Must Have Toys: Shopkins and LOL Surprise Dolls

Must-Have Toys: Exploring Shopkins and LOL Surprise Dolls

Long gone are the days of barbies and babies being the primary option for gift-giving at girls birthday parties and holidays.. Now, I wander through the many isles of the toy section in stores and the possibilities are endless. The shelves are featuring surprise bags, blind bags, trinkets of all shapes and sizes. It can quickly overwhelm a person.

However many options there are, two unique toys seem to be on top of every child’s list of wants. Kids can’t get enough of LOL Surprise Dolls and Shopkins toys. Every informed reader around the world is nodding their head with me in agreeance, picturing the bright and cheerful toys as they read.

We may not understand, but these toymakers certainly are doing something right. With YouTube shows regularly featuring these particular LOL Surprise Dolls and Shopkins Toys, it’s easy for kids to see them and wish for the toys for themselves.. There is so much more to these curiously packaged collectibles.

Must Have Toys

Some themes that I see circulating the shelves are mystery toys or blind bags. These are toys that you’re not able to see aside from the outside packaging, which brings an element of mystery and excitement alongside the joy of even being able to purchase a toy. The added excitement of being able to complete a collection or wondering which toy the child will receive makes these “blind bag” toys a massive hit with kids of all ages.

LOL Surprise Dolls and Shopkins have incorporated this mystery toy concept. They have combined them with cutesy names and bright colors. Pair it with a low price, and it makes it an easy buy for parents as well. No longer are parents having to struggle with purchasing a $30 set to complete their children’s wildest dreams. Now, a much cheaper option exists to satisfy kids of all ages.

What In The Heck is a Shopkin?


These Shopkins are small collectible toys, about an inch tall, that were created by Moose Toys. They were designed to resemble everyday grocery items with a cute little face painted over the top of the shiny finish. Shopkins originally come packaged in the CUTEST miniature grocery basket that kids got to open. Eventually, they branched out to include household items and even small articles of clothing.

Each one has a name, a character, and a backstory behind it. Most are a simple, small toy, big enough to sit in a child’s hand.The more commonly created ones can have a smooth or glittered surface, a velvety finish or squishy texture to them.

A select few are deemed either rare, ultra rare, special edition, limited edition, or exclusive. The more rare toys have special extras and can come with unique accessories or even trading cards. The point is to be able to collect them all or to trade them with friends. With Shopkins constantly evolving their brand, it leaves the kids wanting more and more.

The brand first introduced itself in 2014 and currently has over ten lines of Shopkins toys. Now, the brand offers a full range of toys, unique shirts, and books. There is even a T.V. show based off of the lovable trinkets. They are at a fair price point, don’t require an extravagant storage solution, and it doesn’t expect kids to sit in front of a screen to use it – which is a massive win in my book.

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LOL Surprise Dolls

LOL Surprise Dolls

A much newer, but just as highly sought after toy craze that has hit the shelves are LOL Surprise Dolls. They were first introduced around Christmas Time 2016 and quickly became the hottest toy of that year continuing today. Most stores sell out of this toy before parents can figure out what exactly a LOL Surprise Doll is.

Like the Shopkins, LOL Dolls adopted the concept of being a mystery toy. Wrapped and placed in capsules, much of the appeal behind this toy is the unwrapping process. Each doll is tightly wound in layers of plastic wrap, revealing surprise messages or stickers as you peel away each layer. Eventually (after what feels like the longest unwrapping of your life), kids peel their way to the plastic component holding the actual toy.

The mystery and unwrapping don’t stop there. Inside each ball or capsule are a series of small plastic bags each containing a component to dress or accessories the doll. The toy is in one packet by itself. “Which doll will I get? Will it be a rare doll? What clothes come with the doll?” are all questions consumers are pegged with as they frantically open each bag.

Once completely unwrapped, more surprises come with the LOL Surprise doll. Your child gets to investigate whether your LOL Surprise Doll has color-changing capabilities when dipped in water, or if it will spit the water, cry out the water, or even “tinkle.”

The brand has unwrapped even more surprises, offering a LOL Pet Surprise Line and a LOL Little Sisters line to pair with their favorite LOL Surprise doll. They also added potentially upgraded dolls with a Glitter series of LOL dolls and a Glam series of dolls. It doesn’t stop at just toys either. The franchise has branched out to incorporate clothing items, lunchboxes, and even books to up the ante surrounding these LOL Surprise Dolls.

Give Me All The LOL Dolls and Shopkins!

Father and Daughter Playing

If you find the LOL Surprise Dolls or Shopkins to be a constant conversation piece with your child, don’t worry. Although they can be hard to get your hands on, it’s not impossible. Many large retailers including Target, Walmart or even Amazon carry these toys throughout the year. The shelves are regularly stocked with them.

If you find yourself wandering the toy aisles and you come across the elusive LOL Surprise Doll or the highly sought after Shopkin, make the purchase. These toys are on the top of the hottest toy lists. I don’t see them coming down any time soon.

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