26 Ideas of Baby Costumes for This Halloween

Are you looking for ideas for cute baby costumes to dress your little one in this Halloween season? If so, you’ve come to the right place! With one of the baby Halloween costumes listed in this article, your child will be a candy magnet when it’s time to go trick-or-treating.

1. Child’s Star Wars Classic Yoda Costume

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Ever since Baby Yoda graced our screens in the hit Disney+ series The Mandalorian, you’ll be hard-pressed to find anything more adorable than a baby dressed as the popular Star Wars character. And as baby Halloween costumes go, we think the Force is strong in this Child’s Star Wars Classic Yoda Costume!

2. Fawn Baby Deer Costume

What’s the quickest way to send a baby’s adorable quotient through the roof? Stick them in an animal costume! Animal costumes like this Fawn Baby DeerOpens in a new tab. Costume never fail to draw admiring coos from passersby. This one has a cute little hood with antlers and ears sewn in and a belly made of faux fur. Simply a-DOE-rable!

3. Halloween Pumpkin Costume

Pumpkins are among Halloween’s most recognizable motifs (along with witches and black cats), so Halloween costumes based around them are predictably scary-good! This Halloween PumpkinOpens in a new tab. Costume with stripped leggings and a Jack-o-Lantern face doesn’t disappoint and looks cute and comfy to boot!

4. Baby Owlette Costume

Want your child to have a hoot this Halloween? If so, consider dressing them in this Baby OwletteOpens in a new tab. Costume! Aside from being adorable, this one-piece jumpsuit features a practical design (leg snaps) that allows quick diaper changes! Also, its 100% polyester fabric will keep your little one nice and warm while they cosplay as one of Halloween’s creepiest animals.

5. Spider-Man Halloween Costume

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When you think of a spider in the context of Halloween, it’s hard not to imagine a decrepit, cobweb-filled castle. Well, this Spider-Man HalloweenOpens in a new tab. Costume conjures up a completely different image, specifically of one of Marvel Comics’ most iconic superheroes! Best of all, this two-piece costume has more in common with pajamas, so your baby can wear it all year round.

6. Turtle Crawler Halloween Costume

Ever heard the saying “slow and steady wins the baby Halloween costumes race”? We can’t think of a more apt expression for this Turtle Crawler HalloweenOpens in a new tab. Costume! Your baby will look like the cutest little thing in this adorable jumpsuit whose appeal is sure to creep up on unsuspecting parents. And don’t you just love the silly googly turtle eyes on the hood?

7. Spirit Halloween Baby Mickey Mouse Costume

You don’t have to search far and wide for costume ideas with characters like Mickey Mouse. A case in point is this Spirit Halloween Baby Mickey MouseOpens in a new tab. Costume, which, in addition to being cute as a button, features soft fabrics like Velcro (the hood). It’s the perfect costume for parents who are huge House of Mouse fans.

8. Care Bears Bedtime Bear Costume

Want your infant to look cuter than candy while slumbering in an adorable costume? We’re sure that wearing this Care Bears Bedtime BearOpens in a new tab. Costume will help. This adorable jumpsuit doubles as cute jammies, sporting attached mitts and detachable shoe covers for keeping your little one warm while they sleep. Isn’t it just the cutest?

9. Rubie’s Baby Shark Costume

Love it or loathe it, the “Baby Shark” song is an earworm, and this Rubie’s Baby Shark Costume captures the appeal of the hit song to a Tee! We dare you not to crack a smile when faced with the costume’s canary-yellow. It even comes with a sound chip, meaning your baby can boogie along with mom and dad to one of the decade’s catchiest tunes.

10. Pottery Barn Kids Baby Flamingo Costume

“Cute”, “One-of-a-kind”, and “Adorable” are some of the many words that come to mind when describing infant costumes like this Pottery Barn Kids Baby FlamingoOpens in a new tab. Costume. You can tell just by looking that it’s made with super soft fabric. And the costume’s hot pink is a fabulous color you don’t normally see during Halloween.

