The Secrets of a Successful Build a Bear Trip

A trip to Build a Bear can be a successful kid-friendly outing. You can take your child for a fun parent-child excursion, or you can host a birthday party at Build a Bear. It’s not as simple as it seems, though; make sure you know what you want out of your visit.

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Decide Ahead of Time: Who Are You Taking to Build A Bear?

First of all, you should decide how many kids you are taking to Build a Bear. Is it an opportunity to create memories with your son or daughter one-on-one? Maybe you want to include siblings in the mix, which will drive up the price (and the commotion!).

Are you going to Build a Bear for a celebration, like a birthday? You may want to invite other children. Set a clear limit ahead of time and make sure your child knows what it is.

Consider allowing your child to invite one or two special friends. If you decide to keep numbers low in this way, you will need to discuss with your child. Remind them to keep the invitation discreet to avoid hurt feelings among other friends who are not invited.

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Hosting a Build a Bear Birthday

If you choose to host a Build a Bear birthday, the store offers a range of birthday party packagesOpens in a new tab.. Build a Bear has four party packages from which families can choose or a customizable “Make-Your-Own-Party” option.

Build a Bear provides a party leader to facilitate for parties with five or more guests. Pricing for a Build a Bear birthday party ranges from $12-$45 per guest.

Of course, these options are only if you choose to do your entire birthday party at Build-a-Bear. You may wish to do cake, games, and presents at a separate location. Before or after the party, you can take your child and their friends to make something at Build a Bear.

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The One-on-One Trip

Build a Bear has many possibilities for children to create a memorable keepsake that is unique to their interests. You can easily lose track of price once you and your child are inside the store. 

As with planning the Build a Bear birthday party, you should consider setting expectations with your child ahead of time. If you have a budget, show your child when you arrive, which offerings are within their allowed price range.

Consider offering your child a couple of different affordable options, and letting them choose from those options. This way your child can still exercise creative control while staying within your budget.

Moms and dads should probably also practice expectation management, especially with very young children. An environment like Build a Bear, as fun as it is, has the potential to incite tantrums. When a child is told, “No,” or simply goes into sensory overload, tears may follow.

Parents may be less frustrated and more patient if they accept the real possibility of a temporarily cranky child.

The most important thing is that your child understands Build a Bear is an opportunity for one-on-one time with you.

Be sure you tell your child ahead of time that your parent-child Build a Bear trip is special. You should let your son or daughter know that the most important thing about the outing is time spent together. 

Build A Bear could be a great mother-sonOpens in a new tab. or father-daughterOpens in a new tab. date, as well.

The Group/Family Trip to Build A Bear

Many of the same rules for expectation management apply for the group or family trip to Build a Bear. Clear options for what children are allowed to choose will help streamline the process and help cut down on arguments.

If your children are different ages, consider asking older children to help younger children build their animal. Alternatively, school-age children may enjoy going through the Build a Bear process themselves.

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Build A Bear as a Gift for Someone Else

Build a Bear offers creations from various popular kids’ propertiesOpens in a new tab., from Disney princesses to Star Wars. Children love making personalized stuffed animals, but there are other ways to make the most out of Build a Bear. You can also have a successful Build A Bear trip if you use it to do something for others.

Kids can have a blast making a special personalized gift for a friend, sibling, parent or grandparent at the workshop. Your child can put a name or year on a stuffed animal, or record a voice message for it.

Younger children may struggle with the idea that they cannot keep the stuffed animal on which they worked so hard. However, they will feel important knowing that they made a gift for grandma or their sibling all by themselves. Use this Build A Bear outing as an opportunity to teach your child about doing kind things for people they love.

Know Before You Go

As with any family excursion, you may want to visit the Build A Bear website ahead of time. That way, you will know what things cost, when the workshop is open, and what collections are available.

If you have any questions about the availability of any particular items, be sure to call ahead. This call can save you and your child disappointment or frustration. Imagine the consequences if you promise a Star Wars unicorn only to find out they’re out of unicorns that day.

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