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July 16, 2018
It’s finally summer and it seems to be here to stay! Hip Hip Hooray!Most of us as parents are thinking about what activities will entertain our kids for the entire day.Back in our day, we would go outside...
Summer vacation. For some parents, those two words bring joy and relief. They signify a break from the school routine and schedule, and they offer a chance to, with any luck, sit still for a bit. Summer vacation brings...
I recently made the leap to go back to college. There is no time better than the present right?Now it is time to figure out how to manage everything in not only my family and work life but adding...
 With all the technology present in our daily lives, it can be challenging to spend time together as a family. Even when you try to, every member has their specific interest and idea of fun. Dad likes video games,...
Did you know that an average pre-teen child’s brain will begin to prune itself as the child nears adolescence? According to raisingchildren.net.au, the gray matter of the brain eliminates its unused connections and enhances frequently used connections to become...

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Minneapolis, MN
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