Celebrating Dad on His Special Day

Fathers’ Day is a fantastic day to spend with your kids, your spouse, or to take the day to yourselves. You’ve given your all as a parent, a provider, a playmate, an under-the-bed-monster slayer, a boo-boo fixer, and so much more. 

We’ve got a few ideas below that are sure to make your Father’s day a delight,whether you go out, stay in, get active, or chill out in your best lawn chair. Read on to plan a day for Dad he won’t forget.

At Twin Cities Kids’ Club, our job is to help you discover activities and events that fit your family and your budget. Visit our website to join the club todayOpens in a new tab. for our latest calendar additions. Get out there and “family” on Fathers’ Day. You’ll make memories that last a lifetime with our help.

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Things to Buy

If you have an active dad on your gifting list this Fathers’ Day, try giving accessories that make getting outside more fun and functional. Give the following gifts a try for creating quality experiences he can enjoy all year:

Higher-end sunglasses.  Yes, we know gas-station shades will do the trick, but there’s nothing like taking a run, walk, or bike in the sun with comfortable eye protection that holds up in the elements and won’t slip down your nose. 

Since this is a personal comfort choice, a gift card to your local indie sunglass shop will go over well. If you know his tastes, try picking out a pair for the dad in your life and giving them paired with a cold tropical drink.  Umbrella optional.

Frozen Beer Stein. Speaking of cold drinks, how ‘bout a frozen beer stein? You pop these reusable cups in the freezer to chill the encased fluid into ice.

When Dad is ready for a frosty beer, he grabs the mug from the freezer, pours in a cold one, and presto! Frosty, fresh deliciousness signals happy hour no matter what time it is.

Grill Set. Nothing goes better with a cold beer than a hot grill and a brand new deluxe grill set. Help your household dad gain valuable “man-cred” with new tools for grilling up his next juicy steak.

A good kit will contain a couple of flippers, a long set of tongs, a grill brush, and perhaps a few other accessories. You can never go wrong with stainless steel on Fathers’ Day.

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For the Family

If dad loves spending family time on his special day, try these local favorites depending on the activities that light dad up:

  1. Minneapolis Institute of Art: This free venue is just south of downtown Minneapolis, and provides a sprawling expanse of art from many eras and genres. There’s a kids area where you and the littles can enjoy creating art of your own as a memory of the day.
  2. Theo Wirth Park: Enjoy mountain biking, hiking, disc golf, and more at this family-friendly local favorite nature playground. Visit the Eloise Butler gardens for a special touch of beauty, or hang out at the Wirth Lake beach and playground for a little fun in the sand and sun. Here are our tips for getting your kiddos in nature.
  3. If dad loves to play with the kiddos, try Highland park playground. Featuring tall spiral slides, climbing rope apparatus, roller slides, and several levels of playspace, you’ll find yourself spending hours of  carefree play. There are also hiking trails and a refreshment stand nearby to refuel after play time, or you can bring a picnic and make a whole day of it.
  4. Bike three pretty lakes in Minneapolis: An extensive and safe network of bike trails connect Lake of the Isles, Lake Bde Maka Ska, and Lake Harriet in Minneapolis. You can enjoy each lake on its own, or make a marathon experience and pedal all three loops. 

When you’re hungry and thirsty along the way, try the Tin Fish on Lake Bde Maka Ska, or the Bread and Pickle on the shore of Lake Harriet. Both feature snacks and refreshments for bikers and everyone else. Plus, there is a unique playground and bandshell on Lake Harriet where kids and dads alike love to pull over and explore.

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Kids Crafts for Dads

All parents “love” gifts their kids have made, right? But, wouldn’t it be awesome if those crafts were useful as well as heart-felt? Try these fun ideas, and get creative for dad’s gift:

  1. A six-pack of roses: Wrap up a six-pack of dad’s favorite bottled beer with gift paper, wrap each beer in pretty tissue paper, and wrap the tops with flower-themed paper, or cut out head shots of the family members to glue or tape on the bottle caps.
  2. Hand-print baseball: If the dad in your life is into sports, grab a ball from his favorite sport, and have the kids make hand prints on it with different colors of acrylic paint. Allow to dry overnight, and then wrap it up with a bow or in a box the kids decorated.
  3. Home-made steak seasoning: Help Dad shine at the grill with a custom-made batch of his own signature steak seasoning. Use the spices you have in the kitchen, Google up a dry-rub recipe that looks delicious, and make several batches to keep him spicey at the grill for the rest of the summer.
  4. Make dad a fantastic breakfast with a few “extras”: If you normally have pancakes on the weekends, this might be the day you go all out with your flapjacks. 

Think whipped cream, chocolate chips, fresh fruit, or an extra batch of crispy bacon to pull out all the stops on Fathers’ Day. Dad can even custom-order his pancakes for the kids to cook up. 

Of course, be sure to supervise the littles over the hot griddle, but let them put their hearts and (clean) hands into creating Dad’s deluxe breakfast. No matter how the food turns out, you’ll create an unforgettable experience for sure.

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Twin Cities Kids Club has your back on Fathers’ Day

Whether you choose to stay in, go out, get dirty, play, eat, or just relax on Fathers’ Day, it’s sure to be a hit for the Dad in your life with Twin Cities Kids Club.  Be sure to check out our calendarOpens in a new tab. for more special Dad and family events to appreciate the dad on Fathers’ Day and all year long. 

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