Every Parent’s Must-Have Product: A Busy Baby Mat Review

Every Parent’s Must-Have Product: A Comprehensive Busy Baby Mat Review

Trust us when we say: You are NOT the only parent who sighs in internal frustration that your little just dropped his spoon to the floor for the fifteenth time in the last three minutes. We have all been there—which is why the Twin Cities Kids Club has found products that help figure out a solution to your most common mommy problems. The Busy Baby Mat is one of those solutions.

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We decided to do a Busy Baby Mat review for today’s post. Use the links throughout the blog post to purchase the product and use code TCKC10 for 10% off your purchase!

The Busy Baby MatOpens in a new tab. provides you the break you deserve from playing the constant game of pick-up that your little one thrills at playing. Let’s look at our favorite things about this cool go-anywhere-helper.

This soft mat is perfect for keeping your kids occupied in any situation. Keep reading this Busy Baby MatOpens in a new tab. review to find out why this product is a winner.

Does the Busy Baby Mat Stay In One Spot?

A baby playing with a Busy Baby Mat at a highchair

Yes—and no, but only in the best way. With its strong suction cups on its back, this playful placemat can stick in all the places you need it to stick. That means it doesn’t have to stay in just one location, but can go anywhere with you, but stick to where you need it to stick. It even rolls up into a cool sleeve so you can throw it in your diaper bag and hit the road.

Let’s say you are having lunch at your favorite place to eat with other mommies in your crew. Or taking a quick trip to the supermarket for that milk you forgot to get last time. Or even hanging at home cleaning the kitchen and want your tyke to have something to play on while you’re doing a quick clean up. The Busy Baby Mat sticks with you, anywhere you are.

One of the best things about its sticking power to surfaces is your toddler will have a hard time besting it. It’s super durable, allowing it to stick to just about any surface and stay put so your toddler can tug away, and you can keep the confidence that it isn’t going anywhere.

What’s The Busy Baby Mat Made Of?

A baby playing with a Busy Baby Mat in a car seat

We have to exercise caution in what we give our littles to play with today in terms of safety. We need to make sure that when (not if) they put it in their mouths, it isn’t going to hurt them. Sharp edges, gross chemicals, and icky germs have no place in our babies and toddlers.

Let’s start our look at the Busy Baby MatOpens in a new tab. with what material it’s made of, to make sure it’s safe for our little ones. With its 100% FDA-approved, food-grade silicone, you can rest assured it’s perfectly safe for your tot to have food on and around. And that it’s safe to put stuff that touches the mat in their mouth, or put IT in their mouth.

Your toddler mustn’t be getting any harmful chemicals or preservatives that they don’t need in his body. This cool mat makes sure to keep them safe by being BPA, BPS, PVC, Lead, and Phthalate free. 

Twin Cities Kids Club knows that it’s all about safety first, which is why we look at helpful products that we know will make your life easier and baby’s life safer.

PS—It’s REALLY easy to clean. We know—those were the words you were looking for. 

Do I Have to Get a Bunch of Extra Stuff for It?

Orange Busy Baby Mat With Teethers and washable marker

The simplicity of the Busy Baby MatOpens in a new tab. is one of our favorite things about it: you don’t need to purchase a bunch of extra stuff for it. You know your little one better than anyone else, including their favorite toys or binkies. Why flood a product with a bunch of extra stuff that she is likely not interested in anyway?

The Busy Baby Mat comes with two tethers that attach right to one of the spots designed for them on the mat. The tethers then connect to whatever toy you want. When they try to throw that precious binkie onto the floor, you don’t have to worry about going through a whole disinfecting process, only to have them throw it again five minutes later. 

That noisy toy that gets noisier when it hits the ground for the millionth time today? Just hook it right up to the tether, and watch your little one actually play with the toy as intended. Rather than as the pick-up game that drives you crazy! If you want more tethers, there are those available for purchase as well.

The Busy Baby Mat is also great as a reusable sketchable surface that your child can create art on over and over. Just attach a washable marker to a tether and let them get creative!

Is It Good for Only Food Stuff?

A baby using a Busy Baby Mat at a highchair

While it is food-grade silicone, this is not for your little chomper to just eat off. You can feel safe to put whatever snacks, messy or not, directly on the mat and know your baby will be safe eating off it. However, you can also feel safe attaching that toy or binkie to the tethers and know they are safe too.

What’s really cool about the Busy Baby MatOpens in a new tab. is its versatility. It’s a great size, and while you are taking your walk around the store and want to keep your tot busy, you can suction the mat right onto the cart handle and know that her little fingers will be too busy with the mat and toys attached to it to get gross germs off the cart.

The Busy Baby Mat, a Bang for Your Buck

A Busy Baby Mat on a shopping cart

So what’s the consensus? Every baby and toddler should have their own Busy Baby MatOpens in a new tab. to play on the go safely. Order your own today! Don’t forget to use code TCKC10 at check out for a discount!

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