11. Nightmare Before Christmas Jack Skellington Costume

What’s one thing Halloween and Christmas share in common? Both holidays present the opportunity to dress babies in cute costumes! We think this Nightmare Before Christmas Jack SkellingtonOpens in a new tab. Costume is a cute way to bring Christmas and Halloween together in your baby’s cot. It’s a creepy-cute one-piece to keep little ones warm this Halloween.

12. Carter’s Little Avocado Halloween Costume

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This Carter’s Little Avocado Halloween Costume is a sweet-looking onesie for the Halloween season. The costume comes with a white shirt and striped socks to keep your little one warm. We can’t recommend a better costume for parents who want to dress their child like a fruit.

13. Disney Disguise Baby Girls’ Tinker Bell Costume

Tinker Bell was one of the most memorable characters in the Peter Pan movie, so this Disney Disguise Baby Girls’ Tinker Bell Costume is a fantastic way to turn your baby girl into a cute little fairy. We love how this dress shimmers in the light, and your little one will look like a cutie once she puts the wings on.

14. Disguise Toy Story 4 Alien Costume

This Disguise Toy Story 4 AlienOpens in a new tab. Costume will tickle your fancy if you love Toy Story. You can bring some of the franchise’s most lovable characters to life by dressing your baby as one of the Little Green Men. Also, this jumpsuit offers easy diaper changes, thanks to a Velcro closure near the pant’s inseam. Your child will look out of this world!

15. Princess Paradise Unicorn Costume

What’s the next best thing to a costume featuring a Disney Princess? One featuring a unicorn, of course! Unicorns are some of the most popular magical creatures. More importantly, little girls love them, and yours will look like the cutest thing in this Princess Paradise Unicorn Costume.

16. California Dragon Costume

Dragons don’t always live up to their fearsome fire-breathing reputation. In fact, as this California DragonOpens in a new tab. Costume shows, sometimes they can be cute! This baby-friendly jumpsuit features 100% polyester brushed knit flannel and painted-on scales. Dress your baby boy as one of these mythical beasts and watch the Halloween treats roll in.

17. Party City T-Rex Costume

Even after many millennia, the T-Rex remains one of the most recognizable dinosaurs. We think this Party City T-Rex Opens in a new tab.Costume pays homage to the fearsome prehistoric predator. When your little one wears it, adults will walk on eggshells when they enter the room.

18. Disguise Baby Jack Jack Costume

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Remember how Baby Jack Jack stole the show in Pixar’s Incredibles 2 movie with his burgeoning powers? Your little one will do the same when they arrive on the scene in this Disguise Baby Jack JackOpens in a new tab. Costume! It’s a super cute baby Halloween costume for amazing little tykes and will be a hit with the whole fam.

19. Dress-Up America Rooster Costume

Who knew roosters could look so cute? This Dress-Up America RoosterOpens in a new tab. Costume draws inspiration from the most time-conscious farm animal known to man. It’s such a fun costume that you can almost pretend your toddler is crowing when feeding time comes around.

20. Princess Parade Wizard of Oz Dorothy Costume

This Princess Parade Wizard of Oz DorothyOpens in a new tab. Costume comes with a lot of accessories, like a diaper cover, headband, and shoe covers. Although your little one won’t have anything in common with the Wicked Witch of the West, she’ll nevertheless have a bewitching cuteness when dressed like Dorothy.

21. Baby Ketchup Mustard Tomato Outfit

It isn’t every day you’d think fast-food condiments like ketchup and mustard are cute. However, this Baby Ketchup Mustard Tomato OutfitOpens in a new tab. may change your mind. It’s a cute bright red onesie and yellow beanie hat combo that do an excellent job representing the popular hotdog toppings. And the Heinz-lite logo on the front gives it a unique charm.

22. Talan the Tarantula Costume

Even if you aren’t a fan of real spiders, you’ve got to admit that this Talan the TarantulaOpens in a new tab. Costume is kinda precious! Your toddler will be the cutest creepy-crawly ever and will have a blast scampering around the house with extra arms and legs hanging out the costume’s sides.

