Get Skating with Synthetic Ice From Kwikrink

One of winter’s all-time favorite pastimes is ice skating. If you don’t want to wait until the winter months, meet Kwikrink Synthetic Ice!

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If you have ice skated traditionally, you know the real ice pros and cons. Let’s review and compare with synthetic ice. 

Real Ice

A family ice skating together in the winter time.

Have you been to the famous Rockefeller Center outdoor skating rink in New York City? Perhaps you’ve only skated at indoor rinks.

Indoors or out, a real ice rink is cold! You know that if you’ve had any skating experience. It would help if you had thermal underwear, a scarf, a hat, gloves, a parka, and maybe a balaclava.

When you fall on real ice, you feel that cold down to your bones. You also feel wet. 

Natural ice seems magical. It may help you slide down the memory lane of holiday movies, family memories, or daydreams of future memories.

But synthetic ice can be just as memorable without the cold-to-the-bone chill.

Ice Time

A hockey player skating on ice

Are you a future Olympian who wants to train at every opportunity? Figure skaters and hockey playersOpens in a new tab. alike hit the ice daily. 

Maybe your family loves to take to the ice together. There is little more fun than a game of tag when you’re trying to beat your older siblings to capture the family crown.

It can be challenging to carve out convenient times in training centers for yourself or your team. You should spend your time on the ice, not in a car going to and from the rink.

Synthetic Ice by Kwikrink

Someone wearing hockey skaes and skating on synthetic ice

Artificial ice may sound weird to you. Whoever heard of a synthetic ice rink? But it’s been around since the 1960s, and Kwikrink has been your local source for over a decade.

Scientists made Synthetic ice from polymer-based agents with “slip” agents added. According to Pure HockeyOpens in a new tab., the ice feel truly does mimic real ice. 

However, don’t let the slip agents concern you. You won’t be Clark-Grizwold-on-a-tin-disc fast. 

These smooth, lubricated plastic panels that interlock like a puzzle do not require preparation akin to the Iditarod. In fact, you can feel comfortable wearing shorts and a t-shirt on this “ice”!

There is no need to carry a towel for the occasional fall. Practice your triple axel or sow cow without needing to change to dry clothes after bouncing off the ice. 

Do you want unlimited hours of laughing, playing, and healthy fun? A synthetic ice surface at home could be the answer to the question you didn’t ask! Just like a swimming pool is common in many communities, a personal synthetic ice rink is becoming more common. 

Tell Me More

group of kids sitting on the ice of the frozen lake

Kwikrink synthetic ice comes as synthetic ice tiles that are easily assembled and removed. They are used by aspiring and professional athletes around the world for year-round training. 

These synthetic ice panels are also cost-effective. Imagine minimal maintenance and a skating surface that lasts about 10 years! It makes good sense to add your Kwikrink synthetic iceOpens in a new tab. rink to the back yard. 

With their versatility, you can make an indoor rink with a large basement or other suitable space. Add and arrange the panels to your desired design. 

Think of the birthday parties or bar/t mitzvahs you can host at home with endless entertainment. Check out some of these kids’ gamesOpens in a new tab. that are even more fun on the ice! Red Light Green Light is a fun, silly game and helps young skaters practice stopping and starting quickly. 

Another pro to having one of these home rinks comes to mind when we think of the CoronaVirus being in town. Many of us are working remotely, while our school-age kids are learning from home at the same time.

If you’ve mastered the combo, please set up a class and advertise through TCKC! If not, think about all the energy your kiddos can burn with a recess that includes ice skating. 

Plus, serious or weekend athletes can practice their ice sports at home. These Kwikrink Synthetic Ice rinks are a fantastic way to avoid crowds!

The Science

A kid playing hockey on synthetic ice

As a parent, you want your kids out having fun. You also want them safe.

Scientific research shows almost no difference in ice hockey skaters’ biomechanics on natural ice vs. synthetic ice surfaces. Some people like those charts and numbers. 

If vertical loading tests or strain gauge response aren’t part of your everyday vocabulary, we understand. It’s enough to say that the workout is the same on either surface. Synthetic ice is an excellent training tool.

Quarantine Routine

A little girl practicing ice skating

The year 2020 may also be remembered as the year of COVID-19. In the beginning, we stayed inside. Weekend plans meant moving from the living room to the den. 

Feel free to do the puzzles, play the games, and watch the movies. Keep in mind that you don’t have to!

With synthetic iceOpens in a new tab. available to build a rink at home, mix things up. Keep the kids and yourselves active any time of year with the lubricated panels of plastic. 

Make new family memories playing duck-duck-goose on the ice or sneak in some school work with ice words! Write some words on slips of paper and drop them into a bowl. Each skater chooses a paper slip, then skates out the letters.

The rest of the kids/adults try to guess the word based on the motion of the skater’s feet. Whoever guesses the answer gets to take the next turn.  

Start a new holiday traditionOpens in a new tab.; skating at home! 

Check It Out

kids posing with ice skates

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