Toy Storage Ideas You Can Live With

When you have kids, their “stuff” starts to take over your whole house, especially toys. Once their toys are everywhere, it can begin to feel overwhelming and sometimes cluttered. It is essential to have toy storage that you can live with to avoid feeling overwhelmed. 

It is possible to get kids to help with organizing, and even keep your home organized. Check here for tips on getting your kids organized.

Incorporating toy storage that is practical and appealing will help you cope with the ever-growing toys. Twin Cities Kids Club has a list of solutions to help. 

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Toy Storage Ideas You Can Live With

1. Cube Storage

With cube storage from either IKEA, Walmart, or Target, you can turn them on their sides and use decorative bins with them. The bins will make it an easy cleanup job for your kids, and everything is hidden and tidy when they’re done playing with toys. 

2. Create a Toy Room

For example, if your child has a walk-in closet that is not being used to its full potential. Most younger toddlers cannot reach the clothes in their closet so you can convert the bottom half into a small toy area. When they’re done playing, any left behind mess will be out of sight!

3. Use Dual-Purpose Furniture

A great way to have toys put away and reclaim your living room is to use furniture that has more than one purpose. An ottoman is a creative way to store toys at the end of the day. You will also have a place to rest and put your feet up once the kids head to bed. 

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4. Rolling Bins 

Rolling toy bins are the perfect way to store kids’ toys in their bedroom. They can put all the toys back in the bin and can easily roll the bin into the closet. There are also bins that are made for under the bed storage. This storage option also saves space in their bedroom, so there is plenty of room to play in. 

This is a perfect option for young preschoolers who are just starting to learn how to tidy their belongings. 

5. Decorative Baskets

Another great way to incorporate your kid’s toys into the main living area without sacrificing your aesthetic is decorative baskets. Cleaning up at the end of the day will be a breeze.

6. Hang Wire Baskets

One way to conserve some floor space is to maximize your wall space. One way to clean up stuffed toys and books is to hang a wall garden basket to the wall. You can also use a variety of other wire baskets and hang them on the wall with cup hooks. 

Just make sure to hang them at child-height. Your child will have access to them and will learn to return their toys back to their designated spot. 

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7. Stuffed Animal Bean Bag

Bean bags are fun for kids. They make a great soft spot for kids to land, relax, and read. A bean bag can also be a big mess if your kid happens to bust one. Small white beans will litter your house like snow. 

A great way to compromise is to purchase a bean bag to stuff with stuffed animals. It will provide a place for your kid to sit, bounce, and play while managing their growing zoo. 

8. Peg Board Nerf WallOpens in a new tab.

A pegboard is a great idea for storing toys such a nerf guns or toy weapons. Your little boy will feel like a weaponry master with all his toys displayed and easily accessible. 

Pegboards are also an affordable option, which is paramount when it comes to toy storage. With just an afternoon of DIY-ing, your little boy will spend the rest of the week engaged in independent play.  

9. Rain-Gutter BookshelvesOpens in a new tab.

If your little loves to read and has a growing library, one easy way to organize is with bookshelves. Creating a small reading nook for your child will also help foster their love of reading. Organized and encouraging; this is what we refer to as a mom win. 

With this easy DIY, you can create wall shelves that can hold a number of your child’s favorite stories. 

10. Hanging Bed Organizer 

Kids love to take things to bed with them, whether that be toys, books, or stuffed animals. These items always make their way either behind, between, or under the bed. That leaves you with a never-ending cycle of having to retrieve these items from every nook and cranny. 

One way to combat this problem is with a bed organizer. This will give your child a place to tuck their things away before they drift off to sleep. 

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11. Over the Door Shoe Organizer

Another great hanging toy storage option is the shoe organizers that you hang on the back of a door. It can be a stuffed animal condo or a barbie doll organizer. It will make your kid’s toys easily accessible and provide a way to visually see what is available to them.   

12. Pull-out Toy StorageOpens in a new tab.

Here is another DIY option for toy storage that will help your kids keep a tidy environment and make their toys easy to organize. If a DIY is not an option for you, but you love the idea of this option, you can pick up a TROFAST at IKEA. 

13. Organize Art Supplies Opens in a new tab. 

Art is very important for a child’s development, but having an array of art supplies can get a little chaotic. One way to organize art supplies is with see-through locking containers of different colors.

You can also label each of the containers by the category of their contents. For example, “play-doh,”  “markers,” etc. This will allow you to grab just the materials you need. 

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