Surviving Your Kid’s Haircut Appointment

Whether you’re keeping up with your kids’ haircuts throughout the year, or getting ready to tackle your kiddo’s first haircut, the task can be overwhelming. From finding the right stylist or barber to occupying your little ones while they get their trim, you may be unsure of where to start. 

Regardless of your child’s hairstyle, maintaining their hair can become a chore. Some kids love to have their hair cut, while others are apprehensive about it sometimes. Either way, getting your child to sit still throughout can be a challenge. 

Here at Twin Cities Kids ClubOpens in a new tab., we want your haircut experiences to be smooth and seamless. We strive to bring you the best discounts, information, and events around. Whether you’re looking for healthy lunch ideas or ratings on the latest video games, we have what you’re looking for. 

When it comes to haircut appointments, you can take action to make sure both you and your kids come out unscathed. Check out these fantastic tips and relax each time you head to the salon. 

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Baby’s First Haircut

Let’s start with one of the momentous events in your toddler or baby’s life: their first hair cut. Maybe your little one was born with a full head of hair or maybe you had to wait until well after their first birthday to finally see some fuzz. Either way, at some point, your baby or toddler will be ready for their first haircut.

A baby’s first haircut is a milestone that many parents look forward to. Your baby will transform from the sweet infant you usually see to an all of a sudden big kid look. One of the bittersweet parts of parenting, you will likely keep a lock of their beautiful hair for their baby book and take a hundred pictures. You might envision this event as a meaningful and special time, only to find out it’s a little more complicated than you anticipated. 

Leave it to the Professionals

Unless you are a skilled hairstylist or barber, you might want to opt-out of cutting your toddler’s hair yourself. While you might want to be the one to cut your baby’s hair for the first time, leaving it to the professionals will make it a lot easier on you. 

Toddler hair can be very fine and challenging to style. The last thing you want to do is botch your son or daughter’s first haircut. You may quickly realize you’re in too deep, and if you start the haircut and find you can’t finish, you’ll soon regret your attempt. 

If you allow a professional to give your little one their first haircut, you’ll also be free to watch, take pictures, and enjoy the experience. 

Little girl with long blonde hair getting hair trimmed at the salon

Plan Around Your Toddler’s Schedule

Most parents try their best to work around their toddler’s schedule. Nothing is worse than a toddler who misses their nap. Make sure you schedule your child’s appointment during their best time of day. You’ll want to make sure they eat so they aren’t hungry, and that it isn’t too close to their nap time. 

You’ll only set yourself and your little one up for failure if you schedule an appointment at a difficult time. Be aware of your toddler’s schedule and account for their needs. 

Even Big Kid Haircuts Require Planning

Once your little ones are beyond their first haircut, you may assume the hair appointments will get easier. Sometimes that’s the case, but even older kids can fidget and make haircuts difficult. Whether you have a seasoned seven-year-old who gets regular haircuts or a preteen who loves to change their look frequently, proper planning will help ensure a smooth appointment. 

little boy getting his head shaved by barber

Find the Perfect Stylist

Finding the ideal stylist or barber is key to making your kids’ haircuts a breeze. A kid-friendly salon will make all the difference. Some kid-friendly barbershops or salons are set up with fun chairs for the little ones to sit in, movies playing to help distract them, and know all the tips and tricks. 

Ask around amongst your parent friends, and try and find a salon that caters to youngsters. You’ll find that they are patient, creative, and efficient when it comes to kids haircuts. 

Have a Plan

Just like when you see your stylist for a new look, it’s essential to make sure you have a good idea of what you’re looking for before you get to the salon. If your child is very young, you’ll want to select the hairstyle you want for them. If your son or daughter is a bit older, they might be able to choose a new look themselves. 

Look through hair magazines or online galleries to choose a suitable look. When you arrive for your appointment, you’ll be able to show your stylist what you’re looking for. Not only will you save time if you show up with an idea, but you’ll also avoid ending up with a look that wasn’t quite what you had in mind. Your stylist will also appreciate your preparedness. 

Distractions Can Help You Succeed

Whether you use a lollipop, a tablet, or some good old-fashioned bribery, providing distractions for your children while they sit through their haircut can help make things easy. Consider bringing some non-messy snacks, a handheld game, or any other item that gives your child comfort. 

Some salons and barbershops are likely already equipped with these items, but prepare yourself by bringing along things you might need. Your child will need to be able to sit still, so keep that in mind when selecting what to bring. 

A little boy is trimmed in the hairdresser's bright emotions on his face

Twin Cities Kids Club: Your Go-To Source

You don’t have to stress every time your kid needs a haircut. With these helpful pointers, you can ensure that each trip to the salon is a success. Plan ahead, and you’ll enjoy a fun experience. 

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