Family Guide to SeaQuest Roseville

If your family is like many, you have a resident animal lover, aka the child who loves all living things. For those families, SeaQuest RosevilleOpens in a new tab. is a dream come true.

If you haven’t had the chance to check out this incredible attraction, it’s time to put it in your calendar and do it! Everyone in your family will love it, not just the future marine biologists or zoologists.

At Twin Cities Kids Club, we have done the legwork so you can reap the benefits of insider information. We sent in a family to let us know the good, the bad, and the ugly. Join Twin Cities Kids ClubOpens in a new tab. today for access to exclusive discounts around Minneapolis and St. Paul. You won’t regret it, mainly because it is free!

What is SeaQuest Roseville?

Kids at SeaQuest Roseville

Seaquest Roseville is an interactive wildlife experience that features both land and sea critters.

At SeaQuest, you and your little explorers will get to take part in a variety of things.

You get to touch, feed, and interact with animals from five continents. There are distinct habitats as you move from room to room and view animals from that part of the world.

These habitat rooms include:

  • The Amazon Rainforest
  • Egyptian Desert
  • Denmark Farm 
  • Mayan Jungle
  • Fantasy Cave
  • Iceland
  • The Great Wall of China
  • Shark Lagoon
  • Caribbean Cove
  • Pirate Island

At the end of your experience, you can visit the SeaQuest gift shop.

Additionally, you can feed the animals and experience encounters with animals like the sloth, otters, sleeping with sharks, and snorkeling with stingrays at SeaQuest!

More details about the different types of experience encounters they offer here.

Many animals are available for interactions, such as gentle petting with two fingers down their back. The animal whisperers (AKA, the staff) in each area have different animals available throughout the day for you to experience up close.

It is important to remember that animal schedules may differ from day to day to give animals a break from guests.

What ages are welcome?

SeaQuest Roseville is a true family affair. All ages are welcome and will find delight in interacting with animals—no matter if you’re young, old, or anything in between.

What’s the cost?

Access to see all the animals is included in your admission, but you can also buy extras for your visit.

  • Children under 2 years are always FREE.
  • Child Admission: ages 2-11 $10.95 ($8.88 online)
  • Adult Admission: Ages 12 and $16.95 ($14.88 online)
  • Senior/Military: $13.95 ($11.88 online)

If you plan on visiting often, we would recommend the Annual Passport. At only $39.95 for an Annual Passport, you will pay your passport off in only a few visits, and you will have 365 days of unlimited admission. 

If you plan to visit for just a day, you can easily purchase a one day pass (Single Day Passports). However, the passes are cheaper if you buy them online, so buy themOpens in a new tab. before you go.

In addition to the entrance price, you can purchase tokens that you can use for other experiences. Trust us; you will definitely want to buy tokens for your visit.

The tokens cost $2 apiece if you buy them individually, but you can buy them in quantities up to 40 tokens for $50. Purchasing in bulk helps bring the cost down. Use the tokens throughout SeaQuest to feed the animals.

There are gumball machine-like stands in the rooms where you can use a token to purchase food for specific animals in that section. Add your token, turn the knob, out pops a plastic ball with food.

To ensure that animals don’t get overfed, there is a limited amount of food balls each day. On busier days, the balls may contain less food. While on slow days, they may have more to ensure animals are well-fed.

A Personal Experience

While our family was visiting, Norman the Sulcata Tortoise was wandering freely when they walked through the entrance of SeaQuest. He was super cool to watch and observe. It was a no-brainer that they had to use one of their tokens to feed him!

When they headed into the Mayan Jungle, they discovered an animal whisperer with a large snake out. She told them that the snake was out to get used to being handled.

They chose to stay far away from it; it was a little too large! 

The kids’ favorite attraction at SeaQuest was the aviary. 

You can enter the aviary and watch and interact with the birds at no extra cost. If you choose to use a token at this experience, the animal whisperer will give you a small scoop of bird feed to hold in your hands.

The staff will instruct you to hold your hands out so the birds fly to you and eat directly from your hands. If you have young kids, make sure they understand that they need to hold still and explain what to expect in advance so the birds and your children are comfortable.

Here’s a messy detail: You might end up with bird poop on you. Have your group check each other after walking through the aviary to avoid any yucky situations. There’s a sink at the aviary exit to wash up. It’s best to avoid spending the rest of the day with bird poop on you, even if it is considered good luck.

Need to Knows (Tips, Facts, and the Messy Details)

Here are some things to think about while planning your trip to SeaQuest Roseville.

  • You can use strollers inside of SeaQuest, but there isn’t a lot of room throughout the aisles or between attractions. We recommend not using a bulky stroller or a double stroller. A lightweight umbrella stroller would be best for maneuverability.  
  • If you plan to visit SeaQuest multiple times, buy a larger token package, and use them through multiple visits. They never expire!
  • SeaQuest is wheelchair accessible. They do have an elevator that guests can use to get down the lower level.
  • There are two unisex bathrooms downstairs on the lower level near the stingrays. One of these bathrooms has a changing table.
  • There are sinks and hand sanitizer in each different animal area. You will be expected to wash your hands after you pet, feed, or touch each animal.
  • It might be hard to find animal whisperers to be able to interact with some of the animals. With limited capacity and having been closed during the shutdown, they seem to have fewer employees.  
  • For the least crowded visit, plan for Monday-Thursday right when they open or later in the afternoon. Friday-Sunday tends to be busier, and you may have to wait longer to interact with the animals.  
  • Your admission is good for the entire day! Just save your receipt that they give you when you first arrive. You will need to show it if you plan on leaving to get lunch or give little ones a nap. You can always plan on returning later that day. 
  • Downstairs, on the bottom level, right before you exit into the gift shop, there is a concession stand with a variety of snacks that are all very reasonably priced.  
  • Overall the staff was very knowledgeable and friendly!  

Location and Hours

You can find SeaQuest Roseville inside the Rosedale Shopping Center. SeaQuest goes through two floors at the exterior of the mall.  

SeaQuest is relatively new, having opened in the Spring of 2019. With around 23,000 square feet and over 1,000 animals representing five continents, everyone will find something interesting. Plus, many of the animals are rescues, so you can feel good about supporting the organization.

If you want to walk into the SeaQuest without walking through the mall, we suggest that you park in the parking lot between JCPenney and Macy’s. You can then enter through Door A. The entrance to SeaQuest is right when you walk through those doors (Upper level) of the mall.

SeaQuest Roseville is open seven days a week!

Temporary Hours: 

  • Monday- Saturday: 11 am- 7pm 
  • Sunday: 12 pm- 5 pm

They are closed for the same holidays that Rosedale Shopping Center closes.

At Twin Cities Kids Club, we hope you’ll make the trip out to SeaQuestOpens in a new tab. and check out this awesome park. Their address is:

SeaQuest Roseville

1595 Highway 36 West, Suite 578

Roseville, MN 55113

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