains three recipes each month and the full shopping list. Raddish kids encourage children to shop with parents to learn about selecting products and finding things in the store. 

On the website, you have access to bonus classes ranging from knife technique to preparing favorites such as homemade donuts or a chocolate volcano. Your child will be proud they were the ones who brought dessert to the table! 

Looking for More Ideas for Kids in the Twin Cities

Boys lauging and smiling in a kitchen in chef's hats

Give your kiddos the gift of creativity through cooking classes for kids or other life-skill courses while they make friends along the way. We offer information and discounts to a variety of classes for children. Twin Cities Kids Club is here to give you the best deals in the Twin Cities for family fun. The best way to stay on top of local events and discounts is to join the clubOpens in a new tab. today!

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