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There are some tried and true classic children’s books that we all know and love for one reason or another. Each of us has those few special stories that bring us right back to our childhood, those few books that will always hold a special place in our hearts. Maybe it was the way they were read to us, animated and excitedly, or perhaps it was the illustrations with their vivid colors and images that we thought only our imaginations could create.

At Twin Cities Kids Club we love books, and we encourage parents to read with their children. Reading with your children classic stories that you loved as a child is a precious opportunity for you and your child to make memories that will last a lifetime. We have put a list together of our ten favorite classic children’s books that every kid will love to read. We know these books have touched so many children’s lives and we hope that you are inspired to sit down with your little ones tonight and pull out one of these classics and make memories that they will cherish forever.

  1. “Where The Wild Things Are” by Maurice Sendak- This book published in 1963 tells the tale of a young boy named Max who was sent to bed without his supper. Max decides to run away to a place Where The Wild Things Are. These Wild Things love Max dearly, and they spend their days and nights together creating a ruckus and having a grand time. Eventually, Max decides that he misses home and travels back to his room to find his dinner waiting for him. We think this is one classic that every kid will love to read. The illustrations are exciting and vivid, and the story itself is sincere and endearing. It’s no surprise that this classic has been a favorite for over 50 years.
  2. “If You Give A Mouse A Cookie” by Laura Numeroff- This adorable story has been winning over the hearts of children for over 30 years. This funny tale begins when a  very hungry mouse happens upon an unsuspecting and very patient boy. The mouse asks the boy for a cookie and hilarity ensues. We love this classic because it is not only enjoyable for children, but for parents as well. The tiny mouse represents something we know all too well as parents, the endless request of our children. It certainly doesn’t hurt that the mouse is adorable, and wearing overalls.. swoon.
  3. “One Fish Two Fish Red Fish Blue Fish” by Dr. Seuss- We love this book because it is just so much fun to read out loud! The exciting world of Dr. Seuss has never failed to captivate children. The endless rhymes and the fun adventures through an unimaginable world make this story a true classic in our book. Our favorite part of this intriguing book is the way it builds up and winds down so smoothly. By the end of this classic children’s book, your little ones will be ready to doze off with all of their new found friends.
  4. “The Giving Tree” by Shel Silverstein- This poignant children’s classic tells the story of a selfish little boy whose best friend is a tree. As the boy grows, he asks more and more of the tree, eventually turning her into nothing more than a stump. The tree loves the boy unconditionally and gladly gives him all that she has. By the end of reading this classic story with your children, there won’t be a dry eye in the room.
  5. “Madeline” by Ludwig Bemelmans- This adorable tale of a young French girl at boarding school is an excellent read for young minds. This classic taught us about friendship and compassion for others. Young Madeline finds herself in the hospital one night and has to have emergency surgery. Her friends encourage her through her recovery, bringing her flowers and a get well wishes. We love this book for its simple and bright pictures and its encouraging and uplifting message.
  6. “Corduroy” by Don Freeman- Everyone loves Corduroy. This timeless classic taught us all that true love doesn’t judge us by our appearance. We are all worth loving, no matter our condition. Corduroy, a sweet and gentle teddy bear, finds his perfect match in a young girl who sees him for who he truly is, a great friend.
  7. “The Velveteen Rabbit” by Margery Williams – Sewn together using pieces of Velveteen, our favorite stuffed bunny comes to life in the pages of this classic children’s book. Longing to become a real bunny, the Velveteen Rabbit waits patiently for the love of a child to bring him to life. One fateful night he is gifted to a boy whose love does just that.
  8. “Goodnight Moon” by Margaret Wise Brown-  We think this adorable bedtime story should be a staple in every home library. In this classic children’s book, meant to be read at bedtime, we follow a little rabbit as he says goodnight to everything in his room, his final goodnight being to the moon outside of his widow. Children have loved this book for decades, and we don’t envision an end to its charm anytime soon.
  9. “Charlotte’s Web” by E.B. White- This tale of Wilbur the spring pig, his loving owner Fern and the most endearing spider literature has ever known has been touching the hearts of young readers for more than 50 years. Your children will love reading about life on a farm and animals loving and caring for one another. We don’t think any list of classic children’s books is complete without Charlotte’s Web.
  10. “The Wind in The Willows” by Kenneth Grahame- Last, but certainly not least, we’ve chosen this centuries-old tale of adventure, mischief, and friendship. Children and parents alike have loved this classic book since its release in 1908. This book also contains several short stories that chronicle the adventures of Rat and Mole, providing endless humor and life lessons for your children.


We would love for you to share with us some classic children’s books that you loved to read as a child and that your children love to read now. Leave your favorite classic children’s book in the comments below.

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