23. Posh Peanut Beatrice Bumble Bee Costume

You can encourage your little tyke to “bee who they want to bee” by letting them wear this Posh Peanut Beatrice Bumble BeeOpens in a new tab. Costume. Your offspring will look sweeter than honey in this costume, and the whole family will get a kick out of watching them buzz around the house.

24. Bat Costume

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Halloween isn’t complete without bats, making this BatOpens in a new tab. Costume essential for parents who want to dress their baby for the occasion. People will go absolutely batty when they see your offspring in this cotton-blend costume. It features bat wings that fan out from the arm sleeves and sides and a hood with stitched-on ears.

25. Disguise Cookie Monster Deluxe Costume

If there are two things kids love about Halloween, it’s sweet things and spooky monsters! So wouldn’t combining the two make an excellent baby Halloween costume? Well, this Disguise Cookie Monster DeluxeOpens in a new tab. Costume is one of the best at marrying the two concepts. Your little tyke will have so much fun pretending to be one of Sesame Street’s most iconic characters!

26. Ghostbusters Costume

Halloween and heightened paranormal activity go hand-in-hand, so when things go bump in the night, “Who you gonna call?”. When your baby puts on this GhostbustersOpens in a new tab. Costume, there won’t be any need for seances or priests. Your offspring will be all you need for some good old-fashioned ghost busting!

27. Baby Pig Costume

Even if you’ve never watched the movie “Babe”, you’ll probably agree that piglets are far from spooky creatures. However, that shouldn’t stop you from putting your baby in this Baby PigOpens in a new tab. Costume, as it’s comfy, looks good, and is excellent for Halloween.

28. Peter Pan Costume

One day your little boy will grow up and leave the nest. However, you can delay the inevitable with this Peter PanOpens in a new tab. Costume. This outfit draws inspiration from the famous story of the little boy who never grew up, offering small comfort to parents who love their little munchkins just the way they are.

29. Baby Blossom Flower Costume

Don’t outfits like this Baby Blossom FlowerOpens in a new tab. Costume make you want to go outside and smell the daisies? It’s such a fun and flowery look to give your offspring. We love the big pink petals and the tiny bee drawing on one of them—such a fun costume.

30. Colorful Caterpillar Bunting

Caterpillars are among the funniest-looking creepy-crawlies around, but that’s not the biggest draw of this Colorful Caterpillar BuntingOpens in a new tab.. What makes this costume so special is its rainbow colors. And when you consider that caterpillars become butterflies, the costume could represent your hopes and dreams for your little guy or gal.

31. Rubie’s Wonder Woman Costume

Think your little girl is going to grow up to be someone special? If so, this Rubie’s Wonder Woman Costume will make a great outfit for her. No female superhero character embodies girl power more than Wonder Woman, meaning your daughter will emulate the best.

32. Lil Lobster

Lobsters can offer costume inspiration, as this Lil LobsterOpens in a new tab. outfit shows. After crabs, they’re the most recognizable sea creature you’d find on the beach. You can turn your baby into this crustacean with a costume that’ll give them lobster claws and feet.

33. InCharacter Lovable Lion Costume

Is your child’s spirit animal the lion? They’ll probably grow up to be courageous and wise! There’s no better way to celebrate their future pluckiness and depth of character than with this InCharacter Lovable LionOpens in a new tab. Costume!

34. Vampire Costume

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We can’t have a costume-themed roundup without at least one vampire costume appearing, and this VampireOpens in a new tab. Costume is absolutely delightful! It comes with a mini bowtie, tux, and blood-red cape, perfectly channeling the Count of darkness.

35. Monster Boo Costume

This Monster BooOpens in a new tab. Costume is perfect for the spooky holiday season, drawing inspiration from Frankenstein’s Monster. We love the vinyl bolts and plush tuft on the costume’s hood, as they make it look authentically monstrous.

36. InCharacter Santa Baby Costume

A Santa suit during Halloween?! Even if it’s too early to break out the Christmas-themed get-up, this InCharacter SantaOpens in a new tab. Costume will still pass for a costume. And if you explain that the letters in “Santa” spell “Satan” when rearranged, people will probably leave you alone.

So, that was the end of our cute baby costumes roundup. We hope you enjoyed it!

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