The Importance of Shopping Local

In today’s climate, we must support each other. A great way that you can do that is by shopping local. You can easily find most things that you need right in your community! 

If you are new to the idea of shopping locally, Twin Cities Kids Club is here to help! We value our community and want to spread love to our local businesses that play a crucial role in our community.  Join the clubOpens in a new tab. today!

Read to the end to find some great recommendations on local shopping

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Why Shop Local?

There are many different reasons why you should choose to shop locally versus at the large chains. 

  • Keeps Character and Maintains Prosperity

 In a world where everything is starting to feel “cookie-cutter,” it is crucial to maintain our uniqueness as a community. Setting ourselves apart makes us a vacation destination, therefore, bringing in more revenue. 

  • Strong Sense of Community

Locally owned businesses help build a strong community by maintaining colorful town centers, socially and economically linking neighbors, and being involved with local causes. 

  • More Money for the Local Economy

When you shop at your local-owned business, a much more significant percentage of your money will be recycled back into the local economy versus buying at a large chain. 

  • Creates Jobs and Higher Wages

When you support your community, locally-owned places can provide more local jobs. In some areas, they often offer more benefits and higher wages than the large chains do. 

  • Helps the Environment

Local stores create quirky, walkable town centers that help the environment by reducing vehicle use, and overall land required. Therefore minimizing habitat loss and air and water pollution. 

  • Creates Tailored Choice

Local owned stores pick and procure their products for the shop. They make these decisions based on what you like and want. Creating more customized choices. 

  • Saves Tax Dollars! 

Local businesses require less infrastructure and maintenance than large chains, meaning more money to beautify the community.

  • Investment in Entrepreneurship

Our country’s economy was founded on creativity and entrepreneurship. When you invest in your local business you invest in your community’s economy. 

Woman selling organic skincare products in a small, local shop

How to Shop Local?

Now that we have answered the question of why you should shop locally let’s talk about all the realistic ways on how to buy locally.

There are many different ways that you, as a consumer can support your local economy. One way to start is by eating out at locally-owned restaurants or bars. Another great option is to support the local farmer’s market by buying fresh produce. 

We have some tips for shoe shopping with kidsOpens in a new tab.. Shopping local during the holidaysOpens in a new tab. is essential, check out our tips for staying sane while accomplishing this task.

The first step is to learn about the local businesses in and around the Twin Cities. Find out what they have to offer, where they are, and their business hours. 

Gather Information About Local Businesses 

To start learning about your local area, set aside an afternoon to explore the town and see what it offers. We recommend either walking if you live close enough or parking your car and start in an area where everything is walking distance. 

If you have very little knowledge of the local area, you should take the time to research the area before you leave the house. You can use google maps to help create a plan of what local places you want to check out. 

People at healthy local food festive

Start Shopping

Once you have made a note on which stores you’d like to visit and the times that they are open the next step is to incorporate them into your routine. Sometimes local shops can’t match the chain store’s prices, this can present itself as a challenge if you are on a tight budget. Thankfully, there are ways to overcome this problem: 

  • Create a Budget. Set aside a realistic amount of money in your monthly budget that is specifically for local shopping. Next time you are hesitating on a price tag at one of your favorite local shops, you’ll already have the funds set aside.


  • Shop for Local Services. Some goods may be more affordable at the large chain stores that sell cheap, mass-produced products. However, this rarely holds true for local services. For example, you can go to a local print shop and have things mass printed for a much better price than say, Kinkos.



  • Local Holiday Shopping. Shopping local for holiday gifts is an excellent alternative to buying in chain stores. The presents will feel much more specialized and personal. The perfect way to save money and pick the ideal gift is to shop during SmallOpens in a new tab. Business Saturday, an event sponsored by American Express. 


Held on Saturday after Thanksgiving to encourage local shopping. Many independently-owned businesses offer special sales this day. Another option is Plaid Friday (Black Friday’s alternative) that is also held the day after Thanksgiving.

Don’t Forget to Eat Local

One of the most simple changes to make is to start eating locally. Everyone has to eat! Shopping locally for your food is the best and easiest way to support our local economy. 

You can shop at a locally owned grocery store, like a small health foods store or a farmers market! At a farmer’s market, you get the chance to meet the people who sell you your food and grow it! 

Going to a farmer’s market is a great way not only to get fresh and high-quality products but also to strengthen your social ties within the community. 

Holding bag full of fresh organic vegetables with green sticker from the local market on the green background

Where do I Start? 

Here are just a few great places to start with your local shopping! 

Local Farmer’s Market

Market on LyndaleOpens in a new tab.

  • Location: 312 East Lyndale Ave N
  • Hours: Daily 6 am-1 pm 

Nicollet Mall MarketOpens in a new tab.

  • Location: Nicollet Mall, MN
  • Hours: Thursdays 6 am-6 pm 

Mill City MarketOpens in a new tab. 

  • Location: 704 S 2nd St, MN
  • Hours: Summer hours (May-Oct): Saturdays: 8 am-1 pm and Tuesdays: 4 pm-8 pm/ Winter hours (Nov-April): Select Saturdays 10 am- 1 pm

Kingfield MarketOpens in a new tab.

  • Location: 4310 Nicollet Ave 
  • Hours: (May-Oct) 8 am- 1pm 

Local Book Stores

Milkweed BooksOpens in a new tab.

  • Location: 1011 Washington Ave South, Suite 107 
  • Hours: 10 am- 7pm

Moon Palace BooksOpens in a new tab. 

  • Location: 3032 Minnehaha Ave
  • Hours: 9 am-9 pm 


PacifierOpens in a new tab. 

  • Location:(they have 4 locations)  219 N 2nd Street Suite 102 
  • 4942 France Ave South, Edina 
  • 714 Cleveland Ave S, St Paul 
  • 40 South 7th Street, Suite 260

Woman chooses and buys products in zero waste shop. Weighing dry goods in plastic free grocery store. Unrecognizable girl paper bag on scales. Eco shopping at local business

Check out Meet MinneapolisOpens in a new tab. for many other places to shop and eat at! They have a ton of great shops and will give you an idea of what each location has to offer! 

JoinOpens in a new tab. Twin Cities Kids Club for local information, events, and great discounts!

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