Not Your Average Slice: Wrecktangle Pizza

Pizza night is a favorite among the whole family. You know your children will be thrilled at the idea of a food that they absolutely love. Wrecktangle Pizza is great on the parent’s end as well.

Order from Wrecktangle tonight. You won’t have to plan out a whole meal, shop for groceries, or cook in a hot kitchen tonight. 

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Wrecktangle Pizza: A Brief Overview

North Loop Galley in Minnesota

Ordering the same old pizza from the place you’ve always ordered from can get a little bland. Pizza night can still be an immersive family-fun experience. Have you heard of Wrecktangle Pizza? 

Wrecktangle PizzaOpens in a new tab. is located in the North Loop Neighborhood of Minneapolis, in the North Loop GalleyOpens in a new tab.. They are one of four restaurants currently open at this location and are open Wednesday through Sunday. The restaurant was founded in December 2019 by Minneapolis native Jeffrey Howard Rogers. His affinity for food and love for the community inspired him to open a Detroit-style pizza restaurant. Jeff describes it as “Detroit style pizza through a Minnesota lens.” 

The inside of Wrecktangle can be described as cafeteria-style with plenty of indoor and outdoor seating due to the food hall-style building. 

They do follow COVID-19 precautions. The space is big enough that you won’t have to worry about sitting right next to other families. 

Detroit Style from Wrecktangle Pizza

You’ve heard of Chicago-style pizza, but what about Detroit-style? 

Both styles are intended for bigger appetites, as they are much denser than a typical slice of pizza. The main difference between these two is the crust. Detroit style has a very thick yet airy crust. Chicago style is more so focused on massive amounts of cheese and sauce. 

Detroit-style pizza has a very thick crust, but it isn’t heavy. This pizza is so light and crispy that you can eat more than one piece without feeling bogged down.

At Wrecktangle Pizza, their specialty dough is baked in a rectangular steel Detroit-style pan. All pizzas are  8″ X 10″ Wrecktangle pies cut into six slices. Each pie can easily feed a family of four. 

Menu Standouts

Wrecktangle Pizza and Wings

Wrecktangle Pizza really is for everyone; they have gluten-free, vegan, and dairy-free options. For just $3 more, you can get a gluten-free crust or add vegan cheese. Kids with food allergies can often feel excluded in traditional meals, but they won’t feel limited with so many choices. 

The Friendship Set-up is a $30 meal deal that gets you a pepperoni pizza and Soul Fu Wings. You can choose from a cajun dry rub, garlic oyster, or buffalo sauce on your wings. 

The pizza is extra crispy, and the pepperoni looks like little saucer cups. The magic of this pizza is all in the crust. 

You can find exciting toppings like pickled jalapenos, honey, goat cheese, and balsamic pomegranate molasse on their house pizzas. However, suppose you’d like to stick to a more basic route. In that case, there are always traditional options like meat lovers, Hawaiian, cheese, and Margherita. 

If you’d like a mix of both, you can always build your own pizza. This is perfect for the kid who is daring and always trying new things. 

Typical prices for pies range anywhere from $17-$22. Pizza isn’t the only thing you’ll find on their menu. They also feature a caesar salad and desserts priced at just $1 (one is even gluten-free.) 

Giving Back

Wrecktangle Pizza loves to give back to the community and its individual customers. 

Wrecktangle Wednesday is something that happens “EVERY SINGLE WEDNESDAY, EVERY SINGLE WEEK, BECAUSE WE LOVE YOU!” You will receive $2 off of each pizza ordered without a need for coupons or promo codes. 

Wrecktangle loves their community, and they run a food donation drive to help support folks working in the service industry. Customers are encouraged to bring boxed or canned goods, essential items, and gift cards. You can drop off donations inside or hand them over when you collect curbside pickup.


Seating in the North Loop Galley

If you’re still not feeling up to on-site dining, Wrecktangle has you covered. They have partnered with 56 BrewingOpens in a new tab. to offer Take ‘N Bake meals on Thursdays. 

Kids love getting hands-on with foodOpens in a new tab.. Your kids will have a thrilling pizza adventure from the comfort of their own home. 

At a flat price of just $45, you will get three growlers of your choice and one take-and-bake pizza. You have your pick between three different choices: The Shredder, Pepperoni, and 5 Cheese. The Shredder has red sauce, pickled jalapenos, pepperoni, honey, and pecorino romano cheese. 

As mentioned previously, they do follow COVID-19 precautions, including the usage of masks and social distancing.


Though Wrecktangle Pizza is still a relatively new restaurant, they are making waves in the Minneapolis food scene. 

The Star TribuneOpens in a new tab. notes their “phenomenal pizza style that pairs a thick, springy dough with outrageous amounts of cheese.” Big 7 TravelOpens in a new tab. listed them as the fifth-best pizza in all of Minneapolis. EaterOpens in a new tab. listed them as one of the 38 restaurants that capture the taste profile of the city.

COVID threw a wrench in most restaurant growth plans. But Wrecktangle has plans to open a new location in the Malcolm Yards Market at Prospect Park this spring. 

With all of the raving reviews, you are guaranteed to love this place as much as your kiddos. Or maybe more!

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