How to Take Your Kids to Mini Golf

How to Take Your Kids to Mini Golf: A Fun-Filled Family Guide

In a society where people seem unable to agree on much, one thing everyone seems to love is mini-golf. Americans of all ages enjoy a good mini golf date, and for good reason – it’s fun! If you have kids to entertain, it’s always a wise idea to search for “outdoor mini golf near me.”

Now, it is understandable if the idea of letting your kids hit small, hard balls with metal sticks scares you. However, with proper preparation, mini-golf can be an enjoyable and memorable family afternoon or evening out. 

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Before You Go

Like regular golf, mini-golf is a game of skill and patience. You must set expectations with kids ahead of time. Explain to kids they will have more fun at outdoor mini-golf if they obey the rules. 

Begin by setting clear guidelines Opens in a new tab.before you head to the mini-golf course. Make sure kids know they will have to wait their turn to putt. Establish rules about what behavior you expect while they wait for their turn.

Examples of behavior you may tell kids to demonstrate between turns can be whatever makes sense for your group.

Older kids can help work out what your group’s ground rules will be. They may enjoy the responsibility of having a stake in the outing. Kids may also be more likely to follow ground rules they developed on their own.

Of course, younger kids will need an adult to establish what things are and aren’t allowed at mini-golf. 

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Examples of Rules for Younger Kids at Outdoor Mini-Golf

  1. Avoid injuries (both accidental and premeditated) and decide how kids should treat their clubs between turns. Make clear that they are to keep their clubs to themselves, or else they will be temporarily removed from play. You know the character of your group best; perhaps declare that a parent or adult holds onto clubs between turnsOpens in a new tab..
  2. The outdoor mini-golf near you may be relatively simple, or it may have elaborately themed obstacles. Either way, remind your crew not to climb on or touch anything that is not their club or ball.

Keeping Score

As with establishing your group ground rules, what kind of and whether you do score-keeping depends on its overall age. Older kids are more capable of understanding golf’s counter-intuitive scoring system. They may enjoy showing off their math skills and keeping score.

If you are keeping score, you will want to avoid squabbles among your kids. There are many ways to ensure fair play for all of your mini-golfers. An adult or parent could be the scorekeeper; you can appoint a single scorekeeper, or your kids can take turns.

With very small children, you might want to skip keeping score. Toddlers and younger children may not care as much about the score as older kids. For littles, the appeal of mini-golf is more likely to come from the novelty.

If you decide ahead of time not to keep score, you will probably save yourself and your kids unnecessary frustration.

Fundamentals of the Game

Outdoor mini-golf is, first and foremost, a fun excuse to get kids out of the house and moving. There are other hidden benefits to taking your kids to mini-golf, beginning with teaching kids to enjoy exercise. Your kid saying, “I love the outdoor mini-golf near me,” may be the start of a lifelong interest in golf.

Mini-golf can be a simple introduction for children on putting, how to hold a golf club, and scoring. As your kids get older, they may express interest in visiting a driving range and, eventually, playing eighteen holes.

If you are not a golfer, that’s okay. Mini-golf with your kids doesn’t have to launch a golf career or even a hobby. It will still show kids that they can have fun when they exercise outside with family and friends. 

Family playing miniature golf on summer day


Another thing you will need to decide ahead of time: whether or not snacks will feature in your mini-golf game. Determine whether your group will be eating before, during, or after you go to the outdoor mini-golf course near you. Inform your kids concerning your decision so that you can manage expectations.

Check ahead of time to see if the mini-golf course near you has food and drinks available for purchase. Find out if they have any policies regarding outside food and beverages. In the summer, you should bring water for you and your kids, as you may be outside for a while.

Other Considerations

Some mini-golf courses are small, family-owned and operated businesses. Do a search for “outdoor mini-golf near me” and get an idea of what to expect. Is the nearest mini-golf course more of a mom-and-pop operation, or is it part of a larger amusement complex?

When you research your nearby mini-golf options, be sure to read reviews from parents. Feedback and advice from people who have already taken kids someplace can help you plan your outing. Find out if the site accepts cards, or if they are cash-only; maybe the refreshment stand only accepts cash.

Nothing puts a damper on a family outing quite like a disappointed kid. Looking into the available mini-golf courses before you pick one protects you as well as your kids.

If your kids really take to mini golf, maybe they will want to explore golf? Getting your kids involved in sportsOpens in a new tab. is a fantastic idea. 

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