Must-Have Books: I Love You More by Logan Phillips

As parents, we are no strangers to kids’ books. Most families have a substantial collection of kids and family books on their shelves (or strewn on the floor or in your car or under the couch…) 

Chances are, you don’t have I Love You MoreOpens in a new tab., by Logan Phillips, as illustrated by Robert Deppa and Kaylee Meyers. But you should.

This is a new children’s book that is sure to become a family favorite. At Twin Cities Kids Club, we seriously love this book and the inviting illustrations. It is a regular in the rotation of the books we read to our kids at home.

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What is I Love You More?

I Love You  MoreOpens in a new tab. is a children’s book about how much a dad loves his kids. Reading through the book, you will hear fun and engaging analogies. Some are so silly your kids might fall over laughing.

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The illustrations are bright and colorful. The illustrators did a fantastic job weaving themes and characters throughout the book. Each page jumps out at you and beckons you to keep reading.

What better way to tell your children how much you love them than by comparing your love to rhinoceros poo? But seriously, you will find yourself laughing right along with your kids as you read through this fantastic book.

At the heart of the book, however, is love. And this book is unique in that it goes beyond just parental love. 

One of the purposes of this book is to raise awareness for fallen service members and their families. In fact, the author and one of the illustrators are active duty majors in the Army. Both of them wanted to instill in their children the importance of sacrifice and that our time here should not be taken for granted.

Their children are growing up in a world where nothing is certain. Dad often misses holidays, birthdays, sporting events, recitals, and more because of their commitment to the Army.

Both the author and illustrator know the aching feeling of loss too well when a friend and comrade is taken too soon.

In fact, the idea for this book came to the author when he took his sons to visit the cemetery at West Point one Memorial Day weekend. The idea was to teach his sons why we have Memorial Day and tell them about his friends buried there.

Logan Phillips was unprepared for what would happen.

While there, Phillips says the cold, marble headstones affected him, even years after his friends’ deaths. It was so emotional he began to sob. He describes it as though a “long-forgotten sorrow dislodged from deep within his chest.”

Phillips and his boys sat for an hour laughing and crying after regaining himself as he told them stories of his departed friends. On the walk home, his boys tried to cheer him up.

If you know young boys, you know they can be some of the silliest things alive. The father and sons took turns telling each other how much they loved the others. Each iteration got more outlandish, but they all returned home happy.

That night as his boys slept peacefully and safely, Logan Phillips penned this remarkable book based on all the ways his sons tried to cheer him up. His thoughts turned to all of the fallen service members who died leaving their children behind, and for those who never got the chance to experience fatherhood.

Phillips felt a great sadness that so many would miss out on this amazing journey of being a dad. Yet, he was so thankful for what he had, and he did not want to take it for granted.

Most parents can relate to the roller coaster of emotions that make up parenting. We can be overwhelmingly happy and joyful one moment and then in the depths of sadness and worry another. We can all appreciate the journey, and this book is an excellent reminder.

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Meet the Author

Logan Phillips grew up an Army brat himself. He attended West Point, where he met his wife, Anita. They married and have two sons of their own now. Both Logan and Anita are active duty majors in the Army and have been stationed at West Point for a couple of years.

When asked what his favorite book growing up was, he said he was always enchanted by Shel Silverstein and Love You Forever, by Robert Munsch. It’s no wonder the first book Phillips would write would be an homage to both: silly and creative words with an emotional and meaningful undertone.

His favorite part of his own book is the end. After you put all of the silliness aside, including koalas fighting and a George Washington frog crossing the Delaware, you are left with a deep and abiding love between a father and his child. 

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Meet the Illustrators

When Logan Phillips finished writing this book, he turned to classmate and friend Robert Deppa for the illustrations. Logan knew Robert loved art and loved painting. Plus, Robert had four children of his own and appreciated the book and the purpose behind it.

Robert grew up in Portland, Oregon, and has always loved art. He attended West Point and has served in the Army for more than ten years. Today, he is a major stationed at Fort Leavenworth. He and his wife, Jennifer, have four active and crazy kids. Each one of them loves the book!

Robert’s favorite children’s book growing up was almost anything by Dr. Seuss. His kids love when he reads Hop on Pop (of course), and he has all of Oh, The Places You’ll Go memorized. He remembers his mom got them just about every Berenstain Bears book there was; she still has her collection today.

Supporting fellow military families is close to Robert’s heart. He jumped at the chance to work on this project and support the families of his fallen classmates and all service members. Robert based the ideas for his illustrations on Logan’s words and truly enjoyed bringing them to life.

Robert recruited his sister-in-law, Kaylee Myers, who is an accomplished artist. Kaylee grew up in California and currently lives in Las Vegas with her husband. Kaylee read Phillip’s writing and fell in love. She loved how warm yet hilarious the conversation between father and child was and felt families everywhere could relate.

Kaylee joined the project intending to add color, text placement, and background elements to Robert’s designs. She loved the collaborative aspect of the work, and she enjoyed getting to blend their styles.

Kaylee says her favorite book growing up was Goodnight Moon. She was drawn to the details in the pictures. She followed this example as she and Rob illustrated I Love You MoreOpens in a new tab..

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Why You Should Buy a Copy

The first reason you should buy this book is that your kids (and you!) will love it. It is fun and creative, and your kids will giggle through the entire thing. 

However, perhaps the most important reason to buy this book is that it supports the families of fallen soldiers. A classmate of Logan and Rob, Tim Steele, was killed in action and left behind a baby girl. 

Unfortunately, this is just one example of more than we can begin to describe.

The military community is one-of-a-kind. It rallies around its members and supports each other, whatever the circumstances. Still, too many children endure the pain of growing up with the loss of a parent. Logan, Robert, and Kaylee wanted to do something to support these families and remind them they are loved and cared for.

Buy your copy of I Love You MoreOpens in a new tab. today and support the cause.

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