Creative Energy Outlet: Find an Acting Class for Kids Near You!

Do you have a child that loves to act out a play in his bedroom in front of an audience of stuffed animals? Perhaps your daughter can recite, with full emotion and movement, every line from Disney’s Frozen movie.

If you’re asking, “where can I find acting classes for kids near me,” the good news is there are a few options in the Twin Cities that can be the ideal fit.

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Why Finding Acting Classes for Kids Near Me Is So Important

Perhaps you don’t expect your child to go on to land Broadway productions later on (but they could!). Acting classesOpens in a new tab. can be much more than just working towards those goals. Your child will have fun, learn about theater, gain insight into the world around them, and learn about themselves along the way.

There are many benefits to acting classes, including:

  • Building your child’s self-esteem
  • Encouraging your child to explore their interests
  • Helping to create good public speaking skills
  • Creating disciplined learning, skills they’ll use for years
  • Getting creative energy out
  • Opening their minds to new ideas

If you’re ready for an acting class for your child, it’s important to get to know the options in the community.

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Where Can You Find Acting Classes in the Twin Cities?

Some of the best acting classes are in small programs in schools and theater productions. Others are one-on-one experiences kids can have with skilled adults. Here are a few of the options in kids acting classes in the Twin Cities area.

Drama Interaction

Located in Victoria Recreation Center in Victoria, MN, Drama InteractionOpens in a new tab. is one of the options available. It provides adaptive theater and dance programs for children of all ages as well as all abilities. Kids do not need any experience, but this location also works with children who have more advanced skills, too.

The program is designed to be fun. Children learn about stage presence, voice and speech, and acting skills for all types of opportunities, including improvisation and comedy. There are also child and parent programs where you can attend with your child.

Stepping Stone Theatre

For those who are as young as 18 months, there are opportunities available at Stepping Stone Theatre Opens in a new tab. located in St. Paul, MN. Among the classes available, are programs for kids with all abilities. The focus of each program is on five key values, including self-advocacy, mastery, belonging, generosity, and inspiration.

There are after school programs, opportunities for preschoolers, and the Page-to-Stage program designed specifically four those age 4 to 6. Options for children up to grade 12 are available.

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Youth Performance Company 

Located in Minneapolis, Youth Performance CompanyOpens in a new tab. offers a program designed to empower young actors as well as those who love to dance and sing, to become leaders in the industry. These individuals can have a wide range of skill sets or just be starting in acting.

The Youth Performance Company puts on several different performances throughout the year. Each performance completely designed and directed within the program.

In terms of learning opportunities, there are workshops and classes for students from kindergarten through 12th grade. Some programs are designed to be a bit more challenging for students with some skills already. Others are beginner programs.

Circus Juventas 

In St. Paul, MN, Circus JuventasOpens in a new tab. offers yet another option in kids acting classes along with a lot of other performance art options. The program has over 975 students enrolled and offers over 275 classes all under a big top, in true circus form.

For students who want to learn to act, sing, dance, and perform, there are several program options, including an entry-level exploratory and recreational program for those who are as young as six. Other programs include intermediate and advanced education. Options are available for those up to the age of 21.

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Children’s Theatre Company

Another option in Minneapolis is the Children’s Theatre Company. This organization also many performances throughout the year. It’s Theatre Arts Training programs and workshops are designed to provide a studio-style learning opportunity for each individual. There are also numerous ways in which students can learn through their exploration of the arts.

This program is available through several classes throughout the year. However, it does offer a full school year-like set of classes. Children as young as those in kindergarten can enroll throughout the year, though, as they become interested.

Options in any of these acting programs range widely, and they can change at any time. It’s a fantastic reason to visit each one to find out what they can offer to you and your child.

Should You Consider Acting Classes for Your Child?

If you’re still asking, “where can I find acting classes for kids nearby,” take a moment to visit a location. Even better, head to one of the performances these organizations put on throughout the year. You will be able to see the skillset and the level of development each child has worked to build over their acting training.

It is also a good idea to meet with the staff to learn what they have to offer, including what their background is. Often, you can sneak in to watch what happens during an acting class. Since many people learn more than acting, it’s also beneficial to choose a program that offers singing, dancing, and other forms of performance art to really encourage your child to advance their abilities and interests.

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