Awesome Math Workbooks to Help Keep the Kids’ Skills Strong

Keeping school-aged children interested and caught up on their school subjects can be difficult, especially over the summer. The period during the break can cause children to forget a lot of the information they learned in their previous grade, so they start off playing catch up at the first of the school year. Perhaps your child is just lacking in a specific area and needs extra help. Workbooks for those subjects can be an excellent way to encourage and perfect those skills. Elementary education is the foundation that kids will build on throughout their entire school experience, and then for the rest of their lives. Chances are, if they struggle in the beginning and don’t receive the assistance they need, they will struggle in the same areas throughout life. If they don’t master the first level of something and are just pushed through without full comprehension, they won’t understand the next level in the next grade and so forth.

Math is considered one of the most critical subjects kids will learn in school. However, it tends to be one that people either understand well or fail at mastering. Comprehension starts at a young age. Preschool and kindergarten focus on counting more than actual math skills such as addition and subtraction. The teaching of these skills begins in the first grade. Whether your child needs extra help, an early start on learning these skills, or you just want them to retain any information they learned on this subject over the summer, listed below are math workbooks for the 1st to 5th grade.

1st Grade

1st Grade Super Math SuccessOpens in a new tab.

This three-in-one math workbook offers exercises, tips, and activities to help your child get ahead, catch up and keep up. The tasks in this book allow kids to become familiar with basic shapes, operations, and graphs and charts in a fun way. Some of this books features include The Cupcake Eater, Safe Crackers, and Get in Place. The Cupcake Eater promotes counting and teaches subtraction. Safe Crackers lets children write numbers or identify numbers for a safe combination. Purchase Super Math Success for different grade levels and subjects. This structural three-in-one workbook sells on Amazon for $15.19.

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2nd Grade

Spectrum Math Workbook Grade 2 Opens in a new tab.

This math workbook covers addition, subtraction, measurement systems, and identifying shape components. The book uses progressive practice and math in everyday settings. It also provides a test to monitor progress. Buy Spectrum Math Workbook for second grade on Amazon for $7.78. Purchase Spectrum workbooks for different grades and subjects.

DK Workbooks: Math, Second GradeOpens in a new tab.

DK Workbooks provides your second grader with exercises on odd and even numbers, measuring, counting in tens, problem-solving with money and more. This workbook supports the common core standards, builds and boosts critical skills, and makes learning fun for your student. The parent’s section of the book contains answers to the activity and tips to help the child learn. Buy this book on Amazon for $6.99.

3rd Grade

IXL Math Workbook Opens in a new tab.

Third grade includes significant changes for children as they get an introduction to fractions and multiplication, and they face the end of grade testing at the end of the school year. This trial plays a substantial role in determining their progression to the next grade. IXL Math Workbook covers the skills your third grader will need to know, such as fractions and multiplication to geometry and measurement. This book’s vivid colors will captivate your child while engaging them in math skills and setting them up for success in the classroom. Purchase this book on Amazon for $8.99. It’s also available in Kindle edition.

4th grade

Common Core Math Part 1 Opens in a new tab.

Problems that allow students to become familiar with the standard core end of grade testing. This book provides students with:

  • 20 Weeks of multiple choice practice
  • State-aligned common core assessment
  • Weekly assessments
  • End of year assessment
  • Detailed video answer explanations to all questions in the workbook

The end-of-grade testing can give students anxiety all year round. This book, as well as part two, is designed to help students become more familiar with the concepts and test procedures. Buy this book for $15.29 on Amazon.

Common Core Math Part 2

This book is the second part of the book mentioned above. This part of the series includes the same things specified above but allows students to answer questions in free responses instead of multiple choice. By mastering the concepts in both books, your student will be comfortable with the testing and the standards. Purchase this book on Amazon for $16.99. Common core books for different grade levels are also offered for sale.

5th Grade

Math Made Easy: Fifth Grade WorkbookOpens in a new tab.

This workbook provides a complete home-study system for children to help them master the essential skills they learn in school. The book includes a review of skills students should have learned in fourth grade, including times tables practice. Emphasis focuses on addition and subtraction of decimals and fractions. This workbook is available for purchase on Amazon for $12.94.

Common Core Math 4 Today Opens in a new tab.

This 5th-grade workbook provides your child with a chance to focus on common core math skills needed for end of grade testing. Each page in this book contains 16 questions answered within four days. Some exercises are repeated weekly. There is an assessment to be completed on the 5th day. Purchase Common Core Math 4 Today on Amazon for $8.25.


School can be exciting and fun for some children while others struggle with specific subjects. If math is one of those, these workbooks should be able to assist them in catching up, getting ahead, or merely retaining information they’ve already learned. Using books also allows parents to be more involved in their child’s education experience. Try out some of these workbooks to better prepare your child for the math skills they will need for their future.

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