5 Fun May Day Activities to Celebrate with Kids

Girls laying in a field, posing and wearing flower crowns to celebrate May Day.

It’s spring! Celebrate the entrance of spring with our favorite kid-friendly May Day activities.

Are you planning on celebrating May Day? We’ve gathered up some of our choice crafts for kids to make this spring. 

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What Is May Day? Why Is It Special?

A desk calendar that says May 1st next to a vase full of daffodils.

May 1st is called May Day in many cultures around the world. Its history includes the Celtic holiday known as Beltane as well as the Roman holiday Floralia.

In the US, May Day is rooted in the Industrial Revolution

In the 1800s, laborers (which often included young children) worked long hours in terrible conditions. Unions advocated for safe working environments and the eight-hour day.

The government changed the law to add these protections on May 1st, 1886. It was initially called International Workers’ Day. Legislators would later change its name and day to Labor Day.

May Day is most often tied with a celebration of the changing seasons. Here in Minnesota, it’s not hard to understand celebrating the end of winter. 

So, why not be part of the celebration?

1. Enjoy May Day With a Dance Around the Maypole

A May Pole on a beautiful sky with different colored ribbons wrapping around it.

Is there anything better than dancing with children? Your kids will be delighted to welcome spring with a festive dance.

Start with a pole in your yard (shocking, I know.) A clothesline or other post is ideal for a Maypole. 

Choose four or five colorful rolls of ribbon. Drape the ribbons from the ground, over the top, and down the bottom on the opposite side. 

Once you’ve laid your ribbons in place, secure them around the top of the pole with a small bungee cord. Cover the bungee in fresh or faux flowers if you like.

Let each child choose an end of the ribbon, put on some music, and dance! Get everyone moving in the same direction around the pole!

Your kids will be tickled to watch the ribbons wrap the pole in a colorful candy cane pattern.

2. Make May Baskets

A basketful of May Day Baskets. Making May Day baskets si one of many fun May Day Activities you can do with your family!

Kids love fun crafts, and they’ll get to express their artistry by making May Day baskets.

Of all the May Day activities, this one is the best for bringing out kids’ natural generosity. May Day crafts make beautiful gifts for friends, relatives, or neighbors who could use a little surprise!

Here’s an easy way to make this fun gift:

  1. Choose a colorful piece of construction paper. 
  2. Decorate your paper with markers, crayons, or whatever your kids love.
  3. Cut the edge of two sides in a scallop pattern. The two sides should share a corner. 
  4. Make a point at the corner of the two uncut edges. Roll the paper into a cone with the scalloped edges at the wider, open end. 
  5. Secure your cone shape with a piece or two of clear tape.
  6. Punch four holes around the upper edge of your basket and thread ribbon through them to make a handle.
  7. Put flowers, candy, and other gifts in your basket.

Let your child hang their gifts from the doorknobs of your loved ones. They’ll love opening the doors to their surprise presents!

3. Celebrate May Day With Spring Flowers

A mom and daughter wearing flower crowns and touching noses while holding a bouquet of yellow flowers.

A wonderful part of spring is everything outside coming back to life. Kids love to be outdoors, and many May Day activities will take them into the fresh air. 

Do you know a little girl who’d like to be the May Queen? She’ll need a flower crown!

To help her royal highness accessorize, you’ll need:

  • Floral wire or pipe cleaners
  • Floral tape
  • Flowers

Start by joining pipe cleaners in a circle that fits loosely on your child’s head. If you need more than one piece, overlap a few inches and twist them together. 

Let your child pick their favorite flowers. Trim the stems to a few inches long. 

Taking a few flowers at a time, gather the stems together loosely. Lay them against your circle frame and tape the stems to the frame with floral tape. 

Take a few more flowers and repeat, laying the new blooms over the taped stems from the first batch. Work your way around the frame until it’s covered in flowers. 

Then crown the kiddos! They’ll love the beauty the crown beholds.

And make sure to take a picture to show them for several years to come. 

4. Paper Plate May Day Baskets


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Use paper plates to make these crafty baskets.

Start by turning the kids loose with construction paper, scissors, and glue to make paper flowers. Give them as little guidance as they need.

Use pipe cleaners for stems. Glue or tape the end of the pipe cleaner to the back of each flower.

Cut a paper plate in half. Each basket will need a whole paper plate as well as a half plate. 

Kids can decorate the back of the half plate and the front side. When complete, glue the half plate to the whole, with the right sides together. 

The plates will make a pocket. Kids can add their flowers to the pocket. Poke a hole through the back of the basket for the pipe cleaner stems. You can also tape or glue them in place.

Finish off your basket with some colorful tissue paper. 

And speaking of tissue paper…

5. Tissue Paper Flowers

A child gluing tissue paper flowers to a craft as a fun May Day activity

These artistic flowers are one of the best May Day activities for school-age kids. 

Stack three sheets of tissue paper of various colors. Trim them to 12 by 6 inches. 

Starting on the shorter side, fold the first inch of the sheets. Fold the next inch to the opposite side, making an accordion fold. Fold back and forth until the sheets are entirely folded.

It would be best if you had a thick strip of folded tissue paper that’s about one inch wide. Trim the corners with scissors. 

Loop the end of a pipe cleaner around the middle of your tissues to make a stem. Twist it over itself to secure it. 

Carefully fan the tissue pages out to create your flower!

For Other May Day Activities, Check With The Club

Kids smiling and waving at the camera while sitting in a field on a spring day.

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