How to Plan a COVID-Safe Birthday Party

Though we are in the middle of a pandemic, birthday celebrations are as important as ever. Birthdays are the celebration of a milestone. A birthday party gives a reason to connect with family and community. 

Children must know those around them remember the important day. Many parents are wondering how to plan a COVID-safe birthday party during this time. Twin Cities Kids Club has found some great suggestions for parents. 

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Planning a fun but COVID-safe birthday party is on the minds of many parents who still want to respect social distancing. There are many creative ideas beyond a car parade you may not have thought of before now. We highlight those ideas in this article. 

covid birthday party for kids

Virtual COVID-Safe Birthday Party: How To Make it Special

Sharing with Loved Ones Online

Many parents are arranging parties for their children via zoom, skype, or google hangouts. To keep the party from being overwhelming, experts suggest keeping it to a few friends at a time. It is best to spread out the surprise calls throughout the day. 

Guests can share a memory, poem, or show a birthday card they made for your kiddo. Children love the unexpected surprises and stories that are shared.

Creative Virtual Conference Calls

Some people have been very creative with virtual parties. 

Parents have found local businesses such as petting zoos who are offering COVID-safe parties with their pets. There are also superhero and Disney princess zoom calls that you may be able to find for your child. Other ideas include at home painting, art, or face painting parties. 

Special Memories Via Conference Call

When it’s cake time, make sure you gather your closest friends and family via conference call. Make sure everyone has their dessert, whether it be cake, cookies, or ice cream. Have the group sing happy birthday and eat dessert together. 

After eating, play a few games together before everyone has to say goodbye.

covid birthday party for kids

A Special COVID-Safe Party at Home: Creative Ideas

Decorations for a COVID-Safe Birthday

Doing something special for your child at home is a wonderful way to make it a memorable day. With a little creativity, your child will enjoy the day no matter what you do. You can decorate your front yard with huge banners, chalk messages, signs, balloons, and streamers. 

Do not just leave the decorations for the yard, rather bring them into the home. You can have family members and friends send cards and make a card bridge. Scatter balloons throughout the home or buy flowers for the special day just for your child.  Leave everything up for a few days to keep the party going. 

COVID-Safe Camping Party

Another creative idea is to have a camping party. You can even bring it indoors if the weather is not ideal. All you have to do is pitch a tent, light some candles, and bring out the flashlights to tell stories. 

You can share special memories of the birthday kiddo and move on to ghost stories after. If the weather is beautiful and you can be outside, sit around a fire while roasting marshmallows. Talk about your favorite memories from the day. Keeping the camp party for family makes it a memorable and COVID-safe birthday night. 

Video Game Night Party

Older kids might enjoy a virtual video game party. Games like Minecraft and Fortnite are popular among kids. Having a zoom video game party where a large group of kids are together at the same time can make for an awesome evening for your child. 

Children are not always great at arranging such an activity, so by contacting the parents ahead of time, you can help ensure a significant turnout. You may even be allowed to join them on the couch for a while to at least sing happy birthday. If the families of the other children are available, they may also want to join in at that time. 

covid birthday party for kids

Meal Time for a COVID-Safe Birthday Party

Don’t forget all three meals when planning a COVID-save birthday. Think about changing up your meal routine to make it unique for your child. You can feed them breakfast in bed, have a picnic in the backyard, or dinner around a campfire. 

Why not do something creative for all three meals and make it a day of adventure and excitement. Children love to feel acknowledgement throughout the day.  Cooking is also a great way for siblings to show birthday love to their brother or sister. 

covid birthday party for kids

Netflix COVID-Safe Birthday Party

Why not have a Netflix PartyOpens in a new tab. with your friends virtually? You can host a Netflix COVID-safe party. On the app, you can synchronize video playback and add group chatting. 

This makes binge-watching a social experience. Grab the popcorn, candy, and soda for a treat, and you can make it a night. Of course, the birthday child gets to choose what to watch. 

A Spa Day Home Birthday Party

Little girls especially enjoy a spa day, though everyone loves to be pampered. Give each other masks, paint manicures and pedicures, curl or style hair, even purchase some new makeup for the special day. 

You can decorate the house with spa themed decorations. Draw up some Epsom salt baths. Play relaxing music in the background and sip on some fun drinks. Don’t forget the invitations and thank you cards to make it a special event. 

covid birthday party for kids

A Twin Cities Kids Club Birthday Party

Twin Cities Kids Club posts events daily that are free for family members. If you are looking for some new ideas for a COVID-safe Birthday in the community, check out daily and weekly events. Best of all, they are free or discounted. 

Joining the Twin Cities Kids ClubOpens in a new tab. is always free. You’ll always have access to local discounts, as well as parenting tips and encouragement. We are all in this together. 

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  1. My niece’s birthday is fast approaching, which is why I’m thinking of renting a portable stage where the clown could perform. Well, since we have this whole pandemic going on, you made a pretty good point about the importance of having backyard camping because indoor events could be quite unsafe. I’ll also keep in mind to arrange a picnic in the backyard.

  2. My sister would like to plan a fun birthday party for her son, which is why she has decided to start looking for a corporate virtual magic show. Well, it’s a good thing that you shared here that it would be a great idea to zoom call some of his favorite superheroes. I’ll also keep in mind to be creative by placing huge banners and chalk messages at the said party.

  3. Good Read!!!
    A video game night party is a good idea.
    It will allow the kids to coordinate, improve multitasking skills, build a better bond, and most importantly it be fun for them. Thank you for posting!!!

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