Plan Ahead for Summer Camps: Nature Camps

The benefits of summer camp are multifaceted. Summer camps, especially summer nature camps, are incredibly beneficial for kids. 

When children go off to camp, they build lasting friendships and learn new skills. On top of that, kids can develop essential life skills. These skills and talents can be crucial as your kids grow into adults. 

More than just a place to spend the hours between school sessions, summer nature camps afford your kids with many opportunities to increase crucially essential life skills. At Twin Cities Kids ClubOpens in a new tab., we are huge fans of summer camp. 

Let’s go over a few of the reasons why we love them so much-

Group of kids walk one after another over big log in the forest during nature orientation summer school trip game

Learning Life Skills

For modern kids, there is a considerable gap between the skills and knowledge to be discovered in the classroom and the skills and knowledge they need to be successful adults. A few of these skills and attributes include-

  • Communication
  • Collaboration
  • Creativity
  • Leadership
  • Socialization
  • Problem-solving

The best thing about summer camp is that your kids are learning and growing these skills, and they usually don’t even realize it’s happening. 

While at camps, kids need to communicate with other campers and camp counselors. They are also often faced with situations that require them to step into a leadership role. 

Campers are also forced to navigate the social waters of their camp on their own. They also must solve any problems that arise with little or no adult input. 

Most camps provide campers with various creative outlets. Campers can participate in art, music, cooking, and other creative activities. 

Real-Life Education for the Whole Child

Any teacher will tell you that there is more to education than good grades and test-taking. At camp, your child will benefit from a robust social education. 

Your child will try new activities and face new challenges. Every success your child experiences will help to build his or her self-esteem. 

Through these challenges, your child will also build social and problem-solving skills that they will need to become successful pieces of their future communities and work environments. Each day at camp is a new opportunity for your child to learn and grow. 

Little children sitting on wooden pier. Summer camp

Unplug for Technology

According to NPR, children under 8 spend an average of 2 and a half hoursOpens in a new tab. a day in front of a screen. This means that children are spending less time outdoors and less time socializing than their parents before them. 

Many summer camps employ a zero technology policy. This typically includes-

  • TV
  • Smartphones
  • Tablets
  • Laptops

Nature camps provide your kids with a valuable opportunity to unplug from the web and go off the grid for a few hours a day. 

Valuable Social and Emotional Development Time

Most parents and kids don’t truly understand the importance of playtime for a child’s development. Modern families are so busy juggling school, homework, family time, and extracurricular activities that time to play falls by the wayside. 

Children need time to play, free and unobstructed, in order to develop into healthy and well-adjusted adults. Summer camps, and especially summer nature camps, provide children with ample outdoor playtime.

This time to play can help children learn to manage stress, develop healthy emotional outlets, and provide chances for social development. 

The Chance for Reinvention

Most children spend school year after school year with the same bunch of kids. Inevitably, this repetition leads to the formation of cliques. Your child will often be forced to live with the “label” given to him or her by his or her peers. 

Because of this, many children feel stuck in a role that may not fit. They may believe they need to be severe and studious when they really want to be loud and outgoing. 

Summer camps can provide your child with a chance to break out of their shell. They will be able to break the mold they are forced to live in and try out different facets of their personalities. 

They will be able to build confidence while trying out new and fun experiences. 

Camps Promote Independence…

Summer camps, especially sleepover summer camps, are an excellent opportunity for your child to foster his or her sense of independence. The loose structure of the camp inevitably leads to informal learning. 

Kids are able to pick up and adapt life skills without the formal arrangement of a classroom setting. Your child will be able to learn how to be more independent in a safe environment. 

Any periods of separation from parents or teachers allow a child the chance to think independently. This time will help your child build higher levels of self-esteem. 

Group of friends exploring nature

…While Also Fostering Teamwork

A crucial part of growing up is learning how to function as part of a team successfully. Campers will spend time learning to work together with people who have different personality types. 

Often, those personality types are opposite to and incompatible with your child’s personality type. A camp is a safe place where your kids can work out the best ways to deal with and interact with people with whom they don’t naturally get along. 

Camps Promote Active Learning

Active learning is different than the standard, passive learning students experience in a traditional classroom setting. Generally, students perform better when they participate in or interact with the learning process instead of passively absorbing the information. 

Camps provide children with a chance to learn through direct personal experience. Some such activities include-

  • Hiking
  • Biking
  • Climbing
  • Scuba Diving
  • Star-gazing
  • Bird-watching
  • Swimming
  • Team Sports
  • And many more!

What Camps are Available?

If you are looking for a nature or adventure camp in the area, there are many to choose from. A few options are:

A group of small school children with teacher on field trip in nature, learning science.

Develop a Relationship with Nature

A healthy sense of respect for nature and the environment is essential for a citizen of the world today. Any chance you have to give your child a love for the great outdoors is a good thing. 

Summer nature camps allow your children to learn respect, appreciation, and enjoyment in nature. They will learn why sustainability is crucial for the future of our planet. 

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