7 Fun and Festive Valentine’s Day Activities for Kids

Picture this: you’re in the dark, long days of winter. The holidays are behind you, and the remaining days of winter stretch before you. And here is one little holiday, an island in the sea of winter: Valentine’s Day! A holiday dedicated to celebrating love is an oasis in the dark days of winter. Here are seven fun Valentine’s Day activities for kids to help you get festive, find the glue sticks, and maybe dare to break out the glitter again. 

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Fun Valentine’s Day Activities for Kids

1. Making Valentines

Kids making Valentines out of pink and red paper.

It’s tried and true, but it’s a winner every time. 

Homemade valentines are at the heart (see what we did there?) of this holiday. You can do this heart art project with whatever you have lying around in the craft drawer. While red construction paper and paper doilies are a Valentine paper heart classic look, it’s the intention behind the letter that makes it a Valentine. You can purchase arts and crafts supplies, specifically for Valentine’s Day, or use the paper and art supplies you have on hand, and they’ll look great either way. 

Try repurposing paper bags to introduce the ideas of recycling and repurposing as a love letter to the earth. There are endless DIY Valentine’s Day activities for kids that are fun and easy!

2. Dress-up Party

Kids throwing confetti hearts and playing dress up as a Valentine's Day activity.

Children who love to play make-believe, encourage them to create a Valentine outfit. You can make any character Valentine inspired by sticking to a classic Valentine’s Day’s color palette and traditional symbols. 

Look for red scarves, hats, shirts, skirts, or boots to build a base, and then get silly to bring flare! A bow and arrow set easily becomes Cupid-inspired. 

Use fake or real flowers to make a flower crown or accessorize your child’s outfit. Facepaint (or lipstick!) works to draw hearts on their cheeks for a little extra color.

3. Festive Photoshoot

A Valentine's Day activity for kids, a Valentine's Day themed photoshoot.

For kids who like to strike a pose, you can put together a Valentine-themed photo booth. For this Valentine’s Day activity for kids, you can create a fun backdrop with a red, pink, or white bedsheet and pin flowers or paper hearts to it. You can even use some Valentine’s Day crafts you’ve made! Hang it on a wall, in a doorway, or drape it over the back of a couch. 

Have any old party decorations lying around? 

Repurpose streamers and balloons to become pops for your photoshoot (this is where that toy bow and arrow set comes in handy!). Gather everything your kids might think is fun to pose with and let them go wild. Parents can get in the fun too! This great Valentine’s Day activity for kids and a bonus: you can send the photos to grandparents and family as Valentine Day cards once they’re done.

4. Kitchen Mischief

One of many Valentine's Day actvities for kids is baking. A little girl is using a heart-shaped cookie cutter on cookie dough.

Valentine’s Day means treats! 

You can get creative in the kitchenOpens in a new tab. with your kids in so many ways. You can bake heart-shaped cookies or frost cakes with pink or red icing for kids who like the classic options. For an easy all-ages option, dip strawberries in melted chocolate (and bonus, they have fruit with their candy!). How about Valentine’s Day smoothiesOpens in a new tab.

Mixing strawberries and raspberries will create a beautiful red drink. You could also ask your kiddos to help you craft a Valentine’s Day dinner menu where all the dishes served are red (and don those fun V-day outfits to really get in the spirit of things!). This festive meal might inspire them to try some foods they haven’t had before (beets maybe?). Or, at the very least, create a fun, new tradition you can look forward to every year. 

5. Hunting for Hearts

Kids in the snow holding a heart they found in a Valentine's Day Scavenger Hunt activity

On the days leading up to Valentine’s Day, many people deck their windows with holiday-themed decorations. 

Create a Valentine’s Day scavenger hunt and take it to the neighborhood! See if you and your kiddos can spot different heart-shaped window decals, cupids, flowers, arrows with hearts, and any other holiday symbols. 

A scavenger hunt is an excellent option for those on a budget or getting kiddos outdoors for a little exercise. And bonus! You could also join the Heart Hunt at Lowry Nature CenterOpens in a new tab. while you’re at it! 

6. Delivery service!

Heart falling out of envelopes.

Get those Valentine makers busy by playing Cupid! 

Another great Valentine’s Day activity for kids is delivering your Valentine’s cards by hand to friends and family in the area. If you have any paper sacks handy, you can make a little gift bag to leave on their porch. Include chocolates, conversation heart candies, and their very special Valentines. 

Finding a hand-made surprise at their door will delight the recipient and brighten their day.

7. Story Time

Kids reading a Valentine's Day story

Get cozy and cuddle up. 

Reading time is an important part of children’s day and is especially fun to do around a holiday. If you have Valentine’s or love-themed books already, set them aside and invite your littles to join you. You can find many holiday picture books at the library, and many of them are also available digitally. Kiddos can have fun learning about the origins of the holiday and the mythology of Cupid. 

You can snuggle up with books or a reading device (maybe a heart-shaped cookie or two) and sink into a good story. Bonus: Build a Valentine’s Day fort to read in. Red or pink blankets, pillows, and their favorite stuffies will make storytime feel even cozier. 

Bonus! One more: Valentine Snow Sculptures

Two snowmen with a heart ornament.

By this point in the winter, you’ve built at least a few snowmen, but Valentine’s Day can inspire some whole new looks. 

You can outfit your snowman with a red hat and scarf, but you can also take it one step further! Using red food coloring, you can dye the snow to make it pop! Add food coloring and water to a spray bottle and let them have at it! 

Dilute it well to make a pinker shade or have fun with other colors your kids like. Your family will surely love this Valentine’s day activity for kids!

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