The Best Gifts That are Not Toys

As a parent, there are many reasons why you may want to consider gifts that are not toys. You may know that children value experiences over material items. Or you are limiting clutter or perhaps on a tight budget. 

Twin Cities Kids Club has you covered on the best gifts, not toys. Be in the know with local events, parenting tips, and entertainment for the family by signing up for our free membership cardOpens in a new tab.

The Twin Cities Kids Club membership is free, giving you much at your disposal! Perks include local discounts, event calendars, and loads of fun for the entire family. If you are looking for experiences, we have you covered. 

Give an Experience

Experiences such as outings and vacations are valued more by children than toys. Too many toys can be harmful. According to Psychology TodayOpens in a new tab., “an abundance of toys present reduces the quality of play.” 

Why are experiences valuable? It gives you one on one time with your children. Whether it is a family camping trip, a Disney vacation, or just a trip to an ice cream shop, all create memories. 

Too much of anything is not good. If you are looking for gifts that are not toys, consider experiences first and foremost. 

Creative Photo Gifts

A photo album of memories from the year is a valuable gift for any child. Make it memorable by finding an album where you can write a favorite memory alongside the picture. 

Many photo websites now give the option to create unique gifts that are not toys. A favorite is a blanket. Your child can cuddle up with it every night and have a constant reminder of a particular time or person in their life.

Photo mugs are also an excellent idea that kids love. Pick out a special picture unique for your child from one of their favorite spots. Kids love having a special cup or mug that is theirs, and having an image makes it even better. 

Give a Subscription Box

School-age and teenage children love subscription boxes. They are gifts that keep on giving every month of the year. 

There are boxes for crafting, science experiments, design, and beauty, of course! You can even subscribe to a book box and encourage your children to read. It is one of our favorite gifts that are not toys. 

Museum Memberships

A museum membership is a fun gift for any child. Science and children’s museums are sure to be winners. They are gifts that pay for themselves, usually with a few visits. 

Also, they are gifts that can be used throughout the year, rain, or shine. When you aren’t sure what to do on a weekend when the weather is not ideal, you will have a paid-for membership to use. 

Pro tip: The Minnesota Children’s MuseumOpens in a new tab. is amazing!

Small Animals or Insects

Children love animals. One idea is to order a butterfly kit the whole family can enjoy. Children love watching the butterfly evolve from a caterpillar and then releasing it into nature. 

Additionally, beta fish, hermit crabs, African frogs, and even hamsters are relatively easy to care for at home. Even younger children can help care for these animals. If you do not want to invest in a large pet such as a dog or cat, small animals are fun gifts that are not toys. 

Tickets to an Event

Many children love plays and dance shows. Sports events and concerts that are child appropriate are also great options. It gives them something to look forward to and creates a fantastic memory. 

Pitch it as an idea to Grandma or Grandpa if they are looking for a gift idea. It is an excellent way for them to spend some precious time one on one with your child. 

Creative Classes

A class your child will enjoy is an excellent choice for a gift that is not toys. Enroll them in a class at the local gym, art school, dance studio, YMCA, or sports clinic. They are a lovely gift because they not only enjoy themselves but learn something too. 

Just be sure it is something you know your child would like. It will be a great success so long as it is something they want to do. 

Gift Cards

Gifts cards are always a hit, especially for older children. Give gift cards to fast food restaurants they love, movie theaters (snacks included), or a favorite ice cream shop. You can even give them their little wallet to put them in. 

Why are gift cards great gifts that are not toys? They also teach children what you can buy for your money. So there is a teaching opportunity to go along with the present. 

Recipe Cards with Ingredients

You can give your child the family recipe for chocolate chip cookies along with the ingredients. It does not have to be food. You can give them the recipe and ingredients for slime or play-dough, which kids will love. 

Be sure to create the recipe with your child. It is a beautiful memory for you and them. It may also be something to consider for a niece or nephew, then schedule some special one on one time with them. 

Sleeping Bag and Luggage

Give them a new bag to bring to grandma and grandpas. Or consider a new sleeping bag for family camping or when they visit family. It can also be fun for sleepovers at home! 

You can even include a coupon for a sleepover with a friend or cousin. It is also an excellent idea for a family member looking for unique gifts that are not toys. 


Let Twin Cities Kids Club Help You Create Memories

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