Fun Tooth Fairy Ideas

You’ve seen Elf on the ShelfOpens in a new tab., Easter Bunny – even St. Patrick’s Day Leprechaun ideas; who’s excited for tooth fairy ideas? 

Many parents tend to overlook the humble tooth fairy, but don’t sleep on this opportunity for creative parenting. There are so many fun and creative tooth fairy ideas, parents can cater these ideas to what works in their house.

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Hand with one milk tooth. First tooth lost

Why Should Parents Invest in Fun Tooth Fairy Ideas?

The tooth fairy is a relatively simple concept: kids lose teeth, the tooth fairy brings money. Of course, the rates can differ from household to household. The going rate is at the discretion of the parents. 

On the whole, however, the tooth fairy is definitely one of the more straightforward childhood icons.

Parents may balk at the idea of more elaborate tooth fairy rituals in the age of Pinterest and Instagram. If moms and dads up the ante on what the tooth fairy tradition entails, things could get risky. 

Young girl (age 6) surprise to find that she have lost her first bottom front milk teeth. Childhood healthcare concept. real people copy space

The Risks of Getting Creative with a Classic

Of course, there is the possibility that new tooth fairy customs could open a front in an ongoing parenting skirmish. Instagram stories depicting high-concept tooth fairy visits may seem harmless. Others may interpret these posts as salvos in the online cold war over who’s making their kids’ lives more magical. 

Then, there’s old-fashioned word-of-mouth. Kids might go to school with stories about the amazing things the tooth fairy did overnight. Consequently, classmates ask their parents just why the tooth fairy seems to like some kids so much better than them.

So sure, there are risks to getting fancy with your tooth fairy ideas. On the other hand, mixing up traditions can be a great way to keep them from getting stale. Moreover, you may ultimately create a beloved family memory that your children pass down when they’re grown.

Finally, enchanting tooth fairy visits may make children more likely to overlook or not notice decreased rates. Creative tooth fairy ideas substitute money and material goods for fun experiences and fond memories.

Child and tooth

A Brief History of the Tooth Fairy

Before we get down to brass tacks on magical parent-initiated fairy encounters, let’s cover the tooth fairy’s origin story.  Spoiler: the grande dame of dentition is a fairly recent arrivalOpens in a new tab. on the scene. 

The tooth fairy can trace her roots back right here to the US of A. To be sure, other world cultures have their own myths and legends related to childhood tooth loss. 

Many of these practices involve recently-dislodged chompers left out for mice or rats. The hope is that the adult teeth will be as strong as those of rodents. In exchange, the mice or rats leave money or small gifts; it’s unclear how the rodents benefit, exactly.

As with much of American culture, the tooth fairy is an amalgam of other cultures and countries beliefs and traditions. To the idea of the quid-pro-quo nature of childhood tooth sacrifice, Americans added the more palatable idea of a fairy.

Fairies are traditionally European in character, so we know the likely origin of the addition of the fairy. However, the tooth fairy myth really picked up steam in the early-to-mid twentieth century. This was around the time Disney released classic movies like Pinocchio and Cinderella.

So if you have any guilt about putting your own spin on a time-honored practice, don’t worry about it. Many traditions evolve over time. The tooth fairy myth still has time to grow and change. 

Tooth Fairy Ideas and Inspiration

If you’re ready to get started, here are some fun tooth fairy ideas you can adapt into your own family.

Glitter Money

Why not add some pixie dust to the experience? Use hairspray Opens in a new tab.and sprinkle a little glitter on the tooth fairy’s special delivery for an added surprise! To make it even easier, most craft stores sell spray paint with glitter–look for a clear variety.

Fairy Doors

Some shops offer tiny fairy doors you can put against the wall to create an entrance for the tooth fairy. These tiny creations are sure to delight children. You could even make your own!

Child missing front tooth pointing at it with her finger

Tooth Fairy Tracks

Sprinkle some glitter leading up to your front door, or on a window sill. Use doll shoes to create little footprints!

Boxes, Pillows, and Necklaces

Of course, everyone knows that you leave your tooth under your pillow, and the tooth fairy leaves money. On the other hand, some kids are light sleepers, or share rooms with siblings. In that case, parents may need a workaround solution.

Never fear, moms and dads have alternative tooth fairy prize delivery options. Make or purchase a tooth fairy pillow with a pouch, and a handle to hang around a door knob. Alternately, your child may leave out a small, decorative box with their tooth in it for the tooth fairy.

She’s a smart lady, she can figure it out

Have the Tooth Fairy Leave a Note

This option can be especially fun if the child leaves a note for the tooth fairy before bed. The tooth fairy can leave a note behind. Feel free to add whimsical touches – make the note tiny and leave behind a golf pencil to indicate fairy-sized stationery. 

Origami Dollar Bills

If you leave behind denominations of a dollar or more, consider folding the bills into fun shapes. A simple search online will reveal lots of creative dollar bill origamiOpens in a new tab. tutorials and ideas!

Felt tooth fairy pillow isolated on wooden background with copy space for text. Handmade children's felt tooth fairy pillow. Stuffed toy crafts idea. Top view. Closeup

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