Paint Your Plate–A Fun Family Activity

Every parent wants to provide enriching activities for their children and to create lasting, meaningful memories with them. Parents also want to have keepsakes of their children when they were small. Paint Your Plate offers all three opportunities to parents and children through the activity of pottery painting.

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Several schoolkids and teacher in aprons choosing paints to paint up clay mugs they made by themselves

Pottery Painting: Fun For All Ages

Painting pottery offers something for everyone. You do not need to be an experienced artist to enjoy Paint Your Plate. You do not even need to paint a plate if that’s not something that interests you or your children.

Paint Your PlateOpens in a new tab. has a variety of pottery available for hobbyists to decorate. Their store in Edina has mugs, figurines, and even pet bowls! Kids and the grown-ups in their lives will love decorating these items.

Visitors to Paint Your Plate receive placemats set with water for washing their paintbrushes. Paint Your Plate supplies sponges to clean and erase, and a paint palette. Verify availability of seasonal and holiday projects, as Paint Your Plate frequently stocks them!

The paints that Paint Your Plate uses can vary. Wet paints look different before the Paint Your Plate staff glazes a piece. Be sure to ask which paints will provide the look for your project that you or your child envision!

Once your child has finished their project, Paint Your Plate advises a wait time of 5 to 7 days. During this time, your project dries, and their staff glazes it. Paint Your Place fires glazed projects in their kiln, then packages them for pick-up.

The enjoyment of pottery painting has two parts: the painting itself, then the surprise of the finished product! Your child will be delighted to see what their hard work looks like after Paint Your Plate works their magic.

Female potter assisting girl in painting

Why Should You Paint Pottery With Your Children?

There are so many different benefits to painting pottery with your children. Here are a few to consider.

Time with Parents, Grandparents, or an Important Adult in Their Life

The first and most obvious benefit is that painting pottery allows a child to spend time with a special adult. Children will treasure the opportunity to do something with parents, grandparents, older siblings, aunts, or uncles. These adults will feel almost as special as the children to be included in a unique outing.

Learn Discipline and Patience

While the experience of picking up their finished project from the shop can be delightful, pottery painting teaches patience. Children do not get to take their project home the same day that they paint it. They have to wait for days to get the final version of their work.

Practice Mindfulness and Focus

Children will need to ignore distractions to finish painting their projects. Painting pottery is an activity that requires children to concentrate on the activity at hand. 

Children Can Express Themselves

When a child paints pottery, they choose an item to paint, as well as the colors they want to use. Painting pottery is an activity that allows children to express themselves without words. 

Work on Fine Motor Skills

Painting is an activity that allows children to practice their fine motor skills. Take the opportunity to work with your child on the proper technique to hold their paintbrush. Children give their hand and finger muscles exercise when they use them to paint small surfaces like figurines.

Child girl loading with yellow color her brush. Ceramic workshop for children concept

The Original Screen-Free Activity

Screen-free, low-tech activities do not get much more ancient than pottery. Pottery began in the Neolithic era in the Middle East and Africa, as inhabitants were shifting from nomadic to agricultural lifestyles.

The Ancient Greeks began the kind of decorative pottery with which we are familiar today. 

Pottery painting is an ideal solution if you want to relax and reconnect away from screens and noise. Join your child in an ancient art form that our ancestors handed down through generations. You will get in touch with something very ancient and human when you decorate pottery with your child.

These days, many parents struggle to find activities for their children that will get them away from phones and tablets. Technology is wonderful, but it can sometimes prevent parents and children from having meaningful interactions.

An afternoon at Paint Your Plate helps children slow down, focus their attention, and be present with others.

Make Gifts For Family Members

Paint Your Pottery projects make excellent gifts for friends and family members. Show your children the satisfaction that can come from giving hand-made gifts. Your child will feel a sense of pride when they see a figurine they painted on display at grandma’s house.

That family member who is difficult to buy for may appreciate the time and effort of a hand-painted pottery gift. A father or grandfather may like a mug their child or grandchild painted just for them.

Children painting pottery at a workshop

Twin Cities Kids Club

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