Free AutoZone Check Engine Light Service

Free AutoZone Check Engine Light Service: Your Essential Guide

Have you ever been driving down the road running errands or heading to an appointment only to discover a newly lit check engine light blazing on your dashboard? If you’re like me, your stomach plummets as your mind races, imagining the endless possibilities of what could be wrong with your vehicle and the costs you might incur. So you swing by your local auto repair shop to realize that you have to pay what seems like an arm and a leg just to find out why your check engine light is on.

If your wallet seems to be running on a tight budget (like us all), have no fear. There is another option for you that will save you money and headache in the long run. Considering the average cost of a check engine light diagnosis ranges between $80-120, you’ll be leaping for joy (while safely buckled in the driver’s seat) while you head on over the Autozone. If you are on a tight monthly budget, coughing up that much money just to find out what is wrong with your vehicle simply is not feasible.

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Head Over to Autozone!

You can now get a FREE Autozone check engine light service. A visit to your local Autozone will leave you wondering why you never thought to stop by before.

Yes, totally free. Grab your kids, lock them in their seats, and get on over there.  

Your local Autozone agent will gladly come out to your vehicle with their free check engine light device and hook it up underneath your steering wheel. And the best part? The kids think it’s like the best field trip ever.  You’ll be the parent of the month just by getting that light checked because kids are weird ok?

Is a Check Engine Light on Something Urgent?  

Generally, a check engine light issue is not an emergency, so don’t feel like it’s urgent. However, it is better to find someone who will diagnose your vehicle sooner rather than later. You would hate to get stranded on the side of the road with a carload full of kids en route to soccer or ballet practice because you put off getting your vehicle looked at for too long. So put your car in drive and get over to your local Autozone!

How Does it All Work?

When you get to Autozone, they will send someone out to your car, so you don’t even have to get your kids out!  The agent will use his diagnostics device and scan the computer system of your car – and tell you what he found. He may also be able to help give you an idea of cost, and even a good place to go if there needs to be a repair.

Who would have thought you could find any kind of worthwhile free vehicle service these days?  Your Autozone agent will then explain what their scan unveils about why your light came on, and will likely list what he believes the possible causes may be. So instead of paying an arm and a leg to find out what is wrong, spend your time wisely and save with a free check engine light service – especially before the snow flies!

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What are Common Reasons for the Check Engine Light to Come on?

Numerous reasons exist for a check engine light to come on. Some will, unfortunately, be biggies, and these are the ones nobody wants to think about for their vehicle. Thankfully, though, some of the reasons for a check engine light are simple fixes. Some of the most common problems that account for that ominous check engine light include the following:

  1. Sensors that fail to operate properly
  2. Your gas cap may be loose or damaged
  3. Catalytic converters may have gone bad
  4. Spark plugs or wires which need replacing
  5. Faulty airflow sensors
  6. Battery failure

More often than not, your check engine light blinks on for one of these reasons.  

Once, I turned my car on to find the check engine light on. Imagine my despair, thinking that I now had another thing that I had to spend money on.  On a whim, I swung by my local Autozone and found out the only problem was with my car battery. I only paid the cost of a new battery, which was a much smaller amount than if I had employed the service of my local auto repair shop just to diagnose the problem. The Autozone agent also installed my new battery for free! You just can’t beat free service chock full of friendly faces and high quality.

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Other testimonials demonstrate what fine and outstanding service a tired and weary driver can receive if we choose to stop by Autozone for a free check engine light service.

For example, one person decided to forego her regular auto repair shop and took a stab at the free check engine light service at Autozone.  She discovered that her only problem was that the gas cap would not seal securely. She paid about $10 for a new cap bought on location, saving at least $100 by choosing Autozone to diagnose her check engine light instead of her usual car repair shop.

Though we all hate to hear it, occasionally there may be an issue that will require employing a more extensive maintenance specialist beyond the service available at Autozone. Thankfully, if your vehicle only needs general fixes, Autozone can and will accommodate you and save you cash that you’d rather spend on the little munchkins you chauffeur around on a daily basis (or perhaps you’d rather spend it on yourself)!

If the check engine light scares you (and let’s be honest, no one welcomes its brazen orange light), have no fear. You have friends at your local Autozone business. The agents at Autozone realize that a free check engine light service is a welcome beacon to just about everyone and relief to wallets everywhere.

Regardless of whether you have a minor vehicle issue or a major one, Autozone agents welcome the opportunity to lend a helping hand to their customers every day. Get ready to do your happy dance instead of stressing out over service costs the next time your check engine light appears on your dash!  

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  1. Thanks for highlighting the possible reasons behind the appearance of the check engine light. Ignoring the appearance of such a warning sign could have disastrous impacts on the performance of the vehicle. So, it is really essential to identify and fix the mechanical issues responsible for the appearance of check engine light. Information given in this article is really helpful for newbies to deal with the appearance of such warning lights. A car is nothing but a machine which needs regular maintenance to run smoothly for longer time periods.

  2. Check engine light is a warning light which indicates some sort of mechanical issues in the vehicle. Sometimes it indicates a small problem like a loose gas cap or at times a major issue like a bad catalytic converter. Other reasons for the appearance of check engine light are- faulty air flow sensors, oxygen sensors, spark plugs or wires that need replacing, battery failure etc. The appearance of the check engine light should not be underestimated. The reason behind its appearance must be found out and mechanical issues associated with it must be fixed to keep the vehicle in good working order.

  3. Check engine light appears due to the malfunction of certain components of a car. Such malfunction may not have an immediate impact on the performance of a vehicle but could have disastrous results if ignored. So, the vehicle should be subjected to an inspection to spot the issues responsible for the development of such issues and it should be repaired in time to keep the vehicle in working order. Besides, a car needs routine maintenance to last long and everyone should be aware of basic car maintenance and repairing tricks which is really essential to keep a car in working order. Different types of warning sign which indicates that the vehicle has some malfunction which needs to be repaired.

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