Top 10 Mother/Son Date Night Ideas

There is nothing like the relationship between a mother and son. Sometimes, though, you are too busy to listen when your son wants to talk about Minecraft or the Avengers. You know there are probably only a few years where your son will be this excited to talk to you. 

Moms often find themselves asking how they can make the most of this season of life with their sons. The answer to this question can lie in moms, making an effort to spend one-on-one time with their sons. You can make your son feel special and create memories together by planning a mother/son date night.

If you are looking for ideas for mom and son dates, think about what activities your son already enjoys. The mother/son date night does not need to be elaborate; your date only has to be fun and memorable. On the other hand, perhaps to celebrate a birthday or milestone, you might want something out of the ordinary.

Here are some mother/son date ideas from simple, inexpensive ones to deluxe, standout expeditions. You can customize many of these date ideas to your son’s interests and abilities. These examples may even inspire you to get imaginative and invent some original outing plans! 

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Free Date Ideas

These free date night ideas only require you, your son, things you already have at home, and your creativity!

1. Game Night

Game night is an old standby for a reason. You can break out your son’s favorite board game, turn on some music, and get ready for a little friendly competition. If your son is a gamer, he might get a kick if mom picked up a controller!

2. Living Room or Backyard Camping

Nothing beats camping for a bonding experience, but the logistics can be daunting. Bring blankets and pillows into the living room, stock up on snacks, and watch a movie. Or you can bring flashlights and tell scary (or funny or silly) stories!

3. Break a Sweat

Little kids are bundles of energy, so harness your son’s power for good and get your workout in at the same time! You and your son can go for a bike ride together, hit the track and run some laps or have a race! A Nerf or water fight is also a fun way to burn some energy (and calories!)Opens in a new tab.

4. Fire Station Field Trip

The fire station is a hit with kids, and it’s no wonder: firefighters have the coolest gear and trucks. Find out if your local fire station will schedule a small tourOpens in a new tab.. Bonus feature: you and your son may learn a little something about fire safety while you’re having fun!

5. Volunteer

Volunteering with your son can be a meaningful way to connect even while you look outside yourselves. If your son has a cause about which he is passionate, you can show him that you value their dedication. Maybe you want to teach your child about an important issue; volunteering can be an excellent hands-on experience.

Mother talking to her smiling son sitting on green chair about school

Inexpensive Date Ideas

These rendezvous promise good times without breaking the bank!

6. Kitchen Creativity

Cooking together can be an enjoyable way to teach kids skills like kitchen safety and how to make simple meals. You can adjust this activity to your child’s age, ability, and interest. Cooking together can be as simple as a “make your own taco” night or putting toppings on ready-made pizza crust.

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On the Pricier End

Maybe your mother/son date is celebrating a special occasion, or perhaps your date is the special occasion! These suggestions are a little costlier, for those times when you want to pull out all the stops.

7. Mini-golf

You and your son can work on your putting game together while you bond over the more tricky obstacles. Some mini-golf courses even host mother/son date nights, so look around and see if there is one happening near you!

8. Dinner and/or a Movie

Treat yourself and your son to a night out on the town. You can have dinner at one of his favorite spots, or catch a movie he’s been asking to see. If you’re feeling adventurous, you can combine the two excursions!

9. Take Your Son to a Concert, Play, or Museum

If you want to go the highbrow route, you can accompany your little guy to a live cultural event. Many orchestras, theaters, and museums offer kid-friendly activities, often with an educational aspect to them. He may even become interested in pursuing dance, music, or art lessons himself.

10. Local Festivals

Make your mother/son date a daylong event! Visit regional attractions like the state fair or the Renaissance Fair for something varied and out of the ordinary. Seasonal festivals, as well as events at local businesses like farms and breweries, provide a variety of food and activities. 

Young mother with her 2 years old little son

Show Your Son He’s Worth It

Your son will feel very special when mom puts her busy schedule on hold simply to hang out with him. When it’s only the two of you doing an activity about which your son is excited, you are making memories.  

Every one of these date suggestions presents an opportunity for a one-on-one conversation about important things. This one-on-one time away from the pressures of daily life will help you understand each other better. Your son will see you not just as the household rule enforcer, but as a fun, three-dimensional human being.

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