Plan Ahead for Summer Camps: Sports Camps

What if I told you there was a way not only to let your child have a fun new experience but also enables you to get much-needed relaxation and time to yourself? Well look no further, the answer is a summer sports camp!

Choosing to send your child to a summer camp can have tremendous benefits. It can develop maturity, let them be independent, and teach them valuable life lessons.

The term summer camp is a sort-of catch-all term because there are many different types of camps available to choose from. These camps could include science, music, or even nature camps. These camps include a different focus, depending on which one you pick.

If you’re looking for a more active camp, you should consider a sports camp. The benefits are vast and incorporate the values of hard work, responsibility, and also health and fitness. The best part of a sports camp is that they are fun.

The Twin Cities has a lot of opportunities for you and your child. Knowing the advantages of sports camps and being aware of various locations can help you out tremendously.

We also encourage you to get your child involved in sports throughout the rest of the year, as well! Check out our seven reasons why your child should be in sportsOpens in a new tab..

To make things easier, the Twin Cities Kids ClubOpens in a new tab. has you covered! Join us and partake in different organized events, and receive great discounts as well.

Kids play football on outdoor field.

Health and Fitness

The most significant advantage to choosing a sports camp over any other type of summer camp is the health benefits. Sports are a great source of both exercise and fun.

As adolescent obesity rates increase over time, there are vital factors that go into this. The most significant one is the prevalence of technology and staying indoors. Getting outside and having fun with others is the right way around this.

According to the World Health Organization(WHO), children aged 5-17 should accumulate at least 60 minutes of moderate- to vigorous-intensity physical activity dailyOpens in a new tab.. A summer camp is a fantastic way to accomplish this and ensure your child is healthy.

Many sports camps will also include nutritious meals for your child. Proper exercise and a good diet are essential habits that will last a lifetime. These things won’t come easy, so a structured organization such as a camp can be crucial in taking the first steps.

In addition to this, your child will possibly find new sports of interest. Since a sports camp will take them out of their comfort zone, they will encounter all-new obstacles to tackle. If they find something they love, they will have a new hobby for the rest of their life.

The icing on the cake is the beneficial habits that your child will learn. These habits include stronger discipline and responsibility. These foundations will act as reinforcers for a positive attitude and a more successful outlook as they grow older.

Children play tug of war in the park. Children's Day, June 1, friendship, childhood, vacation, camp

Confidence and Self-Esteem

Something that children gain from a summer sports camp is both self-esteem and confidence. These values get achieved through various methods and mean your child can be more positive and self-reliant in the future.

One of the ways this is accomplished is through goals. Your child will set out with a purpose, and they will succeed and have a great time.

A sports camp duration could be a week or even longer, and will pose to be quite the challenge for children not familiar with leaving home. When they return, they will come back with a sense of accomplishment and fulfillment. 

Another aspect to consider is the relationships that will get built at the camp. Since sports are team-based, your child has plenty of opportunities to connect and have fun with other children. Your child will make friends and have a lot of fun too!

On top of all of this, sports camps will have coaches to ensure that everything goes smoothly. They will prepare and organize activities and help give positive reinforcement. This praise will reinforce their efforts and make them feel more important.

Parenting is a 24/7 job with demands and responsibilities, and you deserve a break! No matter your situation, every parent should be able to take their mind off of things for a while. 

You will be able to focus on yourself or finish things you didn’t have time for before. All of this, while knowing your child is safe and having fun with others.

Two teenage male basketball players doing a one on one drill indoors at a local basketball camp over the summer.

Choosing the Right Camp

The first thing to consider is the activity your child would like to do while at camp. Many camps are specialized in one sport, so choosing the right one. The other option is choosing a camp that encompasses many different activities.

With so many camps to choose from, it’s great to have some help with making a decision. Twin Cities Kids Club has you covered, with a list of great sports camps available in the area. Without further ado, let’s get into it.

The Little GymOpens in a new tab.

This gym offers an indoor alternative to the summer camp and allows your child to beat the heat.

It includes fun physical activities, games, and arts & crafts. Ages 3-12.

Sanneh Foundation Soccer Camps

For ages 5-12, this foundation offers free soccer camps at parks throughout the Twin Cities.

3rd Lair SkateparkOpens in a new tab.

Skateboard camp sessions that run June through August, Mon-Fri, nine am-noon.

Little children kayaking on river. Summer camp

Center for Blade ArtsOpens in a new tab.

Learn the rules and techniques of Fencing in this unique camp. For all ages, 10 am-2 pm Mon-Fri.

InnerCity TennisOpens in a new tab.

A tennis camp that runs sessions mid-June through July, ages 6-17. It offers a follow-up camp that is more focused on competitive matches.

Kenwood Gymnastics Summer Camps

A gymnastics camp that goes Monday through Thursday, June through August, ages 6-13. Offers morning or all-day pricing to accommodate your needs.

Minneapolis Bouldering ProjectOpens in a new tab.

Learn the sport of bouldering (rock climbing)! Ages 5-12, groups are based on age and skill level. Weekly camps early June to late August, climbing shoes are provided.

As you can see, each summer sports camp not only varies greatly, but it can have a ton of benefits to your child as well. Be sure to join Twin Cities Kids Club to stay up to date and receive huge discounts on family fun!

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