9 COVID Birthday Ideas for Kids

Covid-19 has changed the way that our world does just about everything. Family events now include masks, social distancing, and more planning for safety. Covid birthday ideas for kids require both creativity and awareness. 

Every parent feels the need to make their child feel special on their birthday. This task can seem complicated at best during a time when so many rules apply to gathering. 

At Twin Cities Kids Club, we make family fun our business. We see children’s birthdays as part of that fun that we can help facilitate. We’ll help you find excellent deals for the party, too!

Keep reading for great Covid-friendly birthday parties that will leave your kiddo feeling seen and loved. Join Twin Cities Kids ClubOpens in a new tab. for deals, tips, and goings-on in the community today! 

Covid Birthday Ideas for Kids

Families celebrating a child's birthday during COVID

For many, birthdays are the ultimate sign of showing love. Friends and family gather, eat cake and ice cream, and celebrate life. Did we mention cake? 

A pandemic does not have to put a stop to honoring your child’s special day. In a Washington Post article, parenting coach Graziella SimonettiOpens in a new tab. makes a great point. She says, “Social distancing does not mean social isolation.” 

These words drive home the point that you can honor your child and include the people they love. These Covid birthday party ideas can give you a chance to see some of your own family and friends too.

Let’s get this party started!

1. Netflix Party Opens in a new tab.

Kids having a Netflix party

We don’t mind saying that this site is an absolute gamechanger. Netflixparty.comOpens in a new tab. is free, and it allows users to watch content together via their favorite streaming services. 

Services mentioned to watch on their site are: 

  • Netflix
  • Hulu 
  • Disney+ 
  • HBO

Each streaming service offers thousands of options for viewing. Your kid is bound to find a movie or show to watch with their friends. If that wasn’t cool enough, those watching together could also chat with one another.

This is a great way to include those you miss without worrying about spreading germs. There’s no need to wear a mask at this virtual party!

2. Zoom Party

People celebrating a kids birthday on Zoom. This is a COVID birthday idea for kids.

ZoomOpens in a new tab. has been a phenomenon during the Covid-19 pandemic. Users can video call one another. The site is free and has impressive capabilities, like being able to speak to loved ones internationally. 

Can you picture an online birthday party? This is an excellent idea in the days of COVID-19.

Your guest of honor can receive the gift of their favorite people singing “Happy Birthday” in real-time. You can make this truly special by having guests dress to go with a party theme. 

3. Yard Cards


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This is one of our favorite things on this list. Yard cards are large signs that are placed in someone’s front yard. They can commemorate just about any occasion, making them great fun. 

Imagine the surprise on your child’s face when they see their name spelled out in large letters. Here are a few of our favorite companies: 

4. It’s a Parade! 

A child having a birthday parade. A parade is a perfect COVID Birthday Ideas for Kids

What is more fun than a parade? Especially if it’s everyone you love driving by your house and honking and waving. 

These can be made even better by giving your guests a theme or picking a song for everyone to play. 

5. Virtual Scavenger Hunt 

A virtual scavenger hunt is a COVID friendly birthday idea for kids.

Virtual scavenger hunts are sure to be a crowd-pleaser with the hard-to-please tween crowd. Parents can help out with kids who do not have phones. 

Participants can each download an appOpens in a new tab. that will connect them into one hunt. Your group can also use one phone to navigate. What a great idea for a Covid birthday party!

6. Fancy Dinner at Home

A family dinner to celebrate a birthday

We’re calling it: a fancy dinner at home is a surefire way to celebrate their birthday and make lifelong memories. 

This is another shameless opportunity to have fun with a theme. Think of the sweet picturesOpens in a new tab. of your loved ones all dressed up. If you’re like us, your family hasn’t had a reason to do so in months. 

Most importantly, the menu can be planned by your guest of honor. Consider ordering your birthday kiddo’s favorite take out or making their favorite meal. Serving your meal on your best plates is also a great touch. 

7. Video Game Party Package 

A family celebrating a birthday with video games

Video game parties are a great way to celebrate your kid’s birthday while keeping a safe distance. This is an especially great ideaOpens in a new tab. for older school-age children.

Keep your distance while playing games online with a group. You can also maintain a responsible distance by spreading out through a household. 

8. Cupcake Party 

Two kids decorating cupcakes to celebrate a birthday.

What a sweet party idea, right? Bad puns aside, cupcake parties are so good for Covid because everyone can use their own decorations. There is less chance for germs to spread when you BYOC. 

If you want to add some spice to your party, consider having a prize for the best cupcake. Your kids are guaranteed to save money on the cake and have a great time. 

9. Mail Call!

A birthday card envelop surrounded by party supplies.

No matter what technology is available, nothing can replace the fun of receiving mail. Encourage your child’s friends and family to shower your child with letters or packages to be received by their birthday.  

There is nothing like seeing a tangible representation of love from your loved ones. You can let your child get the mail as it trickles in or save them for one big surprise. 

Come Play With Us 

A birthday girl wearing a party hat on a yellow background.

Don’t let Covid-19 ruin your child’s special day! Birthdays are a great way to keep a sense of normalcy for your children in a crazy time. 

Plus, who would skip a reason to have cake and balloons?

Since 2015, Twin Cities Kids Club has made family fun its priority. 

Whether it’s at home or around town, we love seeing the families in our community have the best time possible. This is made even better if we can save our friends some moneyOpens in a new tab. while doing so. Join us todayOpens in a new tab. to keep up on the best deals and current family fun in the Twin Cities area.

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