Pink or Blue? Planning the Perfect Gender Reveal Party

The miracle of childbirth is full of mystery and wonder. Pregnancy is an exciting and terrifying time. Each new milestone brings with it a brand new range of emotions and feelings of joy. 

One of the biggest and most exciting moments in any pregnancy is when the expectant couple discovers the sex of their incoming bundle of joy. Why not add a little pomp and circumstance to this momentous occasion with a gender reveal party. 

As the expectant couple quickly figures out, when you are pregnant, your friends and family are always looking for ways to be involved. This new life brings everyone together. 

What better way to spend that time together in a fun and productive way than a party? If you are hoping to throw a gender reveal party that your friends and family will never forget, have we got some tips for you. 

At Twin Cities Kids ClubOpens in a new tab., we love any excuse to party. We can think of few better reasons to come together in celebration than the delight of new life. When you are planning a gender reveal party, don’t forget to follow these simple guidelines. 

Your party will be one that none will soon forget. 

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First Things First

Before you can schedule a gender reveal party, there must be a gender to reveal. The trick is obtaining that information without spoiling it for yourself. 

You can achieve this task more easily than you might think. When you are with the sonographer, he or she will ask you if you want to know the sex of your baby. Inform him or her that you would like the gender written down on a piece of paper and sealed inside an envelope. 

Even the most skilled sonographers will be unable to tell the sex of your new baby until 20 weeks, at the earliest. There are no guarantees, however.   

Occasionally, the gender of the baby will be unclear at your 20-week appointment. Don’t count on your gender reveal party at that point. You may not know the gender, and you will have to reschedule. 

Once you have that envelope full of mystery in your hands, it is time to plan the perfect party.

Boy or girl cake and different treats for baby shower party on table outdoors.

Theme Time

The most straightforward and obvious theme is Pink and Blue. Think pink and blue cocktails, cups, napkins, and pink and blue themed party games. 

You can even divide your guests into the pink team and the blue team. Have the two teams compete in the party games and award a prize to the winner. 

If you are looking for something a little bit more exciting, you have a plethora of options. Here we have just a few of them-

  • What Will It Bee?- incorporate bees into your party games and decorations
  • Quarterback or Cheerleader
  • Touchdowns or Tutus
  • Bow or Bowties
  • Pirates or Mermaids
  • Mustaches or Lipstick
  • Senor or Senorita

Incorporate your theme into every part of your party. From the invitations to the food, to the games and decorations, carry that theme throughout. 

You can always build your party theme around the season. Think winter wonderland or summer sunshine- you can even choose the bids and the bees (wink, wink).

This will be your party, though, choose a theme that suits the personalities of you and your partner. Uniqueness in the theme will lead to a more memorable party. 

Outdoor Pink and Blue Gender Reveal Party Decoration: Pink and blue, girl or boy, outdoor gender reveal party decoration and party favorites.

Choose The Date

To give your guest enough time to plan and prepare, try to send the invitations out at least 4 to 6 weeks in advance. For inspiration, check out PinterestOpens in a new tab., EtsyOpens in a new tab., or InstagramOpens in a new tab..

If you are worried about paper waste, you can always send out electronic e-vites. To better cover all your bases, your invitations should include a brief introduction to the concept of a gender reveal party. 

Some people might not know what a gender reveal party entails. That brief explanation will help unindoctrinated guests feel more comfortable. 

gender reveal decorations

Drumroll, Please

When you are planning your party, the essential part is the actual reveal. Let’s briefly discuss a few of the most popular ones. Use them to draw inspiration.

Balloon Pop

Choose someone you trust. Let them see the gender. Once they know the sex of the baby, have them fill an opaque balloon with either pink or blue confetti. 

During the big moment, when you pop the balloon, you will be presented with a flurry of color-coordinated confetti. 

Ballon Box

This reveal takes its inspiration from a releasing of doves. Fill a box with pink or blue helium-filled balloons. For the revealing moment, open the box and release the gender.

Gender Reveal Pinata

DIY or buy a pinata and fill it with pink or blue candy and prizes. This method is ideal because it relies on the participation of all your guests. Everyone will have fun and get a treat in the end. 

Gender Reveal Cake

Kill two birds with one stone. No party is complete without a cake. Have your cake pull double duty as a focal point, and gender reveal device. 

Pass the Package

Combine the fun and excitement of musical chairs with your reveal. Choose your favorite pink or blue baby paraphernalia and wrap it in many layers of wrapping paper. 

Play your favorite music and pass the present. Sporadically stop the music and have the person stuck with the box peel off one layer. Repeat the process until your guests reveal the gender. 

You need to decide ahead of time if you want to be surprised alongside your guests. If you wish to be surprised, choose your secret-keeper with care. After all, loose lips sink ships. 

gender reveal box

Leave a Lasting Impression

Send your guests off with a little keepsake. Stick with the theme and coordinate your party favor. Consider buying or baking themed cookies. How about making your own flavored popcorn and attaching a card that says, “Ready to Pop!” 

Candles are always a good party favor or even a personalized mug. Remember, the more personal the gift, the more memorable. 

Most importantly, remember that your gender reveal party should be fun. Try to stress or overthink and just enjoy these last few days before your new bundle of joy arrives. 

As you’re looking ahead to bringing home your baby and raising your sweet kiddo, check out our many articles, including this one on dealing with the terrible twosOpens in a new tab..

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