20 Ideas of Scary Halloween Crafts to Do With Your Kids

With spooky decorations, scary costumes, and festive traditions, Halloween remains one of the most exciting times for kids. This year, you can make it extra special for your little ones with a few handmade crafts that they can attempt in their free time, and we’ll help you!

We’ve made a list of 20 fun Halloween crafts that’ll put your kids in a joyful mood and keep them busy for a while. So grab your crafting supplies, and jump in!

1. Mason Jar Pumpkin

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Stay on top of your Halloween decorations game this year with mason jar pumpkins. Your kids only need mason jars, orange tissue paper, black construction paper, and glue to make these scary-looking crafts. And for a final spooky touch, you can add small LED candles inside the jars.

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2. Coffee Filter Ghost Lollipops

Instead of giving out regular candy this year, impress the little trick-or-treaters with ghost lollipops. With the help of your kids, you can make them using coffee filters and rubber bands. And the best part? They’ll take you no time and will get your little ones more excited for the spooky season.

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3. Paper Plate Wreath

Top off this year’s Halloween decorations with a paper plate wreath for your front door. It’s easy enough for your kids to make on their own and will add to the spooky aesthetic around your house.

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4. Hanging Bat

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Using toilet paper rolls, pipe cleaners, and construction paper, you and your kids can craft hanging bats. They’ll look cute hanging from any fake flowers around our house and won’t cause much of a mess during crafting.

Go to Buggy and BuddyOpens in a new tab. to learn how to make hanging bats.

5. Pom-Pom Spiders

Scattering these pom-pom spiders around your house will add to the spooky Halloween vibes. To make them, you’ll only need black pom poms, googly eyes, tacky glue, and pipe cleaners. And as a final decorative touch, you can use craft beads to make them more colorful.

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6. Neon Mason Jar Mummies

Add a splash of color to your scary decorations and make these easy neon mason jar mummies with your kids. They’re ideal decorations for a Halloween party and won’t take you much time or effort to finish.

Learn how to make mason jar mummies on Kids CraftroomOpens in a new tab..

7. Yarn Pumpkins

Looking for fun Halloween craft ideas that’ll look elegant around your house? Take a quick trip to your local craft store, buy some supplies, and make these yarn pumpkins. And for a realistic effect, you can add a small stem to each pumpkin using a green pipe cleaner. They’re so much fun to craft and will send your kids over the moon.

Check the tutorial for yarn pumpkins on One Little ProjectOpens in a new tab..

8. Halloween Rock Magnets

These rock magnets are one of the best Halloween crafts on our list because of how easy and fun they are to make. You won’t need more than a few polished rocks, magnets, hot glue, and paint to craft them.

Go to This Heart of MineOpens in a new tab. to learn how to make rock magnets.

9. Egg Carton Bat Crafts

This egg carton bat is a perfect Halloween craft for first and second graders. Under your supervision, your kid will paint a three-egg carton with black spray paint and add googly eyes. Later, you can use these carton bats as decorations or let your little one send them out as gifts to their friends.

Learn how to make egg carton bat crafts on Crafts by CourtneyOpens in a new tab..

10. Craft Stick Monsters

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Do you collect ice cream craft sticks? If so, it’s time to put them to good use with this fun project. Your kids can use them to make easy Halloween crafts in the shape of cute-looking monsters. Then, you can either use them as decorations or give them to trick-or-treaters.

Check the full tutorial for craft stick monsters on Our Kid ThingsOpens in a new tab..

11. Pine Cone Pumpkin Crafts

These pine cone pumpkins are one of the easiest Halloween crafts for kids on our list. The little ones will paint mini pumpkins on the pine cones using green and orange acrylic paint. Then, you can scatter them around to add to the Halloween spirit around your place.

Get the instructions for pine cone pumpkins on Fire, Flies, and MudpiesOpens in a new tab..

12. Paper Plate Vampire

All the kids love vampires, and you can use this to your advantage while brainstorming for Halloween craft ideas. In this project, your children will use paper plates and a dash of creativity to craft scary-looking vampires. They’re easy to make, won’t take much time, and will add to the spooky vibes in your house.

Learn how to make paper plate vampires on Artsy MommaOpens in a new tab..

13. Yarn Pumpkin Garland

Adorn your kid’s room wall with this cute pumpkin garland made from yarn. It might be too challenging for preschoolers, but older kids can join in on the fun without an issue. As a bonus point, this garland also works as a necklace because of its small size.

Go to Raising WhasiansOpens in a new tab. to learn how to make a pumpkin garland.

14. Paper Cup Halloween Crafts

Do you have an upcoming Halloween party and want budget-friendly decorations? Make these paper cup Halloween crafts with the help of your kids. There are many ideas they can try out, and they’re all equally easy and fun to make.

Check the tutorial for these cute crafts on Non-Toy GiftsOpens in a new tab..

15. Puffy Ghost Crafts

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These puffy ghost crafts are the perfect balance between spookiness and cuteness. They’re insanely easy to make using cotton balls, cardstock paper, construction paper, and glue. After you finish making them, you can hang them around your patio for all the little kids around your neighborhood to see.

Learn how to make puffy ghosts on Thriving HomeOpens in a new tab..

16. Halloween Flower Pots

Do you want your kids to make nature-based Halloween crafts? Encourage them to paint scary monsters on terracotta pots and then plant a flower inside them. By the time Halloween comes, the plants will have grown a bit, and your kids will be ecstatic about the results.

Look at the instructions to make Halloween flower pots on First Day of HomeOpens in a new tab..

17. Yarn Ball Pumpkin Wreath

Using orange yarn balls and a foam wreath form, you and your kids can craft a fun-looking Halloween wreath. It’ll make for a festive addition to this year’s decorations, and you can hang it on your front door to impress the trick-or-treaters.

Get the tutorial for this wreath on 7oo N CottageOpens in a new tab..

18. Halloween Pop-Up Cards

These pop-up cards will make your Halloween party the talk of the hour. You can craft them with your little ones and give them to guests as party favors. And the best part? You have endless design ideas to try out.

Go to Red Ted ArtOpens in a new tab. to learn how to make these pop-up cards.

19. Origami Ghost Garland

Origami is an enjoyable form of art, and you can introduce your kids to it through a fun Halloween craft like this one. They’ll make many mini ghosts out of white paper and connect them using a string to make a garland. However, it’s fair to warn you that Origami isn’t easy for little kids, so they’ll need your help.

Check the instructions for this garland on Red Ted ArtOpens in a new tab..

20. Pumpkin Pinata

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Your kids will have the time of their lives trying to smash this candy-filled pumpkin pinata. It’ll take some time and effort to craft, but you’ll give your little ones an unforgettable Halloween experience.

Learn how to make a pinata on Blissfully DomesticOpens in a new tab..

To Wrap Up

Halloween is all about scary decorations and fun times, and you can combine the two and make easy Halloween crafts with your kids this year. They’ll add to the festive vibes around your house and get your little ones more excited for the spooky season.

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