The Ultimate List of Spy Gear For That Spy Loving Kid of Yours

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Do you have a future spy on your hands? If your child loves sleuthing and sneaking, you might consider getting them some top-secret equipment for their missions. Top-secret meaning, “Surprise! I got you some spy gear that you’re going to love.”

Amazon has some impressive options for the spy-loving kid of yours. If you haven’t a clue what to get them, here are some gadgets that are perfect for completing all of their exciting espionage missions.

1. Video Walkie Talkies

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Walkie Talkies used to be common helpful items to keep close. They worked exceptionally well for playing as spies with friends and family. With the phones and technology of today, you might have thought that walkie-talkies had become extinct. Here to prove you wrong are video walkie-talkies. These gadgets provide two-way video communication up to 160 feet away. Your agents can stay in touch without data or wifi. This choice is perfect for the spy in your life.

2. Microscope Kit

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If your spy enjoys investigating objects, this microscope kit for beginners is sure to give them a thrill. The microscope comes with a metal arm and base as well as six magnifications from 20x to 1200x. This item comes with 52 accessories and a hard, plastic case. The microscope is perfect for collecting objects and conducting close-up investigations.

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3. Night Goggles

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With night goggles, your spy can solve top-secret missions at night too. With led lights and blue tinted lenses, your spy’s night time missions will be easier than ever. The fold out scope allows them to see over two times closer. The device takes three AAA batteries that aren’t included in with the gadget. Give your spy the proper gear for their missions in the dark.

4. Lite Hand

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Another excellent device for your agent’s night missions is the Lite Hand.  The light tubes attach to the fingers to allow your spy to navigate the dark or distract your target. The lights can flash in different sequences. An elastic strap fits comfortably on the wrist, and your spy can remain available to perform other tasks.

5. Voice Bomb Recorder with Motion Alarm

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This impressive device lets your spy record secret messages and then alerts them of intruders trying to sneak and listen. Trespassers don’t stand a chance with the 360-degree motion alarm. Your secrets are safe here.

6. Fingerprint Analysis Kit

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Your spy won’t be adequately equipped on their assignments if they can’t collect fingerprints. The kit contains several pieces necessary to decode fingerprints including an instruction booklet, stamp pad, magnifier, brush, bottle for dusting powder, classification cards and more. This kit will keep your spy busy solving mysterious clues found in their operations.

7. Drone

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These are no longer the days of Kim Possible and Spy Kids, and if you have a spy in your life, they will need a drone to keep a low profile on their missions. This particular drone has capabilities to connect to your child’s smartphone through an app they can download on their phones. The drone includes easy one hand control with intuitive G sensor control. The advanced barometer sensor ensures that the drone can carry out stable hovering flights and deliver quality aerial photos.

8. Field Agent Spy Watch

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This gadget contains eight spy tools in one. The safe drop capsules allow your spy to write, decode, and deliver secret messages. The sensor alarm can detect if there are any intruders, and the stopwatch lets them time their missions. Your child can see what time it is all over the world, or they can set the alarm to make sure they’re not late for any secret meetings. Give your agent the gift of eight tools in one and help them be on time too.

9. Spy Go Action Camera

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This little gadget gives your spy the ability to record anywhere where this portable surveillance camera. It features three camera modes: video, burst, and single frame. It can be clipped anywhere using the mount and takes one LiPo battery pack that the purchase includes.

10. Spy Gear Ninja Mission Set

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This five-piece set is one that your spy is sure to enjoy with a motion alarm, spy pen blaster, night spyer, and wrist blaster. Fire finger-activated darts rapidly with the wrist blaster or see in the dark with the night spyer up to 25 feet away. Write and send secret messages with the spy pen blaster and place the motion sensor alarm close by to make sure no one’s trying to read your notes. You will need to buy two AAA batteries separately.

All this useful spy gear might make you want to be a kid again. That’s okay; you can play too. Whether your spy already has a collection and you’re looking to add to it, or you want to get them a super cool addition, this spy gear is perfect for their top-secret missions.

You can find and purchase the above items on Amazon. Feed your child’s imagination and help their minds grow and develop by giving them a top-secret gift that they will play for hours.

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  1. DANG IT!!!!!!!!!!! i”m young and my parents won”t let my buy stuff so I totally get it but thanks! some of the stuff gives me ideas of stuff that I can use. So thanks!


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