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As we head back into summer, this is the perfect chance to start planning summer activities for the children. An excellent way for children to spend their summer outside of the house is through a science camp. A science camp will keep your child busy most of the summer and ensure that their brain is still active and working over the summer break. 

They may also take new information that they learn over the summer back to school with them. Another bonus is that the child will have the opportunity to foster new friendships and lessen the time that they spend in front of a screen. 

To give your kids a taste of some fun science activities, check out the Minnesota Children’s Museum. Here are our tips for taking your family to this incredible resource.

Twin Cities Kids Club has provided a list of benefits of attending a science camp as well as some local places that hold summer camps.  

A group of small school children with teacher on field trip in nature, learning science.

Benefits of a Science Camp


  • Children gain life skills that carry into adulthood


There is a gap between the knowledge that schools are teaching and the skills needed to become a successful adult. The life skills that camp teachers are collaboration, socialization, communication, leadership, and creativity. 

The campers learn to communicate and socialize the whole stent of their trip. They can chat while they bunk together or through group problem solving and activities. Campers will learn leadership either by guiding a team that they are put in charge of or helping out a first-time younger camper. Campers are also encouraged to learn to solve problems by themselves and engage in countless creative activities. 


  • Educates beyond books and grades


Even though test-taking and excelling with good grades in school is crucial, a science camp will provide learning in a new environment. Through science camp, a child can build their self-esteem.

As children excel in activities at camp, their self-esteem will grow. The children are encouraged to improve each day that they are at camp. The program provides learning in a new and exciting way that can often be play-based. Learning in a stress-free environment removes the stress of grades and excelling on tests. 


  • Creates a productive and proactive summer


Most kids spend their summers sleeping in lat and binging Netflix or playing video games. Relaxing can be fun for the first few days. However, the kids will quickly lose interest and become bored.

Throughout the summer, kids typically start to forget basic science concepts. Sending your kids to a science camp can prevent loss of knowledge and boredom during the summertime. 

The STEM programs will provide a learning environment that is both fun and promotes logical thinking. 

Learn Kids Camp Student Education Concept


  • Future career ideas 


Sending your kids to science camp can spark an interest in a science-related field. Many of the desirable careers require advanced skills in science and math. Introducing both of these subjects to your child at a young age will give them a distinct advantage later on in life. 


  • Push them out of their comfort zone 


By sending your young kids to a science camp, it will put them in unfamiliar territory that they will learn to navigate. Your child will learn to make new friends and work cooperatively in a lab setting at a STEM camp.


  • Screen-free fun


As stated earlier, most kids enjoy their summer vacation by binging on Netflix and video games. When your kids attend a summer camp, they have the chance to take a break from all of the screens and provides them the opportunity to communicate face to face. 


  • Encourages independence 


Signing your kids up for a summer camp can be an excellent way to promote your child’s independence. When a child is given a chance to spend time away from their parents, it allows them to think independently. Children also learn to rely on other trusted adults and peers.  


  • Inspires them 


Exploring the world of STEM it educates children on how the principles can simplify the lives of humans. Which excites and inspires children to grow and learn. 

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Where can I find Science Camps?


  • The Bell Museum 


Located on Larpenteur Avenue West, St Paul. “The Bell Camps provide a fun and enriching environment that encourages campers to explore their scientific passions and discover new interests.” 

Bell Museum provides many different hands-on learning activities for the kids. The kids will also get the chance to learn about space and planets through the planetarium. There will be interactive games and field trips around the university’s campus in the Twin Cities among a variety of other enrichment programs. 

You can click here to find a list of their pricing as well as registration for 2020 camps. 


  • The Bakken Museum- Camp Innovation 


Camp Innovation location is on Zenith Avenue South, Minneapolis. Camp Innovation offers a week-long summer program. “Students will exercise their mental muscles with collaborative team base problem-solving challenges, learn new science tricks, and play games that require creativity and attention.” 

Find more information here about when camps start and cost. 


  • Snapology 


Snapology is located in Minneapolis. 

“Snapology offers the best S.T.E.A.M. camps in the area. We offer camps and workshops year-round, including spring break camps, summer camps, and holiday break camps and camps during teacher in-service days.”  

At Snapology, you can find robotics camps, technology camps, STEAM/STEM camps, and different themed camps. You can read more about the various programs and Snapology’s prices here


  • Science Museum of Minnesota 


Science Museum of Minnesota is located West Kellogg Boulevard. The Science Museum also has Four offsite locations as well. Most in the St Paul area except for one in Hopkins. 

The Science Museum of Minnesota offers a comprehensive list of many different summer camps for children. The ages range from 3 years old to 16. Some of the programs they offer are Marble Run Engineering, marine biology, space explorers, and how vehicles move, to name a few. 

You have to take a look at their guide by clicking here


  • The Works Museum 


The Works Museum is located near the Mall of America in Bloomington. The Works Museum offers a variety of STEM summer camp options for your little ones. There is a Lego camp, Robotics camp, STEM camp for girls, and a coding camp. 

Check here for information and pricing details. 

A group of small school children with teacher on field trip in nature, learning science.

A summer camp is a great way to help your children foster a love of learning. Join Twin Cities Kids Club to stay informed on what the Twin Cities has to offer your family! 


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