See the Sunniest Blooms at Fish Sunflowers

Are you looking for a joyous getaway for the family that will ensure everlasting memories? Fish Sunflowers is entering its sixth season of planting sunflower fields, providing beauty and wonder for families this summer. The fields provide an opportunity for photographic magic, wonder, and joy, all free of charge! 

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Today, we’ll provide some history and explain why visiting the sunflower fields is the perfect way to spend the day. If you are looking for a unique getaway just outside the Twin Cities, this is for you. 

How Did Fish Sunflower Fields Come To Be?

Fish Sunflowers turns six years old this year. It is all due to the hard work and dedication of its founder John Olson. This real estate agent decided to bring the community together by creating beauty and entertainment in a truly unique way. 

Olson bought a 6-acre plot of land and planted the first sunflower garden. The first field started with a love for family and community. When others noticed and came to enjoy the beauty of the garden, Olson knew that he was onto something. 

His professional business is Fish Realty. But his side business is what brings him that feeling of giving. He can provide something miraculous to the community that families can enjoy annually. 

The name of the gardens comes from John Olson’s nickname: Johnny Fish. He had a mission to build something that the community could come together to enjoy and for free! 

This mission turned into Fish Sunflowers. For six years now, Olson has been planting plots of sunflowers on land donated for the cause. 

Scattered throughout the field, you find fun details and artifacts such as tractors, boats, even a piano! All to provide fun and photo opportunities that you won’t find in other sunflower fields across Minnesota and neighboring areas. 

Of course, if you visit, it is encouraged to watch your children. It is a combined effort to respect the beauty of the gardens. 

Many come together to make the vision a reality. It is the goal for all in the community to share throughout the season. 

Olson begins planting early in the season and plants through July. The land planted is donated and varies from 1 to 10 acres. His labor goes into the initial planting as well as the maintenance throughout the season. 

John does not charge an admission fee or ask for donations. He does ask visitors to help keep up the care to continue to enjoy the fields year after year. 

If you are interested in assisting in any way to help keep the fields maintained, you can see opportunities online. There is a fundraising account established to help the Olsons keep the beauty going for all hereOpens in a new tab..

Photographs Are Encouraged

A family posing with sunflowers and sunglasses covering their faces ata sunflower field

Families come to enjoy the beauty, meditate, and relax. Other visitors are drawn to the incredible photographic opportunities of Fish Sunflowers. The landscape provides a fantastic opportunity for families to take photos. Everyday pics can be posted on Facebook to share, and professional family photos can be enjoyed and displayed at home. 

Olson believes that sunshine deserves to spread. Many need that sunshine more than ever after last year. What better way to keep sunshine going throughout the year than having pictures displayed to enjoy in your home? 

More Than Just a Sunflower Field


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The fields are indeed a place to make memories with family and friends. Some sunflowers have been planted in memory of loved ones who have passed away. Or even in recognition of service, including military and law enforcement. 

The fields offer a place for both healing and honor for these families and their loved ones. 

This year, you can find Fish sunflower fields in the following cities:

  • Buffalo
  • Monticello
  • Big Lake
  • Gibbon
  • Albert Lea
  • Montrose
  • Marty

Last year, the fields welcomed more than just families visiting on weekends. There were weddings hosted, birthday parties, anniversaries celebrated, and graduations.  

The Olson family loves to hear personal stories from their visitors, often posted on the Fish Sunflower Fields Facebook PageOpens in a new tab.. Their page is filled with the joy of those who have visited.  Check out the words of appreciation and pictures captured of the memories made. 

Fish Sunflower Fields has been featured across multiple media networks bringing more and more visitors every year. Olson hopes to be able to keep the fields going with the continued support of the community. He hopes to be able to spread the joy year after year! 

Be sure to check out Fish Sunflower Fields webpageOpens in a new tab. for additional information. You can read more inspirational stories from those who have made memories that will never be forgotten. Then, make your own memories while visiting the fantastic fields Olson has created. 

Looking for More Unique Ideas for the Family

A little girl ina sunflower field holding three sunflowers. Fish Sunflowers is a great place for pictures with sunflowers.

Fish Sunflower Fields is a getaway just outside of the cities. Grab the family and enjoy a day never to be forgotten. 

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