Tips For a Kid-Friendly At-Home Spa Day

Are you looking for a fun, inexpensive idea for the weekend? Why not consider hosting an at-home spa day for kids! Pamper the whole family while creating lasting memories that will be sure to be an enjoyable experience for all of you. 

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at home spa day for kids

Tips For a Kid-Friendly At-Home Spa Day

In this article, we will give you ideas for creating a budget-friendly spa day at your home. It is a perfect way to spend a few hours as your children will enjoy the creativity, and you will love the opportunity to bond with them. We will review supplies and the perfect way to set up the experience for your family.


Start by creating an invitation asking your children to come to the spa. You can find many templates for invitations on-line or feel free to create your own. One idea is to use spa themed clip-art on the invites such as nail polish or face masks. Tell them to wear special pajamas or a robe to make it feel like a real spa. Don’t forget your slippers! 

You can also create a welcome sign and put it over your bathroom or “spa” suite. It’s fun to make it a surprise, so your children have no idea what they might find behind the door. 


Download some kid-friendly relaxing music to play during your at-home spa day. Music can easily be found on iTunes or Spotify. It will create the perfect, zen-like atmosphere for the experience.

Consider decorating with flameless candles and flowers. Wild-flower bouquets can be found either at the grocery store or local farmer’s markets. If you want to be creative, you can purchase paper lanterns or a little confetti at a party store. 

Food and Drinks

Offer up some spa themed beverages for the kids to enjoy. One idea might be to serve chilled cucumber or berry-infused water. Iced or warm sweetened tea may be an idea, and you can always purchase decaffeinated if that is a concern. 

Cut out peanut butter and jelly sandwiches or cucumber sandwiches can make a creative snack or lunch during your at-home spa day. Serve on themed plates if you have access or use individual small plates from the cabinet. They will have so much fun with finger food!

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at home spa day for kids

Pedicure Station

Make a pedicure station for your children to enjoy. Fill up basins with warm water. Add a little Epsom salt to make it relaxing. You can even add bubbles or flower petals to make them feel special! 

Have a selection of nail polish available for them. Kids love sparkles and glitter, so don’t forget that as a choice if you have it available. Also include clippers, a nail buff, and cuticle oil if you have some at home. You can also purchase some exfoliating scrub or soft scented lotion to rub on their legs like they do at the nail salon.


Allow them to use a facial mask during their at-home spa day. You can make one naturally out of avocado, oatmeal, or honey. You may also use one you already have at home. Cut up some cucumbers they can use while their masks set to help rest their tired eyes. 

Make some fluffy rolled-up wash clothes or towels available for after the masks are removed. Include some lavender essential oil to be added to a face moisturizer to create a relaxing scent that is also safe and kid-friendly. 

If you have a jade roller, allow them to use it on their faces after their facials. It is a fun way for them to pretend they are adults, keeping it safe and enjoyable.

Hair Treatment

Consider purchasing a conditioning treatment or hair mask for your spa day. If you are on a tight budget, you can make one using products in the home you may have on hand already. Try not to worry about the mess and allow for the kiddos to enjoy the experience. 

Give them a proper wash and scalp massage, just like they do at the salon. The kids will enjoy the loving touch and feel beautiful, just like when you have someone pampering you. 

Tub Soak

Allow them to have a relaxing bath that is kid-friendly for the spa day. Make it a little different than their everyday bathroom by adding Epsom salts, essential oils, or flower petals to the water. 

Make or purchase some bath bombs that are special for them to use just for the spa day. It is sure to leave them feeling pampered.

at home spa day for kids

Savor the Memories

It is a fun idea to take some selfies during your kid-friendly at home spa-day. Taking pictures of the day can give others ideas on how to do it themselves. Your kids will also enjoy looking at the photos to remember the experience. 

It is amusing to look back on the photos of themselves in masks or with the cucumbers over their eyes. They will have plenty to giggle about for many weeks to come after! 

Fun after the Spa

Remember to sign up for your free Twin Cities Kids ClubOpens in a new tab. membership to find an experience to enjoy after the family is relaxed and in bright spirits. You will be comfortable and ready to enjoy the rest of the day stress-free. 

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