From the Big Apple: ElMar’s NY Pizza

Pizza? Did someone say pizza? Today we’re going to tell you about a local favorite: ElMar’s NY Pizza.

Twin Cities Kids ClubOpens in a new tab. knows a LOT about what kids like to do and what kids like to eat. And kids LOVE pizza (speaking of which, so do we). 

Kids can be picky, right? Thick crust, thin crust, red sauce, no sauce, all meat, vegetarian. Pizza is wildly versatile and customizable, so it’s no surprise that kids love it. 

And it’s no surprise that many families enjoy pizza nights for this reason. Celebrate pizza with us with our favorite pizza places in the Twin Cities! 

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Big Apple? Meet the Little Apple: ElMar’s NY Pizza.

A pizza made up of slices of different toppings from ElMar's NY Pizza in Plymouth, Mn

Minnesotans who have visited New York were thrilled to hear that authentic New York style-pizza was now available in Minnesota! Plymouth, to be exact. 

Other Minnesotans who’ve endured the often-braggadocious raves of how New York Pizza is THE BEST can now taste for themselves. And this craveable hot spot has more than pizza! But we’ll get to that in a minute.

First, let’s give a big, saucy welcome to ElMar’s NY Pizza!

(NOTE: It’s pronounced El-Mar’s, not Elmers)

ElMar’s NY Pizza: A Pizza Visionary


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Any New York transplant will tell you there’s good, even great, pizza to be had in Minnesota. But they often sigh longingly and assert, “But nothing is as good as New York pizza.”

So? Staten-Island native (and now Plymouth resident) Michael ElMaraghy decided to take matters into his own flour-covered hands. 

ElMar’s claims to offer “the most authentic representation of New York Pizza.” Sounds intriguing (and tasty), doesn’t it?

There’s Something In The Water

A thousand times, it’s been declared that the difference between New York pizza dough and other dough is – the water. Yes, you heard that right. 

That specific taste and texture apparently come SPECIFICALLY from the New York water. ElMaraghy took this information and went with it. In a BIG techy way.

Eagle-eyed scrutiny went into all aspects of the business, starting with the water. They use “A proprietary water solutionOpens in a new tab. to agglomerate precipitated dissolved solids through electronic resonation.Opens in a new tab.

Okay. What now? They use a New York WatermakerOpens in a new tab. machine, which “replicates the taste of any water from any city around the globe.” 

How AMAZING is that?! Here are the basics:

  • The machine strips down and clarifies Minnesota water.
  • The water is then run through a resin bag with specific minerals and compounds to mimic New York water.
  • The end result? Authentic New York water!

The Lowdown On Dough


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Now that they have the perfect water, they make the dough, which chills out in the fridge for 48 hours. This process gives it a yeasty/sourdough flavor.

Often when you see people eating pizza in New York, they have a giant piece on a paper plate. People usually fold it in half to eat it. 

The same goes at ElMar’s NY Pizza. The crust is thin and foldable. The dough will hold whatever toppings you add, like their “Garbage Pie,” but magically retains a firm and chewy texture.

A Meal In a Slice

Two slices of speciality pizza from ElMar's NY Pizza

ElMar’s pizza comes in ONE SIZE, and that’s a humongous 18″ pizza, which is eight slices. Depending on your kids’ age, each slice will be as giant as your kids’ heads! 

Indeed, enough for the family as a pie feeds 3-5 adults.

Pizza-by-the-slice is also offered, which is the way to order if you don’t want a bunch of leftovers. You can also choose by-the-slice if you’re having a night out without the kiddos.

Oh, and if you have someone who doesn’t like tomato sauce, they have a mouth-watering “White Pie.”

For the picky or particular eaters in your family, you can build a custom pie with toppings including:

  • Pepperoni
  • Sausage
  • Salami
  • Prosciutto
  • Chicken
  • Eggplant Cutlet
  • Veggies galore 
  • Pineapple (aka the most highly-debated topping)
  • Fresh garlic and olive oil
  • Seven kinds of delectable cheese
  • And yes, anchovy filets

Just be sure to peek at the prices of their custom toppings, so your pizza experience stays within your budget.


Interior shot of ElMar's NY Pizza

Although it’s New York pizza, the sauce is Minnesota housemade. The whole milk shredded mozzarella comes from our neighbors in Wisconsin! (Go Packers!)

ElMar’s has a bunch of classic and unique toppings to choose from, including a drool-worthy list of cheese:

  • Aged Extra-Sharp Cheddar
  • Extra cheese
  • Fresh Mozzarella Balls
  • Pecorino (similar to parmesan, but saltier)
  • Ricotta
  • Sliced Provolone
  • Whole-Milk Shredded Mozzarella

Not Just Pizza


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ElMar’s NY Pizza has a plethora of menuOpens in a new tab. options that venture beyond pizza:

  • Pasta meals that include a side and house bread
  • Calzones (available Tuesday, Wednesday, and Thursdays)
  • Heroes
  • Salads
  • Appetizers
  • Beverages for the kiddos
  • Beer and wine for the more advanced in life
  • Dessert, of course

If you or someone in your family is gluten-free, it’s essential to note that they don’t offer gluten-free crusts.

Yum! How Do I Order?

An exterior shot of ElMar's NY Pizza in Plymouth, MN

ElMar’s doesn’t deliver or take phone orders, but you can order onlineOpens in a new tab.. Order up to 2 days in advance or in person at the shop. 

Make sure to check ElMar’s NY Pizza FAQOpens in a new tab. to minimize any confusion for you or the restaurant. 

Some customers have been confused about the pick-up time. So keep your peepers open for a “now” or “later” option. This is the ONLY time you’ll see your specific pick-up time (which ranges from 20-45 minutes).

There’s an outdoor patio to enjoy, and like many other establishments, they’re closed on Mondays.

Have More Fun, Save Your Dough

A girl taking a bite of a lice of pizza from ElMar's NY Pizza

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