When Should I Start My Kids Reading?

When do kids start reading? It’s a big question that most parents want to know. When is the right time for them to learn? The answer isn’t just a simple answer.

At the Twin Cities Kids ClubOpens in a new tab., we know that you may have questions or concerns about your child’s development rate. That’s why we try to provide content for you that will be fun and knowledgeable.

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Appropriate Reading Ages

There is no set age that a child should start reading at, while it is a great suggestion to begin reading early, it is different for every child.

According to UnderstoodOpens in a new tab., reading milestones for age groups are met by most children, all while they still learn at their rate. These ages groups help determine what achievements children are capable of achieving at a given age. Just remember, every child learns at different ages and different speeds.

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Ages 0-3

In the early stages of these ages, kids can look at books and help turn pages. They may tend to clap or squeal if they like that specific book or if they remember that book.

In the later stages of this age group, kids will be able to name some objects that they see in a picture in the book. Some kids can answer questions about the book this early in their learning stage, especially if they have had the book read to them before.

Kids can recognize their favorite book and tell why it’s their choice. Some children will pretend to read a book and then tell you what it’s about; usually, it will be their memorized version of their favorite story.

Some kids will be able to read at this age level but don’t be worried if your child is not reading at these early ages. By just reading to them, they can pick up on so much information, and that will help them when they do start reading!

Happy kids reading a book together

Ages 3-4

Usually, in these ages, kids will know how to handle a book properly, and they will often recognize letters and be able to see familiar words and pictures.

Sometimes, children can start reading small learning books at this age, while it may take other kids some time. A lot of kids will still need to learn how to sound out words, while others may recognize words from other places. It just depends on the child.

Ages three to four is a great time to start your child with small books and gradually help them increase their reading abilities if they haven’t started reading yet. At this age, a lot of kids will be starting some form of school or early childhood development classes, so if you can begin their reading process here, it can help them when they start going to school.

Cute kids reading books on bench

Ages 5-8

At the five to eight-year-old range is when children start to recognize many sight words. They will identify words that have the same ending and words that rhyme. It not only helps them with reading but also with their vocabulary. Kids in this age range will be able to realize when they make a mistake while reading, and most will go back to correct their reading mistake.

Other kids will be able to look at the plot and characters of the story and determine what they think of each character and plot. They can then develop stories similar to what they like to read, which is huge for a lot of kids at this age because the child is finally figuring out what they want to read.

These are significant milestones for many kids because they know what they want to read, so going to the library to pick out a book can be so much fun and exciting to kids.

School kids sitting on sofa and reading book in library

Ages 9 & Up

At this age, most kids should already be reading what they want to read. They will be able to read what they want to read. This stage doesn’t focus on learning to read anymore but on figuring out what the main points are and what a book is all about.

At these ages, reading gives kids and young adults a purpose, fulfillment of something unimaginable or something factual and fun! These ages start to help kids relate to events that are happening to the readers, and that’s partially why some kids can connect with certain types of books.

As they grow older, they examine the author’s purpose for writing. They can discuss important themes that occur in many of their favorite books and why that theme is so relatable.

It can be difficult for a child to start reading at this age, but it’s also not impossible. In the long run, it’s easier for your child and you as a parent if you start reading to your child at a young age.

Tips for Helping Your Child Read

According to PearsonOpens in a new tab., some tips for helping your child read are:

  • Go to your local library
  • Get kids to read something that interests them
  • Don’t force them to read something non-fiction – all books can help kids learning to read
  • If your child has a favorite, let them read it over and over
  • Let your child read whenever they want to

Parent and child reading books together in the library.

Tips for Struggling Readers

Some tips for helping children who struggle to read, provided by the Children’s Literacy FoundationOpens in a new tab., are:

  • Remember to encourage reading out loud; this is good for parents of kids and the child themselves
  • Pick a book that is at their current reading level, a book that is too hard to read is not going to help a child succeed
  • Have your child practice reading the same book until they feel comfortable and ready to move to another book
  • Help your child pick a book on a topic that interests them; they won’t want to read something that doesn’t interest them
  • Be encouraging!
  • Play games related to reading, some examples are Scrabble, Boggle, and by using reading apps

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