Playroom Organization Tips You Needed Yesterday

Many parents say if there is one room they wish they could have in their home, it would be a playroom. It is a wonderful place to keep toys, books, and art tools, so the rest of the house remains clean. The key to a chaotic free playroom is organization. 

Twin Cities Kids Club explores essential organization tips to minimize clutter and mess in your playroom in this post. 

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We know parents, kids, and cleaning up messes. We also know just about every parent would love their children to be more organized.Opens in a new tab. We have help on all fronts. Here are the playroom organization tips you needed yesterday. 

playroom organization

The Absolute Best Toy Storage Ideas

If you have little kids, then soft storage baskets can be a fantastic organization idea. Soft storage baskets are safe; children will not hurt themselves when pulling out toys or putting them away. 

Investing in kid-friendly shelving if you have space will help with the organization of your playroom. Bonus if they are shelves that have cubbies built-in. Shelves are perfect for storing larger toys such as stuffed animals or mega-trucks. 

A great toy tip is to rotate toys seasonally. If you keep toys stored away in another location such as a garage or attic, you can bring them into a playroom rotation. Kids love it because it is like having a brand new toy. 

Toy rotation is also a great way to know it’s time to donate to Goodwill. If you find the kids are no longer interested in the toy once brought out, you know it’s time to get rid of it. It is an excellent organization trick. 

Another organization tool is to use seating that doubles as storage. Ottomans are a perfect piece of furniture for this. It also gives you somewhere to sit if you are supervising or creating art with your children in the playroom. 

Never hesitate to display your children’s artwork in the playroom. It will add color and design to bare walls. One organization tip is to use pant hangers to display artwork. Change regularly to keep displays fresh. Your children will notice the effort. 

You may also want to consider foam flooring for the playroom. Foam flooring is soft, durable, and makes a great surface for trains and blocks. It is also easy to clean up, which can save hours of work.  

The SpruceOpens in a new tab. has some fantastic tips, as well.

playroom organization

How to Look for Storage Pieces Kids Will Use

Many organization experts pin suggested storage containers and bins on Pinterest. It is a great place to go for both organization ideas and links to recommended pieces. 

Ikea is an organization expert’s dream. You can find great pieces such as vertical shelving for a very reasonable price. You can also find great decoration pieces, such as colorful pillows and wall art. Ikea is also the best place to pick up bookshelves that are reasonably priced and do the job. Do not forget bins for the bookshelf. 

Over the door storage bags from Target are also great organization pieces that children will use, so long as they can reach the pockets. Storage bags are perfect for barbies and her accessories. If children cannot reach the pockets, you can still use door space for a chalkboard or calendar which kids love. 

Target is great for organization pieces. You may want to pick up a rolling cart, or several. Rolling carts are perfect for art supplies. It is a great way to use vertical storage if you need to save space within the room. 

If you are looking for cheap storage bins, try The Dollar Tree. Look for bins or shoebox-sized containers. Clear containers are an excellent choice so kids can see what is inside before dumping it all out. 

The dollar tree is also a great place to find decorations for your playroom. Swap them out seasonally based on the time of year and the nearest holiday. Your kids may look forward to putting away the old decorations and bringing out the new with each passing holiday. 

Throw Out Perfection in Your Playroom

Many parents spend time labeling bins and storage containers for organization. Another popular idea is to take pictures to put on the outside, so children know where the toys belong. Pictures and labeling can be time-consuming and sometimes complicated for children to understand. 

You can save yourself the headache by leaving labels out of the playroom. You then do not have to worry about label updates and children putting toys away in the wrong bin. It may be easier to have categories of bins and baskets that leave out specifics. 

By leaving out specifics, the playroom remains a place where children can have fun, express creativity, and learn to play. Leave out the stress on yourself and your child by allowing it to be a place where a toy can be out of place. 

It may help to have a big pick up every one to two days rather than regular gathering throughout the day. It actually may help with the organization of the room. Many kids love showing off a clean room and feel great once it is all complete. If you find putting toys away right after use is not working for your family, you may want to try this technique.

playroom organization  

Go Out and Enjoy Your Day

Once the playroom is tidy and picked up, you will be free to take the kids out for a fun activity as a reward. Twin Cities Kids Club is the perfect place for new, creative, free ideas for your family.

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