Learn and Play at Be With Me Playseum

Have you heard about the Be With Me Playseum? 

Kids love imaginary play. Give them props, and they are in heaven! 

The Be With Me Playseum is the land of imaginary play. Your children will find a variety of city shops and scenes just waiting for their active little imaginations.

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What Is the Be With Me Playseum?

The entrance at Be With Me Playseum, showing the restaurant and firehouse exhibits.

The Be With Me Playseum is a child-sized city with over twenty hands-on shops and settings. 

Every area is designed to inspire imaginative play, which is terrific for a younger kid’s developmentOpens in a new tab.. Restaurants, offices, and shops all have safe and engaging play prompts that your child will adore. 

Also, the workers at the Playseum won’t blink an eye if you, older kids, or grandparents get in on the fun. They encourage it! 

What would your little one think of checking your heart with a stethoscope in the doctor’s office? Or they can come to your rescue from the firehouse? Take your order and serve you your favorite dinner at the restaurant?

Kids love role-playing, and the Be With Me Playseum gives them everything they need to do it. There are dress-up outfits in the theater, shampoo for pets at the vet’s office, and on and on.

Here’s a sampling of the city shops your child will find: 

  • Grocery store
  • Pizza restaurant
  • Dentist office
  • Road construction
  • Scandinavian cafe (the lutefisk doesn’t stink!)
  • Fire station
  • Grandma’s house

There are also outdoor scenes. Does your kiddo love campingOpens in a new tab.? What about playing in the snow? When the weather isn’t inviting, check out the outdoor-based activity rooms.

The Be With Me Playseum also offers hands-on projects.

The Art Wall at Be With Me Playseum

Are you raising a little scientist? Can you picture your child’s face as they mix their slime? Can you imagine your face as you enjoy watching the slime project, knowing you won’t have to clean up?

Here are a few of the interactive projects you’ll find:

  1. The Art Bar. You’ll find unique painting projects, along with the paint, an apron, and a project instructor.
  2. The Bakery Bar. Does your child like decorating cookies? The bakery bar includes everything, even a chef’s hat and an apron!
  3. The Science Bar. What a neat chance to experiment! It’s alive!!!  
  4. The Soap Bar. Kids can make a bubble bath mix, chapstick, or even toothpaste. They can even get their fingernails painted.

Various activities are geared toward kids aged 1 to 8, but they are appealing to all ages.

The hands-on projects range in price from two dollars to twenty dollars, so you and your little one can do something fun that fits within any budget!

How Much Does a Day At The Be with Me Playseum Cost?

Toys that kids can purchase using Playseum Money at Be With Me Playseum

Admission to the Playseum is $12 for anyone age one or older. Children under age one are admitted free of charge. Reservations are not needed to play at the Be With Me Playseum, so if you’re out and about and want to stop in, it’s no problem!

If you want to leave and come back on the same day (did someone say nap time?), wristbands allow re-entry. 

A daily admission wristband will only work for the day, though. If you want to visit frequently, consider a Playseum Minnesota Membership.

With a membership, your family can visit multiple times for a single fee. A one-month membership costs $85 and includes admission for up to four people from the same household. 

The Be With Me Playseum also offers interactive activities for an additional fee. They include art, science, and baking projects. Your child gets to take their work home once complete.

The Be With Me Playseum uses Playseum money for all purchases aside from entry. It is a dollar-for-dollar product you can purchase at any time on your visit. 

Young kids don’t always see the exchange that happens when you buy something. They know the swipe of a credit card and mom receiving her purchase.

Playseum money is a wonderful way to introduce kids to how money works. Your child hands over Playseum dollars for activities, books, or toys and starts learning that money is finite.

Where Is The Be With Me Playseum Located?

A map of the Ridgedale Center in Minnetonka, MN showing the location of Be With Me Playseum.

Photo Courtesy of the Ridgedale CenterOpens in a new tab.

The Be With Me Playseum is located in the Ridgedale CenterOpens in a new tab. in Minnetonka. They are on the second floor, near JCPenney. Just head up the stairs, and you will not miss seeing the location.

Your kiddos will get a kick out of mapping the address:

12705 Wayzata Blvd 

Minnetonka, MN 55305

Park on the south side near JCPenney or Lenscrafters for the best access.

Play With Me Safely!

A mom and child both wearing masks and sharing a bottle of hand sanitizer.

The Be With Me Playseum wants your children to enjoy playing without bringing any extra germs home. 

The Playseum has a few rules to help keep everybody safe:

  • Everyone over age 5 needs to wear a mask that covers their nose and mouth.
  • They have arranged the CityShops to accommodate adequate social distancing. They allow one family per room at a time.
  • They have several sanitizer stations in handy locations (Handy! Get it?) throughout the play area.
  • After your child has thoroughly enjoyed a toy (did they chew on it? No problem!), please place it in a collection box for sanitizing. 
  • The staff sanitizes all of those “high-touch” areas frequently throughout the day, in addition to their regular sanitization schedule that happens daily.
  • If you or your child appears ill (runny nose, cough, etc.), please wait until you’re well to visit.
  • Staff members all wear masks and are temp-checked daily.

You can reach knowledgeable staff members with any questions at (612) 799-0026.

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