Healthy Kids Series: Healthy Lunch Ideas

Serving meals to your children can sometimes prove to be a challenging task for parents. Between picky eaters, busy schedules, and ensuring your little ones get the nutrition they need, you may find yourself struggling. Lunchtime can pose its own set of issues, and you may realize you need more healthy lunch ideas for kids. 

Maybe you’re trying to figure out what to pack in their lunch for school, or worrying about what you’ll feed them while on summer break. Perhaps you have a finicky toddler who you struggle to get to eat a well-balanced diet. Whatever the case, finding healthy lunch ideas for kids is often a priority for parents. 

If you are in search of inspiration when it comes to healthy lunch ideas, Twin Cities Kids ClubOpens in a new tab. has you covered. In addition to meal ideas, we strive to provide the public with fantastic ideas for family fun, exciting events, and local activities. We offer deals and discounts as well as information about all things kid-related. Continue checking with us for meal ideas for kids, as well as all kinds of fun and exciting plans for you and your kids to enjoy. 

Planning lunches for your kids includes several considerations: is this lunch healthy? Will the kids eat what I make? Will it keep snacking at bay until dinner? While you may not be able to curb snacking between meals entirely, feeding your kiddos a well-balanced and fun lunch will help them get the nutrition they need to fuel them for the day. 

Take a look at these fantastic healthy lunch ideas for kids. You’ll love these fun and healthy options. 

dad and his little cute girl are having breakfast.

Chicken Taco Salad

Try combining a fun meal that kids love with a healthy choice. This Chicken Taco SaladOpens in a new tab. pairs the best of both worlds. Your kids love tacos, what better way to serve them up than in a healthy salad. This meal is also ideal for packing in your kids’ school lunch. 

With leafy greens, tomatoes, sweet corn, avocado, chicken, zesty dressing, and, of course, crunchy taco shells, you’ll hit almost all of the food groups and have a delicious meal your kids will love. Any school age child will appreciate this savory lunch, from kindergarten through high school. Parents will also love how easy it is to prepare this meal ahead of time and pack it to go. 

Broccoli Ham Calzone

If your kids love pizza or calzones this Broccoli Ham CalzoneOpens in a new tab. will satisfy their craving as well as offer a healthy option. Whether you make your own pizza dough for the calzone, or use a ready-made dough, this meal will be a hit. 

The fabulous thing about calzones is the versatility. Add whatever you want to the inside, from fresh veggies to lean proteins. A fantastic way to deliver your kids the veggies they need. They’ll scarf down this delicious entree. 

Happy family is enjoying pasta.

Oven Fried Chicken

Do your kids love fried chicken, but you want a healthy alternative? This oven-fried chickenOpens in a new tab. is a fantastic option for the classic favorite. You can even marinate the chicken in the buttermilk coating overnight, making the next day’s preparation easier. Your kids will love this crispy, crunchy, yet healthy, fried chicken.

Zucchini Quesadillas

Quesadillas are another kid favorite that you can use your own variations to make healthy. Stuffing your quesadilla with veggies is the perfect way to deliver a fun and nutritious lunch to your little ones. These Zucchini Quesadillas Opens in a new tab. will quickly become a lunchtime staple. Feel free to experiment with other vegetables to suit your kids’ tastes. 

Stuffed Moroccan Pita

Are your kids tiring of sandwiches? Try a pita pocket instead of bread and add some variety to your lunches. This Stuffed Moroccan PitaOpens in a new tab. is a yummy way to give your kids a new option and get them the veggies and proteins they need at lunch-time. With leafy greens, hummus, and falafel, your kids will enjoy experiencing new and different foods. 

You can change things up however you’d like by using pitas instead of bread and adding your favorite vegetables, sauces, and meat. Your kids will appreciate the change. 

Family Eating Meal Together At Home

Bean and Veggie Sliders

Sliders are fun for kids, as well as perfect for their small hands. These Bean and Veggie SlidersOpens in a new tab. are an excellent way to add something new and exciting to the lunch menu. With blended beans and rice, and, of course, a healthy dose of veggies mixed in, these healthy treats are sure to make your kids smile. With a slice of mango and some yummy cilantro, these colorful sliders will please even the pickiest of eaters. 

Turkey Caesar Sandwich

Looking for a variation of your basic turkey sandwich? This Turkey Caesar SandwichOpens in a new tab. is a delicious take on a classic favorite. With leafy green romaine lettuce, smoked turkey, multigrain bread, and a homemade caesar dressing, your kids will devour this healthy sandwich. 

Simple and quick to prepare, this is a lunch even the parents in the house can appreciate. You can also prepare the dressing the night before for the perfect sandwich to add to your child’s packed school lunch.

Baked Sweet Potato Chips

If you need something to accompany your lunch entrees, these Baked Sweet Potato ChipsOpens in a new tab. are a healthy, yet still delicious alternative to regular potato chips. These chips are so easy to bake in your oven, you’ll have a quick and healthy snack in no time.  

little girl and her family eating delicious homemade burger outdoors on summer day

Twin Cities Kids Club is Here For All Things Kid

These healthy lunch ideas for kids will help inspire you in the kitchen. Kids of all ages will appreciate the variety in their diets, and you’ll love knowing heir getting the nutrition they need to stay healthy. With these fresh ideas, you’re set to keep lunches fun and appetizing. 

Whether you’re looking for meal ideas, summer reading lists, family movie night options, or local activities, Twin Cities Kids Club Opens in a new tab. is here with all the latest information. From events to deals and discounts, we are your go-to source for local fun in the Twin Cities area. Join us and keep checking back for new content and enjoy spending more time with your kids.

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