New Foods to Try at the MN State Fair in 2019

One of the best parts of summer is the chance to attend the Great Minnesota Get Together with the whole family. Twin Cities Kids ClubOpens in a new tab. always encourages kids and parents to experience new things together. 

The 2019 Minnesota State FairOpens in a new tab. runs from August 22 to September 2. As always, it has just as many fun attractions for children as it does for adults. 

Kids will love to see baby animals at the Miracle of Birth Center, clap along to a live concert or jet down the Giant Slide a time or two. 

Just make sure you do all your carnival rides BEFORE you sample any of the nearly 500 (!) food items for sale throughout the fairgrounds. 

You’ve probably already had a bite of the deep-fried candy bars, Pronto Pups, and Sweet Martha’s Cookies – but there are tons of exciting new foods to be tried this year. And no, not ALL of them are on a stick. 

Check out this list of MN state fair new foods that are begging to be sampled. 

A young boy and girl enjoying a snow cone at the fair



What do you get when you combine the decadence of a carnival mini-donuts and the caffeinated boost of coffee? A mini-donut latte from Anchor House Coffee! The drink is made with whole milk, quality espresso shots and, of course, topped with cinnamon and sugar. 

Parents bringing young children might want to visit the Fair early in the day to avoid extreme heat. If that’s your plan, this latte would be perfect for sipping throughout the morning. 

Where to find it: Anchor Coffee House on the West side of Underwood Street between Carnes & Judson. 


It’s super important to stay hydrated during your trip to the State Fair, as all that walking and the hot sun can catch up to you quickly. Cool down and drink up with a pink lemonade infused with fresh lavender leaves. 

Where to find it: Farmers Union Coffee Shop, located on the north side of Dan Patch Avenue between Cooper & Cosgrove. 


It wouldn’t be a trip to the State Fair without at least one fried food! These shrimp and grits fritters are gluten-free balls of aged cheese, shrimp, onions and creole spices served with a side of aioli.  

Where to find it: At Funky Grits, located at the east wall of the Food Building.

Silhouettes of carnival rides under sunset


Waffle lovers will go ga-ga over these new sweet and savory Nordic Waffle varieties. 

The Pebbles & Bam Bam Waffle is stuffed with gooey peanut butter cups, and fruity cereal and it looks absolutely decadent. Make sure to grab plenty of napkins because this one will be messy to eat (but worth it). 

The Al Pastor Waffle is a Mexican-style mashup that is very intriguing. It pairs the traditional waffle with marinated pork, cilantro, pineapple, onions and salsa verde. 

Where to find it: At Nordic Waffles in the southwest section of the West End Market. 


The halo cone is an updated take on a carnival classic. It has a base of pastel pink cotton candy swirled around a small mountain of blue raspberry ice cream, topped with candy and sprinkles. 

This treat is probably the most Instagrammable item on the new food menu, so make sure to snap a cute pic before it gets destroyed!

Where to find it: At Rainbow Ice Cream, located in the Grandstand, upper level, east section near the stairs tower. 


Yet another food-on-a-stick that we can’t wait to try. This hot new item consists of a large pickled stuffed with bratwurst, dipped in batter and deep-fried to perfection.

The dilly dog looks like it’d be easy for kids to eat and not too messy – just make sure it’s cooled down a bit after the fryer bath.  

Where to find it: At Swine & Spuds, on the east side of the Warner Coliseum. 


Exposing your kids to new flavors is always fun, and helps them to develop their palates. They’ve probably had tacos before, but not quite like this! Carnitas (roasted pork) is topped with an Asian-inspired sauce, cabbage, and queso fresco and served in an innovative deep-fried tortilla cone. 

Where to find it: San Felipe Tacos, located at the east wall of the Food Building.

Traditional Carousel amusement ride found at old fashioned fairgrounds


Cookies aren’t new at the state fair, but Kora’s Cookie Dough stand is! They are serving five flavors of cookie dough on a stick:

  • Classic chocolate chip
  • Grandma’s sugar cookie (vegan)
  • Monster cookie
  • Reese’s peanut butter
  • Oreo fudge

All of the dough flavors can be dipped in chocolate, white chocolate, peanut butter or butterscotch chips and rolled in sprinkles or peanuts.

Where to find it: Located on the south side of Dan Patch Avenue between Cooper & Cosgrove. 


This sweet treat is so darn cute and perfectly sized for little hands and mouths. This sundae features a mini waffle topped with Minnesota’s famous Izzy’s ice cream, maple syrup, and a Maraschino cherry crown. 

Where to find it: At Hamline Church Dining Hall on the north side of Dan Patch Avenue between Underwood & Cooper. 


These are not your average donuts. The Wingwalker Donut Flight includes deep-fried cake donut holes that you can inject with gooey goodness. The flight comes with three syringes filled with Bavarian cream, chocolate custard, and Minnesota lingonberry jam. 

Where to find it: At The Hangar, located at the North End, southwest section.


A serving of fresh strawberries topped with whipped cream is a nice break from the heavy fried foods that abound at the Fair. You can also nab a refreshing strawberry-flavored iced tea. 

Where to find it: Located on the southwest corner of Randall Avenue & Underwood.

woman buying cotton candy at fair

We hope you find this list helpful as you plan your trip to the Minnesota State Fair. No matter what you eat, it’s sure to be a fun and memorable time with the family! 

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