Attention Dads: Planning the Perfect Mother’s Day

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Next to mom’s birthday and Valentine’s Day, Mother’s Day events might be the most difficult for dads and kids to plan. You want to do everything you can to make mom’s day special, but where should you start? Here are some tips and tricks for planning the best Mother’s Day possible.

This list has something for every price point and every age and stage. You can further tailor each idea to your circumstance and family. From the simple to elaborate, you will find something you can adapt to fit the mom in your life.

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For the Hands-On Family

We’ve got suggestions if your family likes crafting, hiking, and other activities where you can be active and get messy.

Crafty Mother’s Day Gifts

Get the family together (while mom’s not around) and make something to give to mom. What mom doesn’t dream of an uninterrupted trip to the bathroom for a luxurious bath? Kids will have a blast making bath bombs for mom to enjoy a little R&R. 

Younger kids can also make cards for mom. You can also treat the kids to an afternoon out with dad to paint some pottery for mom. Painted pottery is a delightful keepsake that will preserve a memory for mom for years to come.

Crafty Activities with Mom

If mom is crafty, a group craft activity might be the ideal Mother’s Day event. This time, take mom with you when you go pottery painting. You could also consider hiring a sitter and leaving the kids at home.

Take mom to a Paint & Sip evening; work on a craft project together while you enjoy a glass of wine!

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Take Mom Outside

An outdoorsy mom would love the gift of a family hike! If it isn’t too hot yet in May, you can pick a point on the trail to stop and have a picnic brunch or lunch. Another way to make it unique: bring a portable coffee maker and brew mom a cup in the woods.

Why stop at java? Check the park rules, and see if you can have mimosas on the trail!

Other outdoor activities you can enjoy in good weather include a trip to the zoo or a game of golf or tennis. Family fitness might be an especially fun complement if you gift mom with a fitness tracker for Mother’s Day. An added bonus of physical activity as part of mom’s gift: wearing out kids at the end of the day!

If your family’s mom likes to be out and about but could skip the family hike, don’t worry. The Twin Cities are renowned for their farmers’ markets, another fun alfresco outing the family can enjoy with mom.

For the Foodie Family

Every parent loves a break from the daily grind of cooking (and cleaning up after) meals. That’s why brunch is traditionally such a popular Mother’s Day event at restaurants across the country. 

Every mom and every family has its own preferences when it comes to dining out. Here are some ideas for culinary experiences the mom in your life might enjoy!

Healthy Options

Treating mom doesn’t have to be decadent. The Twin Cities have many enjoyable healthy dining options. Q. Cumbers boasts a 50 ft. salad bar, homemade dishes, and baked goodies; everyone can find something they love.

Reward mom for always making sure you get your vegetables by taking her out for something with fresh, healthy ingredients.

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Take a Family Trip to a Brewery

No sitter? No problem! Mom doesn’t have to miss out on a celebratory adult beverage on Mother’s Day just because the kids are around.

Minneapolis is home to several family- and pet-friendly breweries. Local breweries like Bauhaus Brew Labs and Eastlake Craft Brewery are downright kid-friendly, featuring non-alcoholic beverages and even highchairs! 

Littles will get a kick out of the well-behaved pets at the breweries that accommodate pets as well as kids.

Show Mom the World

The Twin Cities are home to a variety of international restaurants. From Mexican to German, to Southeast Asian, to traditional Somali fare, mom has her choice of other countries’ cuisine. If you can’t take mom around the world for Mother’s Day, you can at least give her an international experience.

Take advantage of all Minneapolis – St. Paul has to offer intercontinental connoisseurs!

Just a Quick Snack

If you’re not looking for a full sit-down meal, consider stopping into a bakery or coffee shop. A mid-afternoon snack with a cup of tea or coffee may be just the thing to show mom you care. The important thing is not the expense, the size, or the length of the meal.

What matters to mom is that you took time to connect. Time together is a gift, whether it’s over cake and a cup of coffee or a four-course meal.

A Night (or Afternoon) at the Theater

Few things beat a trip to the theater for a memorable Mother’s Day. Live theater offers excitement and a special sense of occasion. Theater tickets can make a great gift if mom likes to get dressed up and go see a show.

If you have smaller children, a matinee might be a better option. Matinees are during the day and tend to be less expensive. 

Live entertainment doesn’t have to mean plays and musicals, however. Mom might like a concert, live music experience, or comedy performance just as much!

For some hints on taking kids to the theater, check out our tips for going to the movies or to the theater.

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Twin Cities Kids Club Can Help You Plan the Perfect Mother’s Day

Every mom is unique and deserves a Mother’s Day that reflects her interests and personality.

Whatever makes up the perfect Mother’s Day for the mom in your family, Twin Cities Kids Club can help. TCKC membership offers deals and discounts to family-friendly local businesses, restaurants, activities, and classes in the Twin Cities area.

Showing mom you care with a thoughtful gesture or gift doesn’t have to be expensive. TCKC membership is free. Sign up for a Twin Cities Kids Club membership card today and start planning the ideal Mother’s Day. 